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Card Quest - Roguelike with Card-based Combat!

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:10 am
by CardQuest

Hi all!
I've recently released Card Quest and I'm trying to spread the word!
I hope you give it a try if you like what you see!

Card Quest:

Card Quest is a dungeon crawling adventure game with unique card combat. Play with a variety of unique character classes, and customize decks to fit your playstyle. Explore the strategic depth of tactical roguelike gameplay, and crush the undead plague.



Diverse Classes:
Play as a Rogue, Fighter, or Wizard. The choice is yours. Each has its own unique gameplay style and 3 custom specializations to add even more variety! Turn your rogue into a Swashbuckler or an Assassin, your fighter into a Berserker or a Paladin and your wizard into a Pyromancer or Necromancer!

Powerful Equipment:
Unlock new items by defeating mighty bosses. There are dozens of different pieces of equipment and items for each class to further customize your heroes; granting them new cards and abilities.

Streamlined Progression:

Level up your heroes to increase their stamina and health and gain useful passives and unlock new specializations.

Fantastical Dungeons:

Dungeons to explore. Traverse a city cursed with an undead plague and a dwarven mountain full of dangers and treasure, each with over 12 different areas to explore and lots of items to unlock!

Challenging Enemies:

Fight over 25 different bosses and more than 90 enemies! Many of them with unique skills that require creative strategies to defeat.





Re: Card Quest - Roguelike with Card-based Combat!

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:28 am
by noiseredux
Hey! Welcome! I was recently looking at your game actually. (It was even on my Steam wishlist!) I love stuff like this.

I'm not generally an "Early Access" guy, but this does look intriguing. Do you have a ballpark of when you play to have an official release?

Do you have any plans for an Android port? I tend to think these kinds of games are perfect for mobile/touchscreen platforms.

Re: Card Quest - Roguelike with Card-based Combat!

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:53 am
by Exhuminator
More roguelikes are always good. I agree that an Android port would make me more interested.

Re: Card Quest - Roguelike with Card-based Combat!

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:05 pm
Look interesting nice work!

How many cards are available, what's exploration like and is there any pvp either cpu or players?

Re: Card Quest - Roguelike with Card-based Combat!

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:43 pm
by CardQuest
Hi guys!

Thanks for checking the game out!

Regarding the "Early Access" bit, the game is actually quite complete as it is, with already a lot of content (about 72 hours of gameplay).

We have 3 playable heroes, 2 complete campaigns with 13 areas each (the map above in the screenshots is the first campaign), and a total of 26 items to unlock per hero (so 78 total).

Also, it's almost completely bug free, with the exception of a few typos and very minor bugs.

Exploration is done by choosing which area to go through next, which determines what kind of enemies you will be facing and what items you will get (see the above screenshot).
About the cards, we have about 105 of them (and your deck is determined by your equipment).
And regarding multiplayer I'm afraid we don't have any plans for that at the moment.

The final release will feature a third campaign (the Enchanted Forest) and a fourth hero (the Hunter), plus all the extra content/features we will keep adding to the game during Early Access (we're trying to release new versions every week).

If everything goes well, we hope to have the full version ready for release in about 6 months.

Now about an Android version, we are definitely interested in releasing one in the future, but we can't really give any precise date for it now since it will also depend on how well this PC version does ;)