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DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge (alpha demo available)

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:27 am
by Faenrir
Hi everyone !

I'm presenting DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge...the game i'm currently working on along with ClemenC, a graphic artist.
Alpha Demo Download links: or Gamejolt.

The game
    Fast shoot'em'up gameplay with big boss fights
    10 different weapons, 4 different ships
    Tons of other customization options (armors, engines, shields, special items)
    5 levels and more bosses
    3 difficulty levels
    Experience, level up, skill points
    Pixel art cutscenes and chiptunes music made on Atari-ST and ZX Spectrum
The gameplay is fast paced and based more on killing enemies than escaping thousands of bullets.
The inspirations for the gameplay are games like Raiden, Donpachi and other "older" shoot'em'up games that did not have tiny hitboxes and did not throw 10000 bullets at you.
Skill, dedication and patience is what you will need to be able to defeat your enemies but if you can't, you can always warp out of a level, upgrade your ship and come back with a vengeance !
That's me (if we lived in a pixel world ^^). I'm working on programming and game design.

And this is ClemenC, the graphic artist who's been working on the game for some months now and thanks to who we have great backgrounds, new ships, new objects, Redbeard's workshop, pixel art cutscenes and everything else...

The music was made by Yerzmyey, very talented composer that has a love for chiptunes and uses the real hardware (Atari-ST, Amiga, ZX-Spectrum, etc.) to create his music.

The game was greenlit in 8 days ( steam greenlight ) and an alpha demo is available!
Alpha Demo Download links: or Gamejolt.

Please give me any feedback here, on the greenlight page or on facebook, twitter or google+ pages.
DreadStar screenshot (lv1)
DreadStarLV1_2.png (123.14 KiB) Viewed 1475 times

DreadStar screenshot (lv3)
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DreadStar screenshot (shop)
DreadStarshop_l.png (309.02 KiB) Viewed 1475 times

DreadStar Lv2 boss preview
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