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Retro Game Store Review: Vintage Stock

Every now and then, when visiting different parts of the US, I like to track down independent or small-chain game stores and report my findings to the Racketboy community.  Usually, I like to do a video interview with the store owner and not only get a tour of the store, but also get their insights […]

Playpower: Bringing 8-Bit Learning to the World

Presented by Zen Albatross Tiny bagels and pots of hot coffee wait patiently on a fold-out table in a a small classroom on the southeast end of New York University campus. It’s an early Saturday morning in late June and most of NYU’s students are on Summer break. But for the group of artists, programmers, […]

The Sega Hype Machine and the Sega CD

Oh Sega… you were such cunning marketers in the early 1990’s. We all love the Sega Scream campaign and Sonic’s extra ounce of attitude that, in our minds, gave him the advantage over Mario. However, once Sega attempted to move faster with their technology in order to stay a step or two ahead of their […]

Learn How Much Your Video Games Are Worth

One of the most popular features of this site is our Rare and Valuable Game Guides.  These features have received a lot of attention lately because of the recent sale of a Stadium Events NES Cartridge on eBay for $13,000 and a sealed listing of the same game on eBay for more than $20,000 (auction […]

How Digital Downloads Affect Values of Collectable Games

When the digital distribution model started taking off on services like Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, I had a feeling that we would start seeing affordable downloads of cult-classic games that have previously been expensive collectors pieces.  So at the end of 2006, I started tracking a handful of games that I thought would be […]

Behind the Sale: 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge Cartridge

If you pay attention to many gaming blogs, you probably heard about the recent sale of one of the most valuable console games known to collectors.  Even though the Nintendo World Championship cartridges are one of the most well-know games to collectors (see The Rarest and Most Valuable NES Games), the 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge […]

Game Store Tour: Video Game Connection (Cleveland)

This summer I just happened to find myself in Cleveland, Ohio and decided to check out what the city had to offer in terms of games stores.  A quick Google search clued me in about Video Game Connection and I contacted Mike, the store’s owner to see if he’d be willing to give me a […]

Tips For Running An Independent Video Game Store

This is a bit of a follow-up to the tour and conversation I had with Giulio from VideoGamesNewYork.  I wanted to keep that video slimmed down and thought this would be a good side conversation to have.  I asked Giulio what advice he had to other independent game store owners and he share some interesting […]

Game Store Tour & Interview: Video Games New York

Back in June, I made my first trip out to New York City to absorb some of the abundance of culture the city had to offer. While I was there. I made sure to take a cab over to VideoGamesNewYork to see what a big-city indie game shop had to offer. The owner, Giulio, was […]

20 Years With The Nintendo Gameboy

Presented by Zen Albatross Friends, I invite you all to raise your glasses in celebration of a momentous occasion in gaming history. In the month of April exactly 20 years ago, our lives were suddenly illuminated by the birth of a friend both loyal and dear; A friend whose illustrious career has set the precedent […]

Punch-Out!! Series: A 25-Year Retrospective

In honor of the recent release of Punch-Out!! for the Nintendo Wii, the 25th anniversary of the series, and the June 2009 choice of Punch-Out!! for the Together Retro game club,  here is a look back at the series through the years, how it changed, and why we root so hard for a little guy […]

Mario Paint: How The 16-bit Wonder Changed Lives

Note from racketboy: I’d like to thanks our newest contributor, Zen Albatross, for his personal, yet entertaining look into one of the most influential games in his life, Mario Paint. I’m guessing he is not the only one that was impacted by this gem from the 16-bit era, so I hope you all enjoy reading […]

So What Was The NES Select Button For?

Note from racketboy:  You can definitely tell when Fastbilly1 is passionate about a topic…. This time he shares his thoughts and research of an oft-overlooked component of the Nintendo Entertainment Systems, the Select Button. Often it is shoved to the side, disregarded, or the target of outright hatred.  Many gamers do not believe it is […]

5 Ways Nintendo Can Bring Metroid Back to 2D

  Some established franchises just feel more natural in 2D.  Even though I love the Metroid Prime series,  I still long for the polished 2D gameplay of the earlier installments.  Just for fun, I wanted to think about five different projects or ideas that would suit Nintendo just fine in filling the 2D drought that […]

How To Find The Best Gaming Deals on eBay

A decade ago, it was quite easy to find real bargains on eBay.  Now that the site is a mainstream marketplace, most items actually sell for what you might expect they are worth — and sometimes much more.  As the community of eBay buyers grows, it can be increasingly frustrating if you are looking for […]

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