Arcade Art!

I was Googling for some inspiration for some retro gaming decorations for my game room. I’ve been doing some of my own custom vector art in Macromedia Freehand which will allow me to enlarge my work without having any quality loss. So far I have a near perfect reproduction of the box front from the original NES Super Mario Bros game.

So anyway, I just stumbled onto this great site that specializes in arcade art — including vector art. I instantly fell in love. I’m gonna have a field day with all of these spiffy graphics.

I don’t know how they do such a good job on the pieces, but I’d love to learn some tips. So anyway, check out their site, you might find something you could use as well. And if you know of any other similar sites, please let me know (post a reply to this post).

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Anonymous says:

Thanks for the kind words. We do what we can.

Feel free to add what you create to our site.


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