Best Playstation RPGs – Level Up On The PS1 (PSX)

 There is no doubt that if you are an RPG fan, you should either own a Playstation or have ePSXe running on your computer.

While there are many more RPGs worth playing, here are some of the most popular on the PSOne.

Final Fantasy VII (eBay)
Final Fantasy VIII (eBay)
Final Fantasy IX (eBay)
Final Fantasy Anthology (includes FF V & VI) (eBay)
Final Fantasy Chronicles (includes Chrono Trigger and FF IV) (eBay)
Final Fantasy Origins (FF I & II) (eBay)
Xenogears (eBay)
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (eBay)
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (eBay)
Suikoden (eBay)
Suikoden II (eBay)
Vagrant Story (eBay)
Grandia (eBay)
Chrono Cross (eBay)
Tales of Destiny (eBay)
Tales of Eternia (eBay)
Legend of Mana (eBay)
Dragon Warrior VII (eBay)
Breath of Fire III (eBay)
Breath of Fire IV (eBay)
Valkyrie Profile (eBay)
Front Mission 3 (eBay)
Wild Arms
Wild Arms 2

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lunguyen says:

my top5 is
Breath of Fire III
Legend of Mana
tactic orge

my top3 favorite psx game is
legend of mana

MonolithicVomit says:

duuudes. really. saga frontier. especially the second one. easily my fav rpg on the psx.

if i had to list them..

1. SaGa Frontier II
2. Suikoden II
4. BoF III
5. SaGa Frontier
6. Chrono Cross
7. FF IX
8. Suikoden
9. Legend of Mana
10. Wild Arms

Joseph says:

It both infuriates me and breaks my heart that I used to own and cherish each and every game on this list… HOWEVER, I shipped off to basic training, combat training, and tech school in the marines only to come back about a year later on leave to find that my little brother was abysmal at taking care of my PS games. The only one I still have to this day are very scratched and damaged copies of Xenogears and Tales of destiny. :'( :'( :'(

Joseph says:

@Matt Yeah I remember Saga Frontier, I played and loved the first two on PSX.


These are all great RPGS. Mine for sure were ff7, ffTactics, boF3 and another that no one else included, being LEGEND OF DRAGOON (great game)

Terry says:

i think that Legend of Legaia should be added to the list. made by squaresoft . takes about 35+ hrs to beat.
You roam the world of Legaia playing as the main character Vahn, defeating Seru and reviving Genesis Trees around the world , good boss fights and a different style of battle system makes this game one of my top 10

john says:


Legend of Legaia was neither developed nor published bySquaresoft. Sony published and a sub group, or even first or second party developer called Contrail made it

Dann says:

is there anyone know where to download TRPG Hoshigami Ruining blue earth?? i got the game but its broken

Sou says:

There is ONE game that no one has ever put on their list of RPGs and it’s a very good one too:

The Granstream Saga

Danneh says:

PSX was a great console and the gateway for many gamers of this generation, i agree the classics are on the list, Digimon world 2 gets overlooked far too much, even if you dont like digmon, its still a very solid rpg style game and very addicting.

L.J. says:

I think you guys are missing one of the best if not THE best Rpg……… GUARDIANS CRUSADE!!! That game is awesome!!

Jorgamoundr says:

I find it odd how many people are like ahh but you didn’t put bla bla bla it wasn’t that well known or received but it was great…It’s a list for a handful of the best on PS1 not a complete, comprehensive list of every great game on the console, and there’s articles for less well know but great games on PS1 on this site so maybe that’s where people should be looking for that…

Anyway, awesome list. I’d have to give FFVII or IX my top for the console, with the other one as second, I loved those games. I’ve always been more of a SNES fan but there’s no denying there’s some terrific games on PS1. Just playing through Legend of Dragoons for the first time, man that game is awesome.

Sid says:

What about Shadow Tower?

Aaron says:

The best Playstation RPG I have played is Xenogears. While MANY know of the greatness of this game (pretty much the entire Chrono Trigger team worked on this one), far fewer have experienced it’s 50-60 hour glory run. It’s epic in every way I can think of. I would pay handsomely for a Dual Shock HD Remake.

The best Playstation RPG I have not played is Valkyrie Profile.

Castlevania: SotN is an action game with a few RPG elements. While I do not consider it to be an RPG at all, it is clearly one of the greatest games released on the system, if not the greatest.

Action RPG’s? The two best are Alundra and Brave Fencer Musashi. Both have maddeningly tough mini games/puzzles but are great, great games.

Strategy? FF Tactics is the greatest ever made on any platform.

Old school square titles own my heart, but I enjoy playing Atlus, Enix, etc. I just love RPGs.

Brandon says:

although the list is not perfect its decent. grandia and front mission 3 are classic!

kamakazeheart says:

how is legend of dragoon not on this list or star ocean for that matter both in my opinion top notch rpgs

Jon says:

I absolutely LOVE Valkyrie Profile!!! My favorite RPG on the system. Also Star Ocean & Tales of Destiny ll are outstanding!!!!

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