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Src:Card [Robot Hacking, Computer Programming]

by yellowoats Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:30 am

Hey, I come from a gaming mad family. My nieces understood the entire Zelda cannon before they could write. I always enjoyed digging a little deeper - like how games are made. Have heaps of friends in the industry, but I’ve always been fascinated by the technical side of games. So after researching VPLs (visual programming languages) heaps - like Scratch, Snap, Kudos, etc. I put together a programming game with some friends (Src:Card).

There have been attempts to make games out of programming before (Core War, Darwin, the DCPU-16 in 0x10c) but we wanted to make something based on basic programming (not assembly language) so everyone could play it. We came up with a pretty cool card game (here at http://kick.srccard.com for our kickstarter campaign). It’s pretty insane. Just wanted to post it here for anyone that is interested in learning a bit more about coding and the tech side of video games. Thanks!

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