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Racketboy Podcast #71 – Remastered

After an apology to the listeners for the wait, Dave and John discuss recent gaming acquisitions and what they are currently playing. The discussion then turns to HD Remasters, recent retro news, gaming with friends, and perfectionist play-styles. They finish up answering listener questions and feedback. Enjoy. We’re on Twitter: @racketboypodcst Download RSS Feed: Subscribe to iTunes Show Music intro: Ogre Battle 64 – Diana – Hero Theme outro: Ogre Battle 64 – Decisive Do you have something to [...]

Racketboy Podcast #70 – The Right Connection

In this episode, Dave and John discuss the importance of a proper video connection, talk about some recent news about Nintendo’s financials, and address your questions and comments. We’re on Twitter: @racketboypodcst Download RSS Feed: Subscribe to iTunes Show Music intro music: Zanac Neo – Option intermission music: Yoshi’s Island – Athletic outro music: Ogre Battle – Thunder (Revolt) Do you have something to add? Do you have questions about this episode? Do you want to heap scorn or [...]

Racketboy Podcast #69 – Bill Stiernberg of Zeboyd Games

Bill Stiernberg is one half of the indie developer duo Zeboyd Games, the studio that has released titles like Cthulhu Saves the World, Breath of Death VII, and the recent Penny Arcade games.  They are currently working on Cosmic Star Heroine.  John sits down with Bill in his Houston area home and office to discuss his work with Zeboyd Games, retro gaming, his gaming collection and gaming habits, and his views on the direction and future of the gaming industry. [...]

Racketboy Podcast #68 – Cult Classics for the Brogamer

In this episode, Dave and John discuss their experiences with broken PS4s, the strengths and weaknesses of the system’s launch, comment on their favorite “cult classics” from the previous generation, and chat sports games and FPSs.  They also discuss The Wizard and provide a brief teaser about the guest who will be featured on the next episode. We’re on Twitter: @racketboypodcst Download RSS Feed: Subscribe to iTunes Do you have something to add? Do you have questions about this [...]

Racketboy Podcast #67 – Retro Like Microcosm

Dave and John talk 3D Sega games, Sega system designs, Mutant League Football, 7800 collecting, and other retro stuff like Microcosm. They also answer listener questions and explain why even retro gamers might have interest in next-gen systems.   We’re on Twitter: @racketboypodcst Download RSS Feed: Subscribe to iTunes Do you have something to add? Do you have questions about this episode? Do you want to heap scorn or praise? Please let us know below, on Twitter at @rackteboypodcst, [...]

Racketboy Podcast #66 – Hand Motions

Apologies for the delays on this one, but a couple of weeks ago Dave and John sat down to chat about what a new player in the console market would have to do to succeed, their thoughts on next year’s Together Retro calendar, the fate of the Neo Geo X, sandbox games, and the perils of Skype video recording. Games discussed in some detail: Dead Space 3 Final Fantasy XIV (and much of the rest of the series) Dragon Quest [...]

Racketboy Podcast #65 – A Smart Merger

Dave and John talk about games (surprise!), about shifting gamer demographics, and about industry mergers old and new. Games discussed in some detail: Killlzone Mercenary Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Tales of XilliaTank Command Civilization V Planescape Torment Baldur’s Gate 2 Ballz 3D: The Director’s Cut We’re on Twitter: @racketboypodcst Download RSS Feed: Subscribe to iTunes -Show Outline:– (Killzone – “Helghast March Main Theme”) Intro Playing/Pickups Discussion: Mergers and Sales News for the Retro Gamer Forum Thread of [...]

Racketboy Podcast #64 – Chris Avellone on Planescape Torment, Fallout, and More

Chris Avellone is a veteran developer who over the past twenty years has created an impressive oeuvre of intelligent, groundbreaking, and much-loved RPGs. In this interview he graciously sat down with Dave and John to talk about his role and influence in many of these past projects (including the monumental Planescape Torment and Fallout series), his current work with several high profile Kickstarter projects (Wasteland 2, Project Eternity, and Torment: Tides of Numenara), and his thoughts on how the industry [...]

Racketboy Podcast #63 – RPG Talk with Chris Stollings & Mike Moehnke

In this Episode Dave is missing but John is accompanied by returning guest Chris Stollings of Operation Rainfall and Mike Moehnke of  This episode is all about RPGs and the 3 discuss their favorite RPGs, underrated or overlooked gems, overrated games, and answer several listener questions. Games discussed in some detail: Dragon’s Crown Dragon Age Origins Fire Emblem Awakening Dungeons & Dragons Collection Chrono Cross Kingdom Hearts 2 Shining Force Final Conflict Mario & Luigi Dream Team Shining Force [...]

Racketboy Podcast #62 – Summertime Fun with Carlos Danger & Ron Mexico

Dave and John talk about games old and new, about what to do with broken consoles, about sexism in games (again), about summertime games (again), and about what they’d like to see from future software and hardware emulation. Games discussed in some detail: Eathbound Shin Megami Tensei IV Call of Juarez Gunslinger Skyrim Dragon Age Origins Bioshock series NCAA Football 14 Metal Gear series We’re on Twitter: @racketboypodcst Download RSS Feed: Subscribe to iTunes -Show Outline:– ( BR1GHT PR1MATE [...]

Racketboy Podcast #61 – Dan Geisler on Road Rash

  Dan Geisler is a long time game industry veteran who has worked on titles across many systems and generations of hardware, and he sat down with Dave to talk about his groundbreaking work on the Road Rash series of games (for which he was one of the lead designers). In the interview he discusses his work leading up to Road Rash, his work on the original trilogy for the Genesis, and what he’s been doing since. Of special note: [...]

Racketboy Podcast #60 – The Show of the Game of the Generation

In this episode Dave and John talk about what they’ve been playing and picking up, discuss last month’s E3 and the Xbox One controversies, banter about games with fireworks, and answer your questions before discussing spoilers about The Last of Us at the end of the show (after the outro music). Games discussed in some detail: Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara and Tower of Doom Aliens: Colonial Marines Shining Force 2 State of Decay Dragon Age Origins Fantavision The [...]

Racketboy Podcast #59 – Forum Moderator Roundtable II

Last year the Racketboy Forums held a charity auction where one of the prizes was a chance to bring the forum moderators onto the show (once again) and ask them any ten questions that were desired. This episode is the result. You’ll hear the forum moderators discuss everything from their other hobbies to their earliest and fondest memories of the community to what goes on in the secret moderator forum. We’re on Twitter: @racketboypodcst Download RSS Feed: Subscribe to [...]

Racketboy Podcast #58 – Jordan Weisman

Jordan Weisman is an accomplished creator in both the tabletop/pen and paper games industry and in the video game industry and is responsible for introducing many of the innovations that are now taken for granted in both arenas. Best known by gamers for his work on Shadowrun and MechWarrior, in this lengthy interview he gives an overview of his work on these franchises, shares his thoughts on the evolution of gaming and game design, and focuses on his current work [...]

Racketboy Podcast #57 – Added Multiplayer

Dave and John are joined by Operation Rainfall’s Chris Stollings (maruaderex) to discuss what they’ve been playing, what they think of recent retro news, their take on multiplayer vs. single player FPS experiences, and the site’s new RPG of the month club. Listen for the first show “flashback” around the 16 minute mark! Games discussed in some detail: Class of Heroes 2 Culdcept Fantastic Dizzy Fire Emblem Awakening Lost in Shadow Metro Last Light Resident Evil 4 R-Type Shining Force [...]