Racketboy Podcast #58 – Jordan Weisman



Jordan Weisman is an accomplished creator in both the tabletop/pen and paper games industry and in the video game industry and is responsible for introducing many of the innovations that are now taken for granted in both arenas. Best known by gamers for his work on Shadowrun and MechWarrior, in this lengthy interview he gives an overview of his work on these franchises, shares his thoughts on the evolution of gaming and game design, and focuses on his current work at Harebrained Schemes finishing Shadowrun Returns, which is scheduled to launch later this month.

Games discussed in some detail:
Shadowrun Returns
MechWarrior Franchise

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–Show Outline:–

  • (Shadowrun [SNES] – “Seattle 2050”)
  • Intro
  • Interview with Jordan Weisman
  • (Shadowrun [SNES] – “Spirits of the Dead”)

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Marc Ariss says:

Being a college dropout, do you truly feel, now that you are teaching, that college is truly required to start in the creative media arts ? And on a different note FASA published an interesting fantasy pnp rpg called Earthdawn, I was wondering if there are any plans to do anything with that IP ?

Shereef says:

I just stumbled onto your podcast today and really enjoyed hearing the talk about Shadowrun Returns and the Battle Tech games. Good job getting the interview with Jordan, it was really interesting.

Would you guy’s be able to go more in-depth on the Battle Tech universe in a future podcast; also, I would love to hear about the Heavy Gear franchise from Dream Pod 9. With the new Kickstarter being done by Stompy Bot, we may be getting a new Heavy Gear game.

Keep up the good work.


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