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3 SFC shmups!

by ott0bot Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:28 pm

An fair offers will be considered. Pictures available upon request, please PM me your email address and I'll get them right away!

Super Famicom - Cart only
Parodious Da!
Pop'n Twin Bee

Box only for Game Boy Fighting Simulator 2 in 1
a few old Electronic Gaming Monthly & Gampepro Magazines
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by selfdestroyer Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:48 pm

PM Sent
Check out my want list and collection here
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by ott0bot Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:03 pm

Just in case you are interested......


Game Gear with super nice case, manual car ac adaper and accessories & super columns. *SOLD*
Shining Force Sword of Hayja(complete, mint, super rare when complete): *SOLD*
Robocop vs. Terminator(game and case): *SOLD*
Batman Returns(game, manual & case): *SOLD*
Arch Rivals(game and case): *SOLD*
Columns(game, manual and case): *SOLD*
Winter Olympic Games(game, manual and case): *SOLD*
Streets of Rage(game and case) *SOLD*
Vampire Master of Darkness(game and case) *SOLD*

Caliber .50 - cart, box, insert, good shape - SOLD!
Crossfire - complete, good shape - SOLD!
Flashback - complete, great shape - SOLD!
Shining Force II - complete, good shape - SOLD!
Shining in the Darkness - complete, good shape - SOLD!
Gunstar Heroes (worn) - SOLD!
Splatterhouse 3 (rough) - SOLD!
Wonderboy in Monster World (worn) - SOLD!
Blaster Master 2 - cart, box, insert, good shape - SOLD!!!
Landstalker - complete, great shape - SOLD!!!
Arrow Flash (some wear) - SOLD!!!
Lightening Force (good) - SOLD!!!
Viewpoint (great) - SOLD!!!
Whip Rush (good) - SOLD!!!
Mystic Defender - complete, great shape - SOLD!!!
Sol-Deace - complete, great shape- SOLD!!!
Toe Jam & Earl - complete, great shape- SOLD!!!
Wings of Wor - complete, great shape- SOLD!!!
Herzog Zwei (good) SOLD!!!
Rolling Thunder 2 - SOLD!!!
Rolling Thunder 3 - cart, box, insert - SOLD!!!
Castlevania Bloodlines - complete - SOLD!!!
MUSHA - cart, box, insert, good shape (insert has some small tears) - SOLD!
Tetris & Dr Mario (good) - SOLD!
Target Earth - cart, box, insert, great shape. - SOLD!
Valis III - complete, great shape - SOLD!
Beyond Oasis - complete, good shape - SOLD
Air Buster - complete - SOLD!
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - complete - SOLD!
Rocketknight Adentures - complete - SOLD!
Shining Force - cart, box, insert - SOLD!
Thunderforce III - complete - SOLD!
Warsong - complete, good shape, SOLD!
Zombies Ate My Neighbors - complete - SOLD!
Bio Hazard Battle - SOLD!!!
Crusader of Centy - complete, great shape - SOLD!
Elemental Master - SOLD!!!
Fire Shark - complete, ok shape - SOLD!!!
Gaiares - complete, - SOLD!!!
Hellfire - cart, box, insert, good shape - SOLD!!!
Phelios - complete - SOLD!!!
Ranger X - complete - SOLD!!!
Steel Empire - complete - SOLD!!!
Streets of Rage 3 - SOLD!!!
Thunderforce II - complete - SOLD!!!
Truxton - SOLD!

Final Fight CD - SOLD!
Dark Wizard - complete, SOLD!!!
Rise of the Dragon - complete. - SOLD!!!
Heart of the Alien - complete, great shape - SOLD!
Robo Aleste - complete, good shape - SOLD!
Android Assault - complete - SOLD!
Lords of Thunder - complete -SOLD!
Lunar The Silver Star - complete - SOLD!
Sipheed - complete - SOLD!
Soul Star - complete - SOLD!
Shining Force CD - complete - SOLD!!!
Lunar Eternal Blue - complete - SOLD!!!
Popful Mail - complete - SOLD!!!
Dungeon Explorer *SOLD*
Rise of the Dragon (disc only): *SOLD*
Vay (complete, map is damaged, disc is a bit scratched up, works perfect)*SOLD*
Sealed Time Gal & Wolfchild *SOLD*

Saturn model 2*SOLD*
Interact Memory Card plus: *SOLD*
Action Replay 4m Plus: $20 *SOLD*
Blazing Heroes(complete, no foam) *SOLD*
Shining Force III(complete, super mint) *SOLD*
Dondonpachi (Complete, no spine card. Near mint) *SOLD*
Soukyugurentai Otokuyou (complete, no spine card. Near mint) *SOLD*
Dragon Force(complete, mint) *SOLD*
Guardian Heroes(complete, mint) *SOLD*
Panzer Dragoon(complete, void sticker on disc center) *SOLD*
Shining Wisdom(complete, great shape) *SOLD*
Shining: The Holy Ark(complete, mint) *SOLD*
Gallactic Attack(complete, small crack on case. good shape): $15 *SOLD*
Darius Gaiden(complete, no foam. Small scratch on disc, plays fine): *SOLD*
Astal(complete, near mint) *SOLD*
Albert Odyssey (complete, near mint, tiny scratches on disc) *SOLD*

Bangai-O - complete, great shape - SOLD!!!
Cannon Spike - complete, good shape - SOLD!!!
Gigawing - complete, great shape - SOLD!!!
Gunbird 2 - complete, great shape - SOLD!!!
Mars Matrix - complete - SOLD!
EGG - complete, good shape. SOLD!!!
Grandia 2 (complete, minor scuffs, some case damage) *SOLD*
Shenmue (complete w/passport, great shape) *SOLD*
Shenmue 2 PAL (complete, all discs, manuals and sleeve) *SOLD*

Adventures of Link (grey cart, w/manual) *SOLD*
Little Nemo: Dream Master*SOLD*
Ninja Gaiden III *SOLD*
Shatterhand (complete, box is beat-up) *SOLD*
1943 (w/manual) *SOLD*
Castlevania II *SOLD*
Castlevania III *SOLD*
Contra *SOLD*
Castlevania (w/manual) *SOLD*
Crystalis (complete, mint) *SOLD*
Legend of Zelda (grey cart) *SOLD*
Kid Icarus (w/manual-missing cover) *SOLD*
Metal Gear (w/manual) *SOLD*
Metroid (original cover) *SOLD*
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out *SOLD*
Ninja Gaiden *SOLD*
Ninja Gaiden II *SOLD*
River City Ransom *SOLD*
Super C (w/manual, writing on cart) *SOLD*

Cybernator (great) - SOLD!
Legend of Zelda Link to the Past (good, small label tear) - SOLD!
Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World (good) - SOLD!
Super Mario Cart (good) - SOLD!
Super Nova (good) - SOLD!
UN Squadron (good) - SOLD!
Biometal (great) - SOLD!
Imperium (great) - SOLD!
Axelay (good) - SOLD!!!
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (good) - SOLD!!!
Kirby Super Star (great) - SOLD!!!
Super R-Type (great) - SOLD!!!
Super Gameboy with Metroid 2 - SOLD!!!
Castlevania IV (great) SOLD!!!
Chrono Trigger (great) - SOLD!!!
Hagane (great) SOLD!!!
Lufia II (great, with manual) SOLD!
Mystical Ninja (good) SOLD!!!
R-Type III (great) - SOLD!
Super Punch Out (good, marker on cart) SOLD!
Space Megaforce (good, market on back of cart). SOLD!
Super Metroid (good) SOLD!
Shadowrun (cart only) *SOLD*
Lufia (cart only) *SOLD*
Breath of Fire (cart only) *SOLD*
Final Fantasy 2 (cart only) *SOLD*
Uncharted Waters (complete, some rental stickers) *SOLD*
Actraiser (cart only, label peeling up a bit) *SOLD*
Breath of Fire II (cart & box, box a little rough) *SOLD*
Earthbound (cart, label faded)*SOLD*
Final Fantasy 3 (cart, map, booklet & poster; booklet a little rough) *SOLD*
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (cart only) *SOLD*
Illusion of Gaia (complete, cover of manual bent) *SOLD*
Robotrek (cart and box with tray)*SOLD*
Secret of Mana (cart only) *SOLD*
Super Mario RPG (complete, mint, all inserts) *SOLD*
Wanders from Ys III (cart only) *SOLD*

Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou

Astroboy - complete
Gameboy Advance Micro. Black and Silver.
with Soft case, extra faceplate, charger, earphones, and 2 dual game hard cases. - SOLD!!!
Yggdra Union - cart only - SOLD!
Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls - SOLD!!!
Golden Sun - SOLD!!!
Golden Sun The Lost Age - SOLD!!!
Warioland 4 (with manual) - SOLD!!!
Final Fantasy V Advance - SOLD!!!
Metriod Fusion - SOLD!!!
Castlevania Circle of the Moon - SOLD!!!
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - SOLD!!!
Castlevania Aria of Sorrow - SOLD!!!
Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones - SOLD!
Lufia The Ruins of Lore (complete) - SOLD!

Chaos Field (complete, good condition) *SOLD*
Metrioid Prime (complete, good condition) *SOLD*
Legend of Zelda: Windwaker (complete, all inserts) *SOLD*
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (complete, great shape) *SOLD*
Ikaruga (complete, good condition) *SOLD*
Pikmin (complete, good condition) *SOLD*

Castlevania SOTN (complete, Greatest Hits) - SOLD!
Final Fantasy Origins (complete, black label, near mint) - SOLD!
G Darius (complete, a little rough shape, plays perfectly) - SOLD!
JoJo's Bizzare Adventure (complete, near mint) - SOLD!
Philosoma (complete, some scratches on disc) - SOLD!
Tetris Plus (complete, Greatest Hits, sticker on case) -SOLD!
Intelligent Cube (complete, good condition) - SOLD!
R-Type Delta - SOLD!
Final Fantasy Tactics (complete, good condition) *SOLD*
Final Fantasy Tactics (complete Greatest Hits) *SOLD*
Chrono Cross (complete, Greatest Hits) *SOLD*
Final Fantasy Chronicles (missing manual, black label) *SOLD*
Raycrisis: Series Termination (complete, mint) *SOLD*
Thunder Force V (complete, mint) *SOLD*
Einhander(complete, good condition, light marker on disc) *SOLD*
R-Types (missing manual, light scratches on disc) *SOLD*
Breath of Fire IV (complete, mint) *SOLD*
FF 7 (complete, mint, black label, early print w/ back label error) *SOLD*
Vagrant Story (complete mint, black label) *SOLD*
Star Ocean (complete, minor scuffs on disc) *SOLD*
Saga Frontier 1 & 2 (both complete, mint) *SOLD*
Legend of Mana (complete, near mint) *SOLD*
Grandia (2 discs and case, no manual, some scrathes on disc 1) *SOLD*
Valkyrie Profile (complete, flawless condition) *SOLD*
Threads of Fate (complete, near mint) *SOLD*
Xenogears (complete black label, good condition) *SOLD*
Suikoden (complete, near perfect) *SOLD*
Brigandine (disc, case, manual, no extras, good condition) *SOLD*
Thousand Arms (complete, near perfect, includeds extras) *SOLD*
Breath of Fire III (complete, mint) *SOLD*
Brave Fence Musashi (complete Mint) *SOLD*

Final Fantasy XII (complete, light scratches) - SOLD!
SNK Arcade Classics (complete, mint) - SOLD!
Viewtiful Joe (complete, rough shape, disc ok) - SOLD
Metal Gear Solid 2 (complete, light scratches, metal security strips on disc)
Metal Gear Solid 3(complete, great shape)
Castle Shikigami 2 (complete) *SOLD*
Gradius V (complete) *SOLD*
Ico (complete, near mint) *SOLD*
Sega Genesis Collection (complete, near mint) *SOLD*
Shadow of the Colossus (complete, light scratches on disc) *SOLD*
The Red Star (complete, mint) *SOLD*
Odin Sphere (complete, mint) *SOLD*
Okami (complete, good condition) *SOLD*
Growlanser Generations (complete, good condition) *SOLD*
Gradius III & IV (complete, disc has light scratches) *SOLD*
R-Type Final (complete, good condition) *SOLD*
Final Fantasy 12 (complete, good shape) *SOLD*
Arcana Heart (complete, good shape) *SOLD*
Suikoden III (complete, wear on insert otherwise good) *SOLD*
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (opened, never played)*SOLD*
Tales of the Abyss (complete, great shape) *SOLD*
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by ott0bot Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:34 am

Seriously make me some offers.... :?
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by ubelaffe Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:58 pm

That's an incredible starter set for the dc. People should jump on this thread.
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by ott0bot Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:22 pm

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by Flak Beard Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:47 pm

Kind of tempted by Radiata Stories. What's the condition of the disc and packaging? The cases look a little beat up, but it could just be the way the camera took the shot.
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by ott0bot Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:56 pm

Flak Beard wrote:Kind of tempted by Radiata Stories. What's the condition of the disc and packaging? The cases look a little beat up, but it could just be the way the camera took the shot.

It's a little glare, but I'm pretty sure it's mint. I'll check it when I get home and I can send you a pic or two.
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by ott0bot Thu Jun 19, 2008 5:20 pm

It's minty fresh Flak, with just a few finger prints and a bit of dust on it when i popped it open.

No other offers?

I guess i may have to put this stuff on ebay....
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by ott0bot Tue Jun 24, 2008 8:21 pm

All the PS2 stuff has been sold, but everything else is still available. I will condiser piecing out the Dreamcast bundle. Say 25 for the system with 1 controller and VMU. 15 for the light gun seperately. Make an offer on the rest. Come on I need to get rid of this stuff!
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