X-Men 6-Player Arcade: The Best Cabinet EVER

Inpsired by a post on Detructoid today, I wanted to share what I believe is the greatest arcade cabinet of all time:

X-Men 6-Player, Dual Screen Edition

This puppy really had to be experienced in a busy arcade to really be appreciated. I first fell in love with this X-Men arcade machine at a large arcade at Cedar Point (a large roller coaster park in Ohio).

Back in the mid 1990’s this machine was a hot item and it wasn’t unusual to see all 6 joysticks filled with rabid players. The ultra-wide cabinet allowed just enough elbow room for each player, but it could be a challenge if you wanted to squeeze into a busy game as one of the remaining characters.

X-Men is the only arcade game I know of that actually used 2 full CRTs to provide a nice wide-screen effect. As if the colorful graphic novel graphics and great sound effects weren’t enough, the widescreen allowed 6 heroes battle wave after wave of baddies without the screen being too crowded.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a way to emulate the 6-player version of X-Men to accurately re-created the experience (the 2 or 4-player, single screen version isn’t a problem). The only real way to pull this off is to track down the real machine.

Maybe, just maybe, We’ll find a widescreen, 6-player version of X-Men arcade on XBox Live Arcade or something. But even then, I don’t know if it will be able to rival this ultimate arcade cabinet.

If you’d like to find out more about the game itself, I recommend reading this review of the X-Men arcade game.

If you have fallen in love with this arcade game or have another arcade cabinet that you think is more worthy, let me know in the comments section below or by joining in on this thread on the forums.
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Daniel says:

I’ve made it a Life Mission to own this arcade system. It will be mine. OH yes, it will be mine.

daylyx says:

anyone know of a place to download this for cpu?

Stephen says:

The characters are dedicated slots, if the cabinet has its original WICO joysticks they are color specific.Balltop colors and char. are: blue/Cyclops, red/Colossus, yellow/Wolverine, purple/Nightcrawler, violet/Storm, teal/Dazzler; in that order counter clockwise.

I have one for sale in Michigan, it has rebuilt joysticks but they are originals. It also has new buttons and switches. Email me at stephomyte@aim.com

reece says:

Theres one in moberly missouri at the movie theater

addaialber says:

as god live and as my soul live i will never leve god

Kyle says:

Looking to purchase one in Rhode Island or the north east / new england area if any one knows of one or has one for sale! Please contact me!

Also interested in the old multiplayer dungeons and dragons arcade game.

android says:

best arcade console ever!!! I’ve beat the game over and over! Best part….”welcome to DIE” -magneto…if anyone is selling one that’s working hit me up! Nocturnal_ghost_tiger@yahoo.com….6 players. 2 screens…bad ass! The avengers didn’t have shit on this game! I will own one day! Clackamas town center in oregon has one…i call dibs!

Stephen says:

I still have one for sale I cleaned it up a bit too…


Or email me at stephomyte@aim.com

Morg says:

Hi guys,i just had great memories of my childhood, of course one of the best arcade games of all times, nightcrawler rules!

Any of u know where i can find some version of this game for PC? or maybe an emulator?


Looks like your dream finally came true!

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