Unique Retro TV / PC

 While, this project wasn’t made specifically for game emulation, I haven’t seen a cooler retro-styled PC as far as I can remember.

This guy from England has stuffed an entire Mini-ITX computer and monitor into a 70s National TV set. He replaced the bulky old CRT with a slimmer LCD TV/Monitor, enabling him to use the machine as both a PC and an actual TV. Check out the project at mini-itx.com

I’m wondering if it has any possibilities for video inputs. If so, it would be an incredibly awesome retro gaming machine (for both emulation and real consoles) — if you were willing to put up with the the 9-inch screen and 640×480 resolution.

If anything, maybe this will inspire some additional creations 🙂

Thanks to RetroThing for the heads-up!

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