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Retro Gaming Museum Project

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:57 pm
by RetroGameMuseum
Hi Everyone,

I am starting a project here in Iceland to create the first Retro Gaming Museum that will hopefully open for public one day. We have created a Facebook site and website, we post daily updates of donations and contributions to our Museum. You can check us out here : if you are interested in following our progression thru this project :)

I have personally been collecting and playing games since 1980´s and I love this hobby, First computer was Commandore Vic20 and from then on it was non-stop racing to the next gen :) Well I took a long stop at PC gaming when boxes where BIG and they contained something else then just a CD, alot more else. The reason behind the Museum Project is that I want to share my passion and hobby with others and create an environment where people can actually try the computers and games hands-on, and also if any of you visit Iceland you can take a break from all the Nature Museums here and get Retro Gaming :)

We also have a facebook page for those who use Facebook :