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Daedalus converter with Metal Slug issues

by PondaBaba Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:12 pm

Just recently purchased a Daedalus converter (a little expensive) to play MVS carts on my AES. I have a few AES titles that work fine. I have been using the Daedalus with the 161 in 1 (banana cart) MVS cart, for the most part it works good , some games don’t work that well or have trouble booting but I guess that sort of thing is to be expected when using third party carts like the banana 161. I just recently got my hands on an original Metal Slug MVS, it looks clean, in good shape. Popped it in and it looks good just one problem theres no audio, NONE. Not sure where to begin. I hope its the cart and not this crazy expensive converter. Has anyone had or heard of any similar issues?
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Re: Daedalus converter with Metal Slug issues

by ElkinFencer10 Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:43 pm

I don't have a Deadalus, but I have a MagicKey converter, and it's really hit or miss with Metal Slug games. I can usually get 1-3 to run alright - maybe a couple of audio or video glitches here or there - but it's like moving a mountain to get Metal Slug X to work, and I've never managed to get Metal Slug 4 to work (I've tried two different cartridges). Despite that, they all work flawlessly on my MVS cabinet. I think the Metal Slug series is just finicky with the converters.
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