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How Sega All But Ruined Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega’s Blue Blur was a whirlwind of excitement in the early 1990’s. Nintendo had a magical formula in the Super Mario Bros series and every other developer had their run and jump Mario clones. Sega on the other hand, took the platforming genre to the next level by taking advantage of their new Genesis console […]

Who Needs 3D? Heck, Who Needs Color??

I know this topic has been discussed numerous times before on this site and others like it, but I just had to share a couple of recent examples of incredible concept games that show that not only show that you can make a incredibly engageing experience without 3D graphics, but you can also have that […]

Game Collecting: Don’t “Invest” In Vintage Games

In the first of my rants (How The Internet Changed The Hobby) about the lessons I learned from collecting hobby-related items, I discussed how the Internet has changed the way we collect and how are collections are perceived by others. This time around I want to show you how buying “valuable”� and “rare”� games isn’t […]

Game Collecting: How the Internet Changed the Hobby

I’ve been a collector all my life. My largest collecting phase began when I was 7 years old and initially became fascinated with baseball cards. Once the baseball card market became oversaturated in the late 1990’s, I eventually withdrew from the hobby, but the experience taught me a number of life lessons in business, personal […]

Classic Franchises That Actually NEED a Resurrection

As a follow-up to my Games That Actually NEED A Sequel and further inspired by this post at Siliconera, I wanted to discuss a few classic game franchises, that while they did have at least one sequel, they haven’t surfaced in quite a while. And even though there are a small handful of older franchises […]

How The Revolution Will Revive Light Gun Games

The Nintendo Revoltion controller has already created a great deal of discussion about the new door of gameplay that the system will open — much like the Nintendo DS did for portable gaming. Not only are gamers anticipating what is in the Revolution’s future in terms of games, but developers are also warping their brains […]

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