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Kotaku Editor’s Hi-Def Game Room

Brian Crecente, the main editor at the gaming mega-blog, Kotaku, recently completed the game room of his dreams. He does a great job of keeping the style simple but maximizing the functionality. The room features a 50-inch plasma from LG Electronics which is surrounded by some great in-wall speakers and bookshelves. It also has a […]

K-Nex Gameboy Advance Cart Rack

One of the members over at GoNintendo has shared a wonderful set up pictures showing off their homebrew method of storing and displaying their Gameboy Advance cartridges. “Towers”, built this quirky creation using the new-fangled building toys known as K-Nex. Guess you couldn’t pull this off with Legos 🙂 Not only is a unique way […]

Unique Retro TV / PC

While, this project wasn’t made specifically for game emulation, I haven’t seen a cooler retro-styled PC as far as I can remember. This guy from England has stuffed an entire Mini-ITX computer and monitor into a 70s National TV set. He replaced the bulky old CRT with a slimmer LCD TV/Monitor, enabling him to use […]

Music: Jet Set Radio Official Soundtrack

One of my favorite games of all time (known as Jet Grind Radio in the US) just happens to have one of the best game soundtracks ever. If you’re looking for a good mix of of creative and energetic Japanese music, the best place to start is the soundtracks of the Jet Set Radio series. […]

Console Color Database

I’m sure you all have your favorite consoles. But have you ever wished you could have that machine in a different color without having to do a custom paint-job? Many consoles over the years have been released in a variety of colors, either in regular or limited edition releases. has a comprehensive database of […]

Make Your Own USB Saturn Controller

There has been quite a buzz from the Sega’s USB Saturn controllers. Even though they are very cool products, there are a number of people that would like to take their exisiting Saturn controllers and hack into their own USB controller. There is an excellent guide at that walks you through the entire process […]

Turn Your NES Controller into TV Remote

If you need to have a unique flair to you home theatre/gaming setup, you might like the idea of turning your NES Controller into a remote control. You can find all the instructions and illustrations at ZeroSign’s site. If you are planning on doing this one yourself, it might be a little bit of a […]

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