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Xuandou Zhiwang

by CD AGES Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:28 am

Not sure how many here follow the Doujin fighters that appear on the scene... but
Xuandou Zhiwang is a fighter made in china that takes inspiration from popular franchises like Street Fighter and KoF with more HEAVIER influence from the latter in terms of character designs, playstyles and the majority of the game mechanics.

It's been making its rounds for quite some time now in its native territory where it has amassed a pretty significant following. The game sports a truly unique visual style with its 2D/3D presentation, (of which I feel puts Capcom's current wave of fighters to shame in terms animation and design).

The game def looks like it could have come from SNKP's camp in terms overall design. Well it seems SNKP has set their sites on the game but in a very positive sense. It appears two of their popular characters are gonna be playable in the game. Real smart move IMO considering how popular the KOF brand is in China. ... 001296ni0a
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Re: Xuandou Zhiwang

by d123456 Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:25 am

Thanks for the tip.
Looks to be very good. Gameplay looks alright.
Playable outside of China?
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