2D Fighters Going Downhill

The recent reviews of both Capcom Fighing Evolution (formally Capcom Fighting Jam) and Guilty Gear Isuka have been a tad on the downside. SNK has also been going downhill. It’s been depending on re-releases of its older titles while SvC Chaos has had a lukeware reation.

Evolution’s main concern is that is cobbled together poorly and that the character selection is lacking. As previews of the game were released, there were a few more characters shown off every now and then. I figured by the time the game actually saw store shelves it would be chock full of Capcom’s wide array of characters. Think Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will no Marvel and more Capcom.

Considering Capcom just reuses sprites and such in its other crossover games, having a game with virtually all of its characters shouldn’t be too difficult. Unfortunately that is the case. While it is interesting (but not entirely gratifying) to see some characters from the little-known game, Red Earth, Evolution is still lacking masses of characters from other fighting installments. In the past we have been spoiled by the increasing selection of characters to duel with. So to have the number of characters in a Vs.-style game is just plain disappointing.

I will give Guilty Gear Isuka some credit. Sammy took the beautiful Guilty Gear franchise and tried something new with it. The games reviews don’t totally bash it — it’s still good for some fun, but it needs some refinement. Maybe Sammy will take the complaints into consideration and fine-tune the game in order to make a true classic.

SNK needs to spit out a new and unique 2D title that innovates at least a little. If they can take advantage of their new arcade platform to make a gourgeous 2D fighter — possible in a new series — it would definately give the company a spark it needs.

At the present time it looks like both Capcom and SNK are all but giving up in the beatemup department while Sammy is the only one really trying.

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yeah people keep saying that SNK is trying and capcom is not…but in reality,SNK is no better than capcom…thye aint doin jack with their games…mark of the wolves was awesome…but will there be more? wheres my real bout?

good read racketboy (man i love your blog! i mean,i LOVE it…i spend more time reading it than IGN -and i read that almost every other day!)

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