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Fighting Games 101: All You Need to Know to Battle

Fighting Games 101: All You Need to Know to Battle

Presented by Ack Since the early days of Computer Space, Pong, and the Magnavox Odyssey, gaming has had a competitive edge.  Of all of gaming’s genres, perhaps the most competitive is the Fighting Game, a genre entirely designed around two opponents beating the tar out of each other to prove who is the top dog.  The Fighter genre is also one of the most notable, particularly during the 1990s, where it would dominate the arcade scene, help lead to the [...]

Fighting Games & Franchises That Defined the Genre

Presented by Ack Note: Hope you enjoy our first genre-specific installment of our Defining Games series During the 1990s, the fighting genre dominated the arcade scene, helping the industry come back for a few years from a slump partially created by home console releases.  Fighting games slowly continued to evolve, trying new gameplay and graphical styles while giving us the player versus player combat we yearned for.  But only certain series can say they shaped the course of fighting game [...]

The Best Undiscovered 2D Fighting Games

Presented by Ack Note: Hope you enjoy our first genre-specific installment of our Hidden Gems series In 1991, a storm swept over the international arcade scene.  Street Fighter II swept the world, invigorating the arcade scene, determine the future of the ongoing home console war, and bringing a small genre fully into the public eye.  Much like Doom’s effect on the First Person Shooter, Street Fighter 2 was followed by a legion of knock offs and clones, some mere travesties, [...]

The N64 Fighting Game Library

Note from racketboy: A special thanks goes out to Ack from this roundup of the N64 fighting library.  You may remember his journey through the SNES fighting collection (both the good and the ugly) in addition to a number of other wonderful contributions.  I hope you enjoy this guide! When people think of the Nintendo 64, fighting games are never the first thing to come to mind.  In fact, they never really come up at all.  After all, the two [...]

SNES Fighters That Define “Terrible”

Note from racketboy: Our newest contributor, Ack, has been on a recent quest to track down a copy of every US-released fighting game on the Super Nintendo.   He’s already shared his recommendations from the American library — now he’s back with a vengeance to warn us of the onslaught of worse-than-mediocre games of the genre. When someone says “bad fighting game” to you, what do you think of?  If you’re reasonably versed in the Super Nintendo, your thoughts may [...]

The Best SNES Fighters in the USA

Note from racketboy:  Our newest contributor, Ack, has been on a recent quest to track down a copy of every US-released fighting game on the Super Nintendo.   After playing through the good and the bad, he was kind enough to share his recommendations.  (even if there are better ports out there) The 16-bit generation was really the heyday of the 2D fighter.  It was the genre that defined the arcade of the late 80s and early 90s, fueled much [...]

Homebrew Virtua Fighter 5 Lindbergh Arcade Cabinet

This has actually shown up on a number of sites in the past few months, but I wanted to be sure to share this with everyone on here.  I’ve always been a big fan of arcade cabinets wheter they be you standard old-school designs or sleek and modern gaming stations. The Sega Lindbergh-based Virtua Fighter 5 arcade cabinet is a great example of a modern design and I know many people would love to get their hands on their own. [...]

Together Retro: Samurai Shodown

Presented by: Fastbilly1, Marurun, & Racketboy New To Together Retro? Check out the introduction to the club For the fourth entry in the Together Retro Game Club, we will be shifting gears and trying out one of SNK’s classic 2D fighters, Samurai Shodown.  Thats right boys and girls we are going back to the arcade and going to one of the best weapon based fighting games ever created.  Now we know many of you want an RPG soon, but based [...]

Street Fighter IV Update (With Lots of Video)

There is no denying that there is a great deal of buzz going around about the upcoming release of Street Fighter IV. Even though some of us long-term fans would have liked the game the feature hand-drawn animations in pure 2D, SF4 looks to maintain much of its heritage in terms of overall style and gameplay. We have learned a great deal since the games official announcement back in October. Even though I can’t quite keep up the pace of [...]

Street Fighter IV and SSF2T HD Remix Updates

Street Fighter IV Announcement & Style In case you missed it, Street Fighter IV was officially announced less than a week ago. (I knew Capcom was smart) We also got a taste off the official Street Fighter IV Teaser Trailer soon after the announcement. If you’ve watched the trailer, you know it looks quite impressive, but it’s hard to tell what the game is actually going to be like based on the promotional footage. Or is it? Check out this [...]

Capcom USA Teasing Us With Hints of Street Fighter (4?)

Update 10/16/2007: Street Fighter 4 Has Officially Been Announced! You can read more about all the details as they progress right here. The last few years, some of the juiciest retro gaming rumors have been orbiting throughout the Street Fighter universe. While fighting fans can’t help but be pleased with what we’ve seen of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix so far, we always have the thoughts of what else could be in store for the Street Fighter franchise… [...]

Capcom’s New 2D Fighter Revealed: Sengoku Basara X

After a great deal of speculation of what Capcom’s new 2D fighter would be, Famitsu magazine has published new new information (in Japanese) and screenshots of the new game. Unfortunately for those waiting for Street Fighter 4, the game will indeed be a fresh franchise for the 2D fighter genre. The game will be based off the Sengoku Basara franchise, known in the USA as Devil Kings. The game already has a couple 3D hack-n-slash action titles on the PS2, [...]

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD & It’s Massive Sprites

You may have read about the upcoming, remastered version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo that will be coming out on both the XBox Live Arcade and the PS3’s online service. Since the initial announcement, we have learned a few more details and I’ve been able to piece together my thoughts on the developments. First of all, Gamekult posted a “confidential” slide from the Capcom press conference that actually showed off the new Ryu sprite and how it compared to [...]

Senko no Ronde May Be Coming To The US (Finally)

I like like shooting games. I love fighting games. And I adore hybrid games. I’m thinking I will enjoy Senko no Ronde. Senko no Ronde is a hybrid 2D shmup fighting game from G.Rev (of Border Down and Under Defeat fame) that originated on the NAOMI arcade hardware, but for some incredibly strange reason, never received a Dreamcast port (I’m still terribly bitter). Instead it was brought to the Japanese XBox 360 (go figure). Videos of the game’s unique gameplay [...]

Battle Fantasia: 2D Fighter With Modern Beauty

After nearly passing out from the 2D glory of the Princess Crown follow-up, Odin Sphere, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across the new 2.5D fighter from Arc System Works known as Battle Fantasia. 2.5D fighters (2D gameplay while using 3D models) are nothing new, but Arc’s new creation is the first (that I’m aware of) that could actually pass for high-resolution 2D sprites. The style seems like an excellent progression from their previous works like the Guilty [...]