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Re: Let's Say I Want to Get Started in Fighting Games...

by Ack Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:10 am

Snatch1414 wrote:Yeah I'm glad a couple people have responded to that VF comment. Thought I was the crazy one at first.

Aww, but I was having a good laugh over that! I've seen button mashers in Virtua Fighter before. And then I proceeded to make them cry using Lau.
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Re: Let's Say I Want to Get Started in Fighting Games...

by Violent By Design Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:05 pm

BogusMeatFactory wrote:

It has game changing mechanics that require you to understand them to be competent or competitive,
Just like every fighting game worth playing.

mechanics that you may not even know exist far into the gameplay.
There aren't that many mechanics that are hidden, and there is a ton of information on 3rd strike. What mechanics are you thinking about that would be hidden?

" No! They need to play something simple, Street Fighter 2, Samurai Shodown, World Heroes. These games incorporate the basic moves and concepts of a fighting game so that transition into the more complex and innovative games like Street Fighter 3 will be easier and more enjoyable.

I disagree, I don't find 3rd strike to be more complex than SF2 at all. I've never played World Heroes before, and only casually played Samruai Shodown.

3rd Strike may have more mechanics, but they are simple and not concepts that are hard to understand.

It is much harder to combo and link in SF2 than 3rd Strike. Not to mention 3rd Strike has a very modern look and feel which will make it more accessible for beginners. I don't even see how SF2 is an easier game than SF4.

Not to mention in 3rd Strike it is much easier to learn how to deal with fireballs.

I mean in the end, they're very different games, that will teach a person different strengths. But it doesn't matter what fighting game he picks first, he's going to have to play a few before he learns all the tropes of them.

Every fighting game now incorporates new features that change how a game can be played. If you can't understand the simple stuff, how are you able to handle the more difficult concepts. Sure, practice makes perfect, but guess what? Your progress will be a lot slower if you can't perform a simple super, or know how to block. You build up your reflexes and get used to the controls. Some of the motions can be jarring and abnormal at first, but you need those simpler games to become accustomed to them. Plus, they are damned fun and it is nice to get a reference to the history of the game. I mean everyone should know about Zangief dancing with Gorbochov.

Why wouldn't he learn how to use specials, supers or blocks in 3rd strike? How many other mechanics are there to the game that would take priority over those, or even complicate the learning of those?

I really don't see why he couldn't start with any game that he wanted too. He should start with what ever looks appealing to him. I mean fighters have so much depth, tactics and require experience to perform them, that it really makes no difference in the grand scheme of things.
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