Video Game Art of the Week: “Tell Me A Story”

Every week I hope to showcase some of the best video game artwork, from either professionals or fans. This feature can either inspire you to create your own work or maybe help you track down artists and/or pieces to use in your game room decoration.

This week’s selection is “Tell Me A Story”, a Legend of Zelda-inspired piece from Aerawen-Vanhouten

See The Big Picture

Do you have a piece of artwork you would like to recommend for this feature? Please post a link to your recommendation in the Video Game Artwork Thread in the forums.


Jess says:

I love that picture! it looks SOOO CUTE AND COOL!.

Nona says:

I love this picture, especially how they look so realistic!! :heart: Where can i find more awesome artwork like this??

Catalina says:

Zelda looks like Christina Aguilera.

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