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Mike Tyson’s Punchout Artwork – TKO!

I found this amazing set of paintings on Flickr that were (obviously) inspired by the Nintendo classic, Mike Tyson’s Punchout. From what I can tell, they were on display at BEAF ’06 (bellingham electronic arts fest). It also looks like they were on sale for prices ranging from $150 – $250. Obviously, it might be […]

Super Mario Bros. Pinball Machine – Droolworthy Game Room Addition

It seems like the trend in retro game collecting is having full arcade cabinets. However, if you think about it, there is something a bit more charming about a good ol’ pinball machine. Not only do pinball machines seem a little less common, but they seem to age incredibly well in comparison to most arcade […]

Upscale Your Game Consoles Up To 1080p

Destructoid spin-off blog, NextLust alerted me to quite an affordable solution to upscaling your older consoles to resolutions up 1080p for your high-end TV. These type of devices have been around for a while, but the X2VGA 2 High Definition VGA Transcoder is at a price that most people can afford. First of all, you […]

Interview with Ben Heck – Man Behind The XBox 360 Laptop

Benjamin Heckendorn (aka Ben Heck) is one of the greatest console hackers the gaming community has ever known. Not only does Ben have the amazing technical knowledge and great design sense, but he is also a riot to converse with. In case you are not familiar with his work, he was recently featured on Digg, […]

Slim CRTs Are A Great Entry Into HDTV

Even though High-Definition TVs are becoming more common in stores and homes, I still get a little nervous about buying a plasma or LCD TV. First of all, the prices for a plasma or any LCD that is big enough for my needs (27-inch or larger) is way out of my price range. Also, I’m […]

Turning Nintendo’s R.O.B. Into A Webcam

The most iconic but nearly-useless artifact from the 8-bit era is a little robot from Nintendo known as R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy). ROB was originally used on the NES as a peripheral for games such as Gyromite. He has also been featured in modern Nintendo games such as Wario Ware and F-Zero GX. I’ve had […]

Video Game-Based Board Games: Using Them Right

With the recent release of Nintendo Monopoly, now seems like the perfect time to roll the dice and to show off some ideas I’ve discovered in regards to using video game board games. Companies like Milton Bradley and Parker Bros. have been producing these spin-offs since the early 80’s, and they’ve made quite novel little […]

Collection Protection: Bagging Your Games

A major dilemma for game collectors, outside of finding desired items, is finding a way to preserve the condition of their games. Cartridges and boxes are very prone to wear and tear, and there exists infinite dangers that could irreversibly depreciate their value. As a result, sites like Bags Unlimited and Hillas Bags have become […]

Shelving Your Enthusiast Collection

To celebrate the revival of RoomPlay, I’m going inside what many collectors would argue to be the quintessential accessory for displaying your game library and related goods in your gameroom. Proper shelving is a prerequisite for the optimal presentation of your items, being that it affords great usage of verticality, doesn’t break up space in […]

Arcade Art – Great Vector Art Resource

A while back, I was Googling for some inspiration for some retro gaming decorations for my game room and other misc design projects. I’ve been doing some of my own custom vector art in Macromedia Freehand which will allow me to enlarge my work without having any quality loss. My incredible discovery is and […]

RCA to CAT5 Converter Box – Extend Your Consoles

Ever wish you could have your video game consoles further away from your TV? For some older consoles this maybe be especially useful if you don’t have wireless controllers or extension cables availible. At this point you may be wondering why you wouldn’t just buy long RCA cables. Well, you could, but it would be […]

Awesome Custom Dreamcast Arcade Stick

Jemsic recenetly posted his custom-made Dreamcast arcade stick on the message board and I was floored by the solid design and great graphic style. From his post: “I made this stick awhile ago. It’s really a joy to play with. It’s made with real arcade parts, concave buttons with a competition joystick. A custom […]

NES-to-Arcade Cabinets – Upright Nintendo Action

Just today I noticed this eye-catching picture on my Flickr feed and it sparked some great memories from the 80’s. I know I’ve seen this thing before, but I can’t really dig up any solid details about it. It looks like a in-store display, but it also seems to have storage drawers under the screen […]

X-Men 6-Player Arcade: The Best Cabinet EVER

Inpsired by a post on Detructoid today, I wanted to share what I believe is the greatest arcade cabinet of all time: X-Men 6-Player, Dual Screen Edition This puppy really had to be experienced in a busy arcade to really be appreciated. I first fell in love with this X-Men arcade machine at a large […]

Nintendo Stencil Border Idea

If you are looking for a creative way to add a little gaming touch to your gaming room walls without being too over-the-top, why don’t you take a cue from Nintendo’s own elevator designers. Yes, I found this cool post at Flickr from The Sailer Man… “These were around the top of the elevator in […]

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