Dreamcast VGA Cable Compatibility List

While VGA mode is supported by most every Dreamcast games, there are a few that do not support it. Some of the non-VGA games can be patched to be used with a Dreamcast VGA cable by making some quick modifications to the ripped game’s CDI file.

You can also get a full-featured Dreamcast VGA Box that sports both S-Video and Composite Video for non-VGA games.

Fortunately, most of the games that do no support VGA mode aren’t that good anyway. The only game I am bummed out about is Last Blade 2. However, if you must play this game on a VGA monitor, you might as well just emulate it with MAME.

Anyway,  you will find a list of nearly every Dreamcast game and their VGA compatibility status.

See Full Compatibility List at EmuParadise


  1. Tatoon says:

    Great work, thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excelent work!! and LACK OF LOVE Do not work unfortunately i dont know if can be patched.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can also boot the DC with the VGA If your VGA adapter as a switch, you can boot the DC with the switch on RCA. After hearing the DC “beep” to confirm a successful boot, toggle the switch to “VGA” mode. I have used this for Bangai-O with mixed results (sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not). This may or may not always work, and I am unsure if there are any side-effects to the VGA converter, the DC console, or the VGA monitor.

  4. Dan says:

    My Evolution does not work my VGA box, Video mode does not support.

    My Mortal Kombat Gold works fine without patch.

  5. Dan says:

    can somebody help me where can I get the patch or Boot cd for those incompatibility games to work with the vga output? email me at dl211981@yahoo.com


  6. racketboy says:

    Are they originals or backups?
    Which region are you?htpu

  7. Anonymous says:

    The german version of Resident Evil CODE Veronica does NOT work in VGA mode. Also, my Version of Railroad Tycoon 2 only shows a black screen on the VGA box, although it should work according to the “VGA Compatible” icon on the box. Dunno why…

  8. Dan says:

    All my games are original, no copies or bootleg

  9. Anonymous says:

    can not get european version of shenmue 2 to work with this cable any help?

  10. paul haine says:

    Excellent resource, thanks very much – just one thing though: it should be ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and not ‘Who Wants To Beat Up A Millianare’, though I imagine the latter would make for a pretty entertaining evening as well. Probably more so, actually.

  11. Engel says:

    My European Version of Code Veronica doesn’t work in VGA mode. Is there any way to patch it or something?

    The VGA box I bought from you is nice though!

  12. racketboy says:

    I would recommend downloading one of the rips of the game that are out there. That should do the trick for you.

  13. Spoonman says:

    So not every VGA compatible game actuallly states it? for example, USA version of SF3 double impact doesn’t list VGA, but the list on this site says it is VGA compatible, I hope that’s true.

  14. racketboy says:

    No, not every one states it. Not sure how they made the decision of it they mention it or not….

  15. Xiaopang says:

    My european version of Soul Calibur doesn’t support VGA, but by using the switch trick I still got it working

  16. Xiaopang says:

    regarding shenmue II: 3D models do look great, but only those of humans. textures, especially those for walls, floors etc are very low res. it really looks strange seeing ryu walk down a street where humans and signs look great and the walls and tiles are unsharp

  17. Steve says:

    Super Boom Tread Troopers from the Official Dreamcast Magazine does not work.

  18. achio says:

    with my dreamcast and the vga box with composite and s-video out, nfl blitz 2000 is not compatible, contrary to what the list above says.

  19. steve says:

    Actually, Super Boom Tread Troopers from the Official Dreamcast Magazine is patchable, although it looks pretty bad all around, besides the tanks.

  20. Chad Welsh says:

    Just to let you know, I have had success running Iron Aces with the VGA Box i bought from you on a Staples 19″ LCD monitor with no issues. for what its worth, by using the switch trick.

  21. Kyle C says:

    About Space Channel 5… the 3D models are great.. but the backdrops are muddy and just look nasty- are they pre-rendered? Something that would make this monitor (using VGA) show the backdrops strangely? And I’m using a ‘Performance VGA Adapter’.

  22. racketboy says:

    In the first Space Channel 5, they are pre-rendered. And if you are running off a backup disc, they have been downsampled to fit on a CD-R, making them look worse.

  23. AmonX says:

    Evolution 1 doesnt work with the vga box with the switch (svid output) even though the evolution 1 box states it is vga cable compatible. To get around this you can use the switch technique. I havent tried it with the vga cable as I do not have one of those. Can anyone confirm?

  24. Rob says:

    has anyone tried the dc-x bootdisc?
    I only tried one game, army men; after booting up dc-x, push any button, insert the game and change the output to rgb and the game boots up perfectly! Might work with other games as well!?

  25. Mike says:

    Does anyone know why my VGA adapter makes my LCD display a weird faint pattern…is this normal when outputting in VGA? It’s hard to describe, but there’s like vertical lines across the screen…looks weird.

    I’m not using the box, but the cable with sound output.

    Let me know at BBoy.Vector@gmail.com

    (does the box have sound output other than RCA?)

  26. Manuel says:

    I’m from Spain. Anyone could tell me if the Dreamcast Vga Box works with the PAL version (European version) of the Dreamcast? I supose so but i’m not sure about it.

  27. Keith says:

    what about under defeat? …just curious, thanks


  28. Richard says:

    Ordered the VGA Cable (not the box) today. Will test it directly after I received it on a EIZO Radiforce RX210 21,3inch TFT-screen.

    Screen has great specs.

  29. Crownjo says:

    I didn’t know some games could be patchable….

    Can anyone help me on that?

  30. racketboy says:

    I just saw a forum post show up about that — was that you as well?

  31. Buzzolfos says:

    I have a dilemma in that I cannot play Evolution 1 (NTSC-U) with the VGA cable I ordered from here, yet it clearly states in the list as well as the back of the box that the game is compatible with one. If anyone can fill me in on a way to resolve this, I’d appreciate your help.

  32. racketboy says:

    That’s odd. I assume other games of yours work fine?

  33. Buzzolfos says:

    Yeah, they do.

  34. Alex says:

    Yeah, Utopia 1.2 claims to have VGA patch.
    I tried my bought games, Dragons Blood and
    Resident Evil: code veronica and the best
    the Utopia could do was make my Dragons
    Blood game appear in a fuzzy double image
    on my TV and a Ghost image on my TFT monitor.

    Looking forward to DC-X or Gameshark Lite doing
    a better job when I get them burnt to CD.

  35. gameroomnation says:

    Racketboy – i bought the VGA cable http://www.racketboy.com/store/dreamcast-vga-cable-box.htm

    and use a Samsung LCD HDTV. For some odd reason, the screen doesn’t fill up the whole screen canvas. Also kinda hard to explain – but the image looks like i get these weird vertical bars

    any help in fixing the image?

  36. Indead says:

    I was curious, what kind of specs should I look for in an excellent Dreamcast monitor? I have tried 3 different monitors, a 19 inch, a 22 inch, and an older CRT. All of which have shown me very strong jagged edges in all sorts of games. Main ones I’ve tested were Jet Grind Radio, and Soul Calibur. Is there a particular monitor I’m supposed to look for?
    I do know that 2 of the monitors I mentioned do run in a 16:10 format.
    Unforunately we don’t have a TV that is VGA compatible.
    Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

  37. racketboy says:

    Actually, the TV you use isn’t going to make a difference with the jaggies — that’s all dependant on if anti-aliasing is taken care of in the game. However, the DC can’t usually handle that. The on downside of the VGA box is that the picture is so clear, you can see all those imperfections. Hope that helps!

  38. Indead says:

    So… then why is VGA so outstanding compared to S-Video if the jaggedness degrades picture quality(depending on personal preference of course)? Is it mainly because of the 480p EDTV? Also another question. Has anyone else experienced this – the boot menu icons being transparent while running VGA? Is this supposed to happen?

  39. racketboy says:

    It’s all about clarity. That’s why people like the VGA.
    So yeah, I guess you could say its a matter of personal preference.

  40. Indead says:

    Thanks for getting back to me racketboy, sorry this discussion really should have been on a forum or something lol. Thanks for the feedback, maybe I’ll just have to sit back farther from the monitor to remove some jaggies. I’ll get an HDTV of my own one day, then we’ll see.
    You don’t sell Saturn Memory carts do you? just your 1meg/4meg ram carts?

  41. Indead says:

    Thanks for getting back to me racketboy, sorry this discussion really should have been on a forum or something lol. Thanks for the feedback, maybe I’ll just have to sit back farther from the monitor to remove some jaggies. I’ll get an HDTV of my own one day, then we’ll see.
    You don’t sell Saturn Memory carts, do you? Just your 1meg/4meg ram carts? Also, if you don’t, do you recommend any other place that does?

  42. gary brower says:

    i have the vga cable and nfl blitz 2000 and hydro thunder will not work with the vga

  43. Steph says:

    Got the VGA cable ultra-quick (to say it came from the US, I’m in the UK), fab and I love it.

    Re. “Xiaopang said: My european version of Soul Calibur doesn’t support VGA, but by using the switch trick I still got it working”

    My PAL copy (original) of Soul Calibur works fine without any trick, but the image is ‘shifted’ to the right: the output fills the screen during DC boot up sequence (white background then DC logo with jingle), which is also ‘shifted to the right’, but then black bar to the left. Could be my TFT, though.

    My PAL copy of Rayman 2 (bootleg) doesn’t work though (DC displays a msg that “the game is not compatible with the AV cable”, or somesuch. The msg has same background as the main DC menu).

    Still, niggles aside, a fab item given the picture quality, and thanks very much for the ultra-fast shipping.

  44. Zorlon says:

    The above guide was wrote by me and not by anyone on this site, infact it’s a complete copy and paste and has a few errors in it that I will be fixing soon now that I am back online, the new updated list will also have region codes included and a few extra games that I forgot to add last time.

    Although the VGA compat list is basicly correct in it’s original state some region versions work while others don’t and this needs rectifying but my update will not be here.

  45. Zorlon says:

    I did not and do not give permission for this to be here, the amount of work I put into creating the guide is too much for it just to be stolen and claimed credit for by someone who had nothing to do with my project.

  46. racketboy says:

    Hey man — very sorry about this….
    Not sure why I didn’t give credit at the time (back in 2006)
    I can either give credit however you would like or take it down completely.
    Up to you — just let me know

  47. Zorlon says:

    I think I better answer this tomorrow, I’m not such a happy chappy at the moment so it would be unwise for us both for me to say anything more at the moment, but I do thank you for recognising me and not dismissing me as some random crazy guy.

  48. racketboy says:

    No problem man — again terribly sorry and I appreciate the calm response.

    I’m a pretty easy guy to deal with and I don’t make a habit of copy & pasting — especially without giving credit.

    It happens to me all the time and it doesn’t make me happy either 🙂

  49. racketboy says:

    Just took out the list and replaced it with a link.
    That should solve the problem.
    Again, sorry for this issue and I appreciate your hard work 🙂

  50. Zorlon says:

    Thanks for being honest and yeah thats great you are more than welcome to link up to the guide and I will be updating from not only my own information but also the great feedback from here aswell

  51. Zorlon says:

    As I am currently updating so most of the VGA list is unusable at the moment.

    The formating has changed alot as you will be able to tell from the first few updated entries.

    As this will take some time I will leave a message here once it’s complete.

    Hopefully it wont take too long..

  52. ZOIDBERG says:

    Does anyone know if a Dreamcast with a VGA cable box will work on a Sony Bravia 46″ FULL HD LCD TV? It has a port for a computer but I was reading some TVs with this port, the Dreamcast does not work on.

    Hope someone can help me out

  53. David Jones says:

    Hi racket boy! First off I would like to thank you for all of your Information that I received thanks to you and all the wonderful Dreamcast users on your site. Every time I type in a search for the DC your always at the top of the list. Ok now on to my question… which I found in one of your threads but no answer too. While in VGA mode on my 32 inch LCD 720p VIZIO HDTV there are white vertical and horizontal lines. It also seems that the color is washed out {due to the white lines I think} and creates more jaggies. Besides that the clarity is top notch. But on my Compaq 17 inch 7500 CRT monitor everything looks amazing. No white lines and hardly any jaggies. Im using the clear DC VGA BOX with AV and SVID. Is this my TV or the box???

  54. David Jones says:

    Hi again! Thanks for the reply. Just for anyone else having this problem with their VIZIO adjust the width settings to H-SIZE to 185, oh yeah and take it of of stretch mode( first thing I did because I hate seeing everything elongated.
    And hey Racketboy! I know this isn’t the proper thread but I just got a copy of radiant silvergun and a japanese action replay. So I pop in the japanese game and the action replay turn it on. no bios screen and the game wont play. I also tried playing Dead or Alive. I have a US Saturn. Does this matter. I didn’t think it would since it’s made to play imports. Can you or someone who knows anything about this help me out. Thanks!

  55. Andrew says:

    I’m getting the same (faint) darker vertical lines, maybe 100 of them, using the VGA cable (the one without the S-video). I noticed 3 other mentions of it in the comments so it could be a known issue with all the cables. Not too serious but definitely detracts from the experience a bit.

  56. Madmax says:

    Faint vertical pattern like lines here too. Only when playing dreamcast through the VGA box. Its the see thru vga box with svideo that im using. Playing on a 40in Samsung LED TV. I dont get it, theyre not that noticeable, but theyre definately there. Seems like a common problem here. Anyone here have an answer for this? To ZOIDBERG, yes you should be able to plug in the VGA box into your sony bravia with no problems. As long as it has the port.

  57. Zorlon says:

    I am currently re-doing the VGA compat list to include both PAL & NTSC releases to help save confusion between the two regions aswell as adding missing games.

    I will give an updated URL when is it closer to complete I have a ton of retesting to do, although I test by patching the VGA switch trick will work just as good, all the patching does is remove the VGA check, that the switch trick does aswell.

    I have been away by the way for a few years, well not been online but now I’m back only to find my old updates had gone through a server crash, but this time I have added more information anyway, including duplicated games under new names

  58. Zorlon says:

    Codebreaker or Xploder is another way to bypass the VGA check aswell by the way, GameShark/Action Replay may also work but not tested by me

  59. Zorlon says:


    This is the new compat list, the older one does still have a few jap games in it, the new one for now does not, but I am still updating it

    The new one has 276 [NTSC-U]/[PAL-E] games – (Duplicated games not counted but are detailed)

  60. cimerians says:

    So just to confirm, we have two tricks we can use? The switch and Codebreaker\Xploder?

    Do you load xploder and then load the game using VGA?

    I think I tried Codebreaker with Dino Crisis but it didnt work. (Cant see cutscenes).

    Nice to know though, I’ll have to try out some other games

  61. TravisDreamcast83 says:

    Hi i have been reading all this and had a question or 2 now i have loaded evolution 1 which says vga but does not but i did the vga box switch and it loaded great! my question is are you saying u can also use a boot disc to get games to boot via vga if they dont? i know when im playing imports and useing utopia 1.3 i just load the disc it give error then wait a sec switch to my import game and it loads all my imports perfectly. basicly my questions are is there a disc i can use to help boot games that dont work though my vga besides doing the trick? and also will it hurt my dreamcast or the vga box itself doing this?

  62. TravisDreamcast83 says:


  63. merck. says:

    nice article, it’s useful. thanks.

  64. ninjainspandex says:

    hey i found guilty gear x to be incompatible with vga despite what the list says, i get sound but just a black screen. i use utopia boot disc to play it on my american dreamcast. can anyone else confirm?

  65. racketboy says:

    It is probably the Utopia Boot Disc that doesn’t pass along the VGA support