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Game Magazines and Books - Post yours

by CRTGAMER Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:38 pm

Game Magazines and Books - Post yours

100th issue of Retro gamer is out! See page 8

The best Video Game magazine, I have every glossy paged issue. These magazines highlight the great Arcades of the 1980s. Really great glossy pages full of screenshots, a jewel of the day.

Found these PDFs, Merry Christmas!


Arcade Manual Links

Everything Else:

As far as books, these are some of my favorites:

Ultimate History of Video Games
A great read, so much information to discover before, during and after the Video Game Crash. From the roots of home consoles including Pong and Space War to the PS2, Gamecube and Dreamcast. Any Retro Gamer should have this on their bookshelf.

Retro Gaming Hacks and Gaming Hacks
These go hand in hand, should have been labeled Volume One and Two. Both are very good reference books dealing with emulation and hacks on hardware. Stuff like modding controllers, Mame and extracting a full C64 out of a TV Games C64 stick.

Video Games Hardware Handbook Volume 2
This is put out by Retro Games magazine. Looks like they took the articles straight out of the magazine series and complied various Retro Consoles and Computers. Some real oddities including Amstrad, PC Engine GT, PC88, Gamecon and ORIC reviewed inside. There is even a section on the Simon game. I missed out on Volume 1, but it was missing Atari systems. This one has Atari Computers, 7800 and 5200, but not the 2600. Look for the 5200 prototypes. The Commodore Vic20 is covered but not the Commodore 64 or GCE Vectrex. The unusual choices is probably because the book is put out in Europe. Since there are some unknown machines, this makes for a very good reference with a lot of pics. There is a volume 3 on the horizon. ... ndbook-vol

Retro Gamer or Imagine Publishing told us about what systems where covered in Volume 2, so once again im going to help you out by including a list of the gaming systems covered in this bookazine.

Mega Drive
Atari 5200
Amiga CD32
Neo Geo
Amstrad GX4000
Famicom Disc System
Atari 7800
Sega 32X

Amstrad PCW
Amiga 500
Spectrum 128
Apple II
Amstrad CPC 6128
Ataru 800 XL
Sinclair QL
Sam Coupe
Acorn Archimedes
Sinclair ZX80
Acorn Electron

Pokemin mini
Pc EngineGT
Sega Nomad
MB Simon
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Re: Game magazines, what is your favorite?

by lisalover1 Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:48 pm

I recently saw a new game magazine [well, actually an old one that just got started up again] called Gamefan [previously Diehard Gamefan], and it seems to be very focused on hardcore stuff. The only thing wrong with it is that it's too new to start accepting subscriptions! What kind of magazine doesn't accept subscriptions?! My previous favorite magazine was Play, but that shut down a few months ago. :cry:
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Re: Game magazines, what is your favorite?

by Gamerforlife Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:49 pm

I loved Electronic Gaming Monthly when I was younger. Going through my old magazines I can find a lot of random issues from other magazines, but EGM I used to collect consistently from month to month. This was back in the old days when they had guys like Sushi-X writing reviews, gossip from the Quarterman, etc. You really needed print mags back then, unlike today.
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Re: Game magazines, what is your favorite?

by SegaDreamscape Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:52 pm

Sega Saturn Magazine (uk) was the first magazine I was a fan of. I read a few others but this was the one I kept going back to. The reviews were allways spot on and near the end of its (too short) lifespan due to the decline of the system they began to focus more on the arcade side of Sega and Japanese imports.

Highly recommended & well worth a read if you ask me.

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Re: Game magazines, what is your favorite?

by Pichu Sun Jul 04, 2010 5:17 pm

I don't read many game magazines much,
but I do have a subscription to NP.

I hate how they have the subscriber cards, in the subscriber edition of their magazines.
I mean, I already subscribed didnt I? Quit pestering me! :evil:
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Re: Game magazines, what is your favorite?

by hardrrocker Sun Jul 04, 2010 5:47 pm

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Re: Game magazines, what is your favorite?

by sevin0seven Sun Jul 04, 2010 5:55 pm


i also like Nintendo Power and NGamer.
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Re: Game magazines, what is your favorite?

by MrPopo Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:30 pm

Nintendo Power, back when Nintendo managed it. When I was a kid my mom would never let me get a subsciption, so I'd check out issues from the library (and buy old ones when they sold them). Now I've managed to assemble a collection of every issue published by Nintendo, and have slowly been reading through it. This, more than anything else, takes me back to my childhood.
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Re: Game magazines, what is your favorite?

by elvis Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:00 pm

I loved "Mean Machines" (and "Mean Machines Sega, after they split) (UK magazine). I had around 50% of them purchased when I was younger.

To my surprise, for my birthday last year my wife managed to get on eBay and buy all the magazines I was missing (and in mint condition)!

I don't want to know what it cost her, but once again she proves why I married the girl. Love her to bits. :)

Other than MM, I also read C+VG, NMS, EGM and GamePro back in the day. I definitely preferred the British magazines for their humour and blatant anti-authoritarianism.

These days I read Retro Gamer, as it's the only magazine left that keeps the spirit alive IMHO.
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Re: Game magazines, what is your favorite?

by lisalover1 Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:21 pm

The thing I miss most about old game magazines is that they had miniature strategy guides in them. But that has been gradually phased out over the years, and now, they're completely gone, probably because of Prima and Bradygames' influence.
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