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Shelving Your Enthusiast Collection

To celebrate the revival of RoomPlay, I’m going inside what many collectors would argue to be the quintessential accessory for displaying your game library and related goods in your gameroom. Proper shelving is a prerequisite for the optimal presentation of your items, being that it affords great usage of verticality, doesn’t break up space in […]

RetroMags – THE Resource for Classic Gaming Magazines

If you thought you were excited when you saw the first Issues of Nintendo Power and Playstation Magazine posted in PDF form, you are going to really start drooling when you log into RetroMags. The incredible team of scanners is dedicated to scanning a number of classic gaming magazines and releasing them in mass quantities. […]

Games That Pushed The Limits – Part 3

This is a continuation of my series on console games that made the best use of each console’s limited system resources. If you think I missed any games, please feel free to leave a suggestion with an explanation in the comments section. I will be revising this guide as I learn more. Please wait until […]

Games That Pushed The Limits – Part 1

I have been recently been fascinated by the history of the various machines that have battled for our living rooms. Each machine has had its strengths and weaknesses, and as a programmer, I’m amazed by some of the ways developers have harnessed the power of consoles and pushed them to their limits resulting is some […]

Review: Advance Guardian Heroes – GBA

Advance Guardian Heroes brings back the original Saturn game’s style of gameplay, but its unbelievably irritating technical problems and underwhelming art style doesn’t bring back the magic fans might be expecting. Graphics/Presentation: 5 When you first start up Advance Guardian Heroes, you can tell right away that this isn’t going to be as good as […]

Panzer Dragoon for PS2 – New Screenshots and Info

Back in July of ’05, I mentioned that Sega was working on a graphically enhanced version of the first Panzer Dragoon game (originally for the Saturn) for the PS2. Since the original was a great game, but had rough graphics, I was very interested in this upgrade. Today, Famitsu magazine released some new screens of […]

Game Reprints – Good or Bad For Collecting?

I have just finished reading one of the most interesting gaming articles I’ve read in the last month or so. Siliconera’s “The Business of Reprints” discusses a new company that legally reprints rare games. It involves a hot topic among game collectors as it benefits gamers that missed out on some high-quality, rare games, but […]

Did Gaming Charm Disappear With The Cartridge?

Do you remember that feeling you get when you first turn on the game? That thrill of something new and exciting. Remember when you had got your N64, you turned it on for the first time with Mario inside. BLING! It’s A Me, A Mario! It screamed at you. Do you remember that enchantement followed […]

Meta-Review: Dragon Force for PS2

Radiant Silvergun and Panzer Dragoon Saga aren’t the only Saturn games that command a high premium on eBay. Dragon Force was one of the best RPGs on Sega’s 32-bit system. Fortunately, Sega is re-releasing Dragon Force on the PS2 with enhanced graphics and sound (without butchering it like many of their other updates). The remake […]

10 Games That Actually NEED A Sequel

As just about every gamer has noticed, the gaming market has been flooded with sequel upon sequel (Tony Hawk, anyone?) — many of which aren’t a great improvement over the last increment. You can’t blame the publishers too much as they wouldn’t be putting them out if gamers weren’t buying them in droves. But wouldn’t […]

Top 20 Games That Nobody Played – But You Should

There are hundreds of excellent games that have been released over the last two decades that never quite got the attention and sales they deserved. Many times it is because of lousy marketing, but at least some of these games find an afterlife as a cult classic. While not all of these titles are “retro”, […]

Retro Gamer T-Shirts Now Only $9.95

You can now purchase your own official Retro Gamer t-shirt. With the help of CafePress, I was able to design a slick new shirt and offer it to you are a very reasonable price — only $9.95. The design is a combination of the RetroGaming with racketboy logo and the Sega Genesis logo font. I […]

Looking Back At Console Launches

With the launch of the XBox 360 getting ever so close, has decided to do a quick rundown of every major game console launch since the NES. They include a list of major launch titles, the strengths and weakness of the launch, and 1-5 star rating. Sega represented each end of the spectrum: the […]

My Love Affair With Alien Hominid

I have to say, I feel a bit guilty for not reaching this point earlier. I covered the progress of the console ports of Alien Hominid since it was first announced that the indie Flash game would be coming to the big three home game consoles. I’ve played the game a bit in the past, […]

Classic Console Re-Release Ideas

As we all know, there has been a continuing trend of re-releasing classic games for the current systems. However, I’ve had an idea pop in my head about companies such as Sega and Nintendo re-releasing not only their older games but also the machines that originally played the classic gems. I’m sure this idea is […]

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