The Best Sega Saturn Homebrew of 2006: C4 2006 Results

Even though its younger sibling, the Sega Dreamcast, may get all the fame when it comes to a great homebrew community, the Sega Saturn still has a loyal following of developers.

The yearly Saturn Coding Contest hosted by Rockin’-B has concluded for 2006 and the results are quite impressive.

The winners are:

  • Bounty Getters (proof of concept) by Zaksund
  • Super Mario Clone ported by VBT
  • Charette A Bestiaux (multiplayer tank battle game) by Vreuzon

You can download the SEGA Saturn CD images, view detailed ranking and read complete judge comments at the contest results page. Don’t miss playing the entries yourself, either on a real SEGA Saturn (swap-trick or modchip) or on an emulator like SSF, yabause and the like.

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kevinski says:

Man, I’d love to see some video footage of SMB for Saturn.

Rockin'-B says:

I’m planning to record and upload some videos of the entries running on a real SEGA Saturn, soon.

Racketboy, thanks for the posting and your support!

Rockin'-B says:

Atlas booting the C4 2006 CD:






Charles MacDonald:

Well, the YouTube videos don’t look as good as the original videos that I uploaded. Furthermore, I can’t verify if the sound is still there.

Recording method was:
1. recorded with DVD-recorder
2. cutting and re-coding with VirtualDub
3. upload to YouTube (re-coded there, again)

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