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Sega Saturn Model 2 Swap Trick

How to perform the swap trick on a model 2 Sega Saturn By Sengoku Notes: I take NO responsibility for damage done to your Saturn by utilising the following text. Perform the swap trick at your own risk. The mentioned ‘Sega’ screen is not the animated ‘Sega Saturn’ screen, instead it is the next […]

Sega Saturn Swap Trick With PAR (Pro Action Replay) Guide

–=PAR-Swap Method=– by G Face CD-R Swap method using a Pro Action Replay (PAR) v1.0 -For those like me who are having a hard time with a Model 2 Saturn and no mod chip here is a 99% accurate way to play with a 4-in-1/5-in-1 – Pro Action Replay (PAR). –>Before you proceed: Using this […]

Sega Saturn Necessary 2D Experiences

I just stumbled across a great page for people that might not know much about the Saturn and what it offers in terms of 2D gaming. I can’t think of how to word it better than Cafeman does on his page, Sega Saturn Necessary 2D Experiences: “You may not have experienced the Sega Saturn much, […]

Sega Saturn Mod Chip Installation Guide

I’ve had a handful of people asking me for a good set of intstruction on how to install the Sega Saturn mod chips that I sell. I’m not responsible for any damage you may do to your Saturn by performing this modification. There isn’t much to worry about, but I just don’t want anybody mad […]

Sega Saturn Mod Chips Now On Sale!

Sega Saturn Modchip Visit My Store to Buy The Sega Saturn Mod Chip will allow your to play burned CD-R games on your 32-bit powerhouse console and open up many other great gaming possibilities. If you would like to learn more, please read my article, “Why Mod Your Saturn?” Feel free to read just a […]

Learn How to Perform the Sega Saturn Swap Trick

For those of you who want to play backups of some of your classic Sega Saturn games, but don’t want to mod your machine, you need to learn how to perform the swap trick. This involves using an original copy of any Saturn game and then swapping in the backup disk before the machine knows […]

Burning Sega CD and Saturn Games on Linux

Kahuna over at SegaXtreme has written up a detailed tutorial on how to burn Sega CD and Sega Saturn backup CDs using Linux. I figured I should post this as it’s a nice complement to my guides for Ripping and Burning BIN/CUE and ISO/MP3 images using Windows. I assume this method also works for some […]

Sega Releases USB Saturn Controller

Sega has decided to sell separately the special USB Saturn controller that it was originally going to release with the PC version of Puyo Puyo Fever. It is reported to be a white controller that will match the white Apple PCs and accesories. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of using this […]

The Rarest and Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games

Check out the other installments of the Rare and Valuable Games series The Dreamcast is a perfect example of a console that had relatively low commercial success, but a huge underground following after its death. These two factors help brew up a strong library of games that have high collectibility among gamers that are just […]

The Rarest and Most Valuable Sega CD Games

  Presented by Racketboy and G to the Next Level The Sega CD was ahead of its time and didn’t quite get the support it deserved (although better than its sibling in the 32X). However, despite its reputation for Full-Motion-Video games and ports of Genesis/Megadrive games with CD audio tacked on, there are actually a […]

The Rarest and Most Valuable Sega 32X Games

  Presented by Racketboy and G to the Next Level Sega’s 32X add-on for the Genesis/Megadrive didn’t last on the market long and there were a modest number of game produced for the device.  The 32X library contained a few gems and a handful of junk as well, but there are some rarities to be […]

The Rarest and Most Valuable Sega Genesis / Megadrive Games

Presented by Racketboy and G to the Next Level Are you wondering if your Sega Genesis collection has any valuable treasures in it? This month we take a look at Sega’s most popular console of all time and its most desired games. Since the console wasn’t a huge success in Japan, we will find quite a few […]

Together Retro Game Club: Sega Rally Championship

Presented by Racketboy New to Together Retro? Don’t worry; everyone makes mistakes. You can get an idea about what we’re doing with our time here. There are a lot of racing franchises over the last three decades that have become household names. Sega alone has a two well-known franchises in Outrun and Daytona USA, but Sega Rally […]

The Sega Genesis / MegaDrive Shmup Library

presented by Brickiemart, Adam Sarson, BulletMagnet, and Racketboy Be sure to check out similar guides in our Genre Guide Collection Even though I have been a Sega Genesis fan from the beginning, I didn’t quite realize how many Shooters the console had in its library until I saw this guide taking shape.   I always […]

The Best Sega CD Games Under $10

For my next revision to the Cheapest Games series, I wanted to revisit the Sega CD (the last revision was in 2007, so it was very due for an update).  While they haven’t been as drastic of an increase in price as the Sega Saturn games, it is getting harder to find low prices on […]

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