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Racketboy’s Game Room & Home Office

Racketboy’s Game Room & Home Office

In the retrogaming community, it isn’t uncommon to have an impressive room to showcase your collection and enjoy the games. Personally, I’ve always tried to keep my collection to a minimum (at least as much as one can while still being a retro gaming enthusiast that runs a popular website for the community), so my collection and room won’t necessarily turn a lot of heads, but I wanted to share my setup anyway. As some of you may know, the [...]

Homebrew Virtua Fighter 5 Lindbergh Arcade Cabinet

This has actually shown up on a number of sites in the past few months, but I wanted to be sure to share this with everyone on here.  I’ve always been a big fan of arcade cabinets wheter they be you standard old-school designs or sleek and modern gaming stations. The Sega Lindbergh-based Virtua Fighter 5 arcade cabinet is a great example of a modern design and I know many people would love to get their hands on their own. [...]

Finding The Best 8-Bit Nintendo Art From Japan

Japan always gets the best videogame artwork. I’m not bitter, but it definitely makes decorating a grown-up-friendly game room more challenging. Since we can’t just wander into your average gaming shop and expect to find a wide array of frame-worthy artwork, we have to be a bit more creative in finding suitable pieces. This time around, I just happened to be browsing around some Nintendo-themed photos on Flickr and found a collection of framed Famicom Disk System posters belonging to [...]

Maximizing Your Game Room: Chairs, Sofas, and Beanbags

Many times as gamers, we focus on building a great collection of games, consoles, and audio/video equipment and tend to forget about the other pieces of our gaming environment that can actually make a significant difference in our entertainment experience.  In this “Maximizing Your Game Room” segment, I’ll step away from your typcial gaming hardware and look at the “softer” side of your gaming environment. Seating, in particular, can make a huge difference in longer gaming sessions as the comfort [...]

Maximizing Your Game Room: Game Storage Shelving & Cabinets

  As I mentioned in my article, “Game Collecting: How the Internet Changed the Hobby“, gamers typically get carried away with accumulating all the games they can get their hands on in order to build an especially impressive collection that they can show off to their friends and the world. This collecting habit can lead to a very messy gaming environment if extra effort is not made to organize your library with the proper storage furniture such as shelving and [...]