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Re: [GUIDE/INFO] for Flash Carts, Retrode, repros, and more!

by Tanooki Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:03 pm

Ziggy587 wrote:
Tanooki wrote:I don't, but you had to be there and watch how it unfolded so I get why it looks like just honest accidents in development.

If that makes me unfair, so be it, but when stuff like that happens, it's hard to defend it.

You're right, I didn't see it unfold on that forum. I could only imagine.

I'll give you this for fair. If I never was a member of that abysmal place, and never followed the conversation that didn't just exist there but spill outside its walls I might have felt differently had I just blindly knew it had growing pains and had 3 revisions to be totally right. V1 was a turd, but 2 wasn't that bad since I don't use RGB/SCART type stuff, with RCA it wouldn't have been a nuisance. V3 got it supposedly right for all parties. The original had noise, rippling diagonal banding on colors and very prominent on some, buzzing sound due to the SD card in the slot, and other junk, it was crap and should have easily been figured out in some part before it arrived.

But watching bans, kicks to a war room as a troll to just be abused, harassed on other sites, removing undesirable info and shutting out others both d-bags and the truly helpful who bought things, all while TO did nothing to stop it nor did they try and make people feel better about anything either. It was passive aggressive chat and dismissing of or ignoring of problems. That's why I'm 100% against buying that kit or their other stuff as many people rag on corporations calling the cold and disgusting, because of this or that, which is never really seen. Here you do live watch the this or that, and it's cringe worthy.
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Re: [GUIDE/INFO] for Flash Carts, Retrode, repros, and more!

by Ziggy587 Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:25 am

PSIO available from Stone Age Gamer!


They even offer the mod service, if you need.
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