Best Playstation RPGs – Level Up On The PS1 (PSX)

 There is no doubt that if you are an RPG fan, you should either own a Playstation or have ePSXe running on your computer.

While there are many more RPGs worth playing, here are some of the most popular on the PSOne.

Final Fantasy VII (eBay)
Final Fantasy VIII (eBay)
Final Fantasy IX (eBay)
Final Fantasy Anthology (includes FF V & VI) (eBay)
Final Fantasy Chronicles (includes Chrono Trigger and FF IV) (eBay)
Final Fantasy Origins (FF I & II) (eBay)
Xenogears (eBay)
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (eBay)
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (eBay)
Suikoden (eBay)
Suikoden II (eBay)
Vagrant Story (eBay)
Grandia (eBay)
Chrono Cross (eBay)
Tales of Destiny (eBay)
Tales of Eternia (eBay)
Legend of Mana (eBay)
Dragon Warrior VII (eBay)
Breath of Fire III (eBay)
Breath of Fire IV (eBay)
Valkyrie Profile (eBay)
Front Mission 3 (eBay)
Wild Arms
Wild Arms 2

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Scotty says:

Seems to me NoOne Likes LightGun Games as much as me. Elemental Gearbolt was RPG Contributes Based On BetterShooting (Hundreds of Hours/Know Everything). But Where are the others(Not House of the Dead/Virutal cop-Crap). What Happen to the RPG LightGun Class of Games. Oh, Ya I Almost forgot, I Love FF7 +VagrantStory +ChronoCross and even Suikoden. I Love CoolRoms for allowing my to replace my (50-60) Worned, scratched Discs!

Ian says:

Dude, lesser known, very fun game: Thousand Arms. Yeah sure, lots of toilet humor, whutev, it knew what was going on, had great environments, battle was fun. Atlus, man… Atlus.

Riker says:

In my opinion Alundra should hold the number one spot for best rpg ever. Many people bacame very frustrated with the difficult puzzles but to me I rather enjoy using my brain to try to gigure these out. It’s not just a game that you buy and beat on a day or two. It’s a very rewarding experience when you finally complete it.

Neoshinryu says:

As usual, little known and/or underrated games aren’t listed. People Seriously need to try the games below. All of which are of high caliber.

Legend of Legaia – great gameplay, combines normal attacks into combos (better than in xenogears IMHO) Very fun and challenging game.

Legend of Dragoon – best battle mechanics in RPG history. like above game except with precise button pressing instead of mixing moves to perform beautiful combos.

Wild Arms 1&2 – I like both (but prefer 2) Many great sidequests, customizable special skills (guns, raves, guardian summons)and Lots of hidden secrets & bosses and great music. Must haves for any RPG gamer.

Legend of mana – If you enjoy exploring a world you create, and customizing your characters skills, playing style, magic, equipments, and even your party; this game will get you hooked. 100 potential hours of enjoyable gaming.

At least look up the games above. They aren’t well known or well received but they are GREAT games.

randomness says:

where’s legend of dragoon on that list?

Adam says:

Noone ever seems to remember Shadow Madness.
It was supposed to be Craves take on the Final Fantasy RPG after seeing its success. Admittedly not as brilliant as the FF series but nevertheless a great RPG.

d.inata says:

man, suikoden II is really damn good.. no special graphic, but story and music are very excellent so i cried many times.

Sighonyx says:

Ok, BoF3 was way better than 4, mho anyway. And where is brigandibe?

Sighonyx says:

Ok, BoF3 was way better than 4, mho anyway. And where is brigandine?

thumbsuck says:

techno mage?

SteveB604 says:

Good list. The ones EVERYONE seems to skip past though is Azure Dreams, Tactics Ogre and Jade Cocoon. I wouldn’t say they’re the BEST games out there but Azure Dreams at least would definitely make my top 10 list. Something like:
1. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
2. Suikoden 2
3. Breath of Fire 3
4. Tactics Ogre (best strategy ever imo, blows FF tactics out of the water with the story)
5. Final Fantasy 9
6. Final Fantasy 7 (7 and 9 would hold the same spot imo, both equally amazing)
7. Azure Dreams
8. Legend of Dragoon
9. Vagrant Story
10. Vandal Hearts 1 (2 was good but got too easy to manipulate the AI once you understood the mechanics)

Drunken Sage says:

SaGa Frontier people. C’mon… SaGa Frontier, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Legend of Mana, Musashi. Best on PSX…. I guess FF7 is decent enough.

Leemark20 says:

this is my top 3 fav rpg games in ps1 ,

1.Final Fantasy 8
2.Final Fantasy 7
3.Legend 0f Dragoon __

simply rockz!!

AnderelEver says:

Omg…I’m surprised that none listed Ogre Battle as a Strategy Rpg Game in like…almost 3 years?
Top 5 List:

1- FFVll ( can’t live without a omnislash or Knights of the Round xD)
2- FF Tactics ( i’m playing it for about…. 12 years…..i enjoy it so much =p)
3- Xenogears ( that robot combos is literally godly!)
4- Vagrant History ( few words about it…it’s just a magnific art of the mankind)
5- Castlevania :SotN ( Best game ever made for ps1, FFVll is my best rpg =p)

A lot more comes in my mind, but can’t put al the rpg i love here, dont have enought space…
I’ll try just now Vandal Hearts 2, i never played any BoF of ps1, just snes BoF but one of my best friends said BoF lll is one of the best Rpg Ever made for ps1 o.o”’ gonna try it too sometime =D

Just to Finish, Parasite Eve 1 & 2….especially PE1 (this one’s in my heart forever), Aya is just so lovely and that custom Shotguns and Pistols…omg….i’m almost crying here….gonna catch my scratched cd and play it again…just love Aya and Eve( and Aya is so damn hot!!!).

Hope someone still post here besides me =D

NyASH says:

Chrono Cross FTW

Kiwi says:


Shame on you!!

Desaint says:

I 2nd Crono Cross. They’re going to release it soon on PSN 🙂

Saint RPG says:

Has anyone ever said Valkrie Profile, Legend Of dragon…..WTF….This list should get more than 25 couse there many RPG legend off PS 1

Franck says:

Very good list as for the more popular rpgs. However, I don’t know how so many people missed games like Hoshigami, Star Ocean the Second story and Vanguard bandits. I swear these 3 sucked away my soul for a good while. They are easily on par with titles such as Final fantasy VII, Chrono Cross and Lunar 2.

meteyus says:

This just sucks, iv played all the ones that came out here in the Uk however it would seem i need a fecking chipped ps1 to play most of the games as they didnt even come out here -_-
even psn is not releasing them on psn here if they were not originally out here :L thats fucked up

Vince says:

WTF? The Hell? Here’s Mine

1. Tales Of Eternia / Destiny 2 <~~ Must Play This Before You Die
2. Final Fantasy IX <~~ One of the best FF series i've ever play
3. Final Fantasy VIII <~~ Not quite impress but the storyline and the graphics are good
4. Final Fantasy VII <~~ This one not too quite impressive. that's all

That's my top4 list. better to play it before you die 😀

Atlas says:

First off I always hated Legend of Dragoon….. just sayin’, and I’ve played alot of rpg’s.

Buddy who said Tactics Ogre -thank you, your awesome.

Ok so top 5

Obviously FF anthologies -FF VI (Best game ever)
Suikoden 2
Lunar SSS
Dragon Warrior VII (Not sure how everyone missed that one….)

Matt says:

Anyone remember kartia!? Or mainstream saga!? Or brigandine!? Those are true gems and well worth playing as much as anything on this list

Matt says:

Correction saga frontier*

Solim says:

First of all, i want to point out to all those that rate RPG’s based on graphics dont like RPG’s, you like graphics. I own 48 ps1 rpgs and they are missing quite a few up here. They need to release more of these on PSN asap, because i speak for everyone with a ps3 when i say were tired of waiting.

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