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Sega Genesis / Megadrive Ecco The Dolphin Box Set (Photos & Info)

Sega Genesis / Megadrive Ecco The Dolphin Box Set (Photos & Info)

Regulars of the Racketboy site will know that I get quite interested in those hard-to-find games.   And while collector’s box sets are rather common in today’s industry, they were rather uncommon in the 1990’s.  Because of this, it’s hard to find solid documentation on some of them.    Fortunately, these rare sets sometimes end up on eBay and the sellers want to take plenty of pictures in order to maximize their return (and avoid disappointment when the buyer receives [...]

Atari 2600 Red Sea Crossing Advertisement in Christianity Today

Atari 2600 Red Sea Crossing Advertisement in Christianity Today

Up until recent years, the Atari 2600 game, Red Sea Crossing (see its mention in our guide of the Rarest and Most Valuable Atari 2600 Games) was a bit of a mystery.  A recent seller, however, did include the following advertisement from the October 7, 1983 issue of Christianity Today, which may be the only marketing ever released for the game. We have yet to see the game in any form other than just the cart, but the advertisement states that [...]

Collecting NES Black Box / Sprite Art Games

Collecting NES Black Box / Sprite Art Games

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when collecting vintage video games. It can be tempting to attempt to collect full console libraries of games, but sometimes focusing on a certain sub-category of a particular library can often be a more practical (and many times more enjoyable) experience. This is the first of a series of collecting guides that will focus on a subset of games that are popular with collectors. The launch titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) [...]

How to Spot Fake Sealed Classic Video Games

How to Spot Fake Sealed Classic Video Games

You might remember my interview and store tour with Jason from Trade N Games (based in St. Louis, MO area) (See our interview here).  Well anyway, I wanted to share an extra video segment from that day where he shared his thoughts on sealed games and how you can spot fake sealed games in the wild.   I also thought I’d round up some other tips to share with you in case you are on the lookout for sealed games. Sealed [...]

Featured Game Collection: Jason from Trade N Games

Featured Game Collection: Jason from Trade N Games

I get a real kick out of talking to owners of independent game stores.  They always have so many interesting stories to tell, and often, cool things to show off.   During my visit to Trade N Games while in St. Louis this past summer, I was treated to lots of both.   I actually recorded about 80 minutes of footage while I was there and had a hard time cutting it down to fit it into the one Youtube clip I [...]

Learn How Much Your Video Games Are Worth

One of the most popular features of this site is our Rare and Valuable Game Guides.  These features have received a lot of attention lately because of the recent sale of a Stadium Events NES Cartridge on eBay for $13,000 and a sealed listing of the same game on eBay for more than $20,000 (auction is still active). Because of this recent traffic, we have received a lot of emails and blog comments asking how much their old games are [...]

How Digital Downloads Affect Values of Collectable Games

When the digital distribution model started taking off on services like Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, I had a feeling that we would start seeing affordable downloads of cult-classic games that have previously been expensive collectors pieces.  So at the end of 2006, I started tracking a handful of games that I thought would be candidates for digital re-releases.   Three years later, I decided to chart out the results of the tracking and see how affordable downloads of the [...]

Behind the Sale: 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge Cartridge

If you pay attention to many gaming blogs, you probably heard about the recent sale of one of the most valuable console games known to collectors.  Even though the Nintendo World Championship cartridges are one of the most well-know games to collectors (see The Rarest and Most Valuable NES Games), the 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge cartridge is said to be a one-of-a-kind item (other copies were said to be destroyed) and was out to rival the NWC Gold cartridge (of [...]

How To Find The Best Gaming Deals on eBay

A decade ago, it was quite easy to find real bargains on eBay.  Now that the site is a mainstream marketplace, most items actually sell for what you might expect they are worth — and sometimes much more.  As the community of eBay buyers grows, it can be increasingly frustrating if you are looking for a really good deal. Since one of the real appeals of classic gaming is being able to experience a lot of gaming on a budget, [...]

Complete SEALED Japanese Dreamcast Game Library on eBay

As we’ve discussed before, sealed games yield quite a premium over their opened counterparts when it comes to collectors. This is especially true of games that are rare to begin with. So imagine my amazement when forum member, lost_within posted this massive eBay auction that includes every single Japanese Dreamcast game in sealed condition. As if it weren’t enough that the seller is offering every regular-issue game (which would be a feat in itself), but this also includes every single [...]

Comparing Massive Markups For Pristine Retro Games

Accumulating classic video games is quickly becoming less about playing the games and more about collecting with dollar values in mind. After analyzing the advertisement for buying sealed NES games, I became more aware of how much of a premium there was on sealed classic games. My curiosity got the best of me, so I couldn’t help but check into how game values varied for different platforms depending on the game’s condition. (Cart/Disc-only, Complete w/ Box, and Sealed in Packaging) [...]

Store Paying Insane Prices For Sealed NES Games

Not too long ago, I was spending some time in a Barnes & Noble browsing the magazine racks. I picked up a toy collecting magazine since I used to be into that stuff a decade ago and I was curious what has happened lately. While flipping through the pages, I spotted an ad featuring some classic NES games. Upon closer examination, I noticed that the advertisement wasn’t even for selling games; it was all about buying games — sealed games [...]

Game Collecting: Don’t “Invest” In Vintage Games

In the first of my rants (How The Internet Changed The Hobby) about the lessons I learned from collecting hobby-related items, I discussed how the Internet has changed the way we collect and how are collections are perceived by others. This time around I want to show you how buying “valuable”� and “rare”� games isn’t necessarily a good investment, but that you should instead focus on collecting games that you enjoy. There are a handful of games from virtually every [...]

Game Collecting: How the Internet Changed the Hobby

I’ve been a collector all my life. My largest collecting phase began when I was 7 years old and initially became fascinated with baseball cards. Once the baseball card market became oversaturated in the late 1990’s, I eventually withdrew from the hobby, but the experience taught me a number of life lessons in business, personal networking, and what is important in life. In the past (with any of my collecting hobbies), people were mostly limited by your local resources. In [...]