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New gaming podcast, WXY Show- Feedback GREATLY appreciated!

Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 3:19 pm
by Yancakes
A friend and I have been playing with the idea of a podcast for a long time now, and we finally decided that we'll never know unless we try! It's a learning experience for both of us, we are adjusting as we go and for the first few episodes pretty much each episode is going to have a different format.

The focus is not necessarily on retro gaming, but we do talk about it (since, as I mention in episode 2, I don't really play on systems newer than 2003 :lol:)

There's two episodes up as of today, we're planning on recording weekly and posting on Sundays, here's the link to our site:

I will also be planning on recording a number of short (~5 minute) bits focused on game reviews or other small topics on my own, under the WXY title.

The first episode is nearly an hour long, the second is about 30 minutes (which is what we're going to be aiming for moving forward).

Obviously we are learning as we go, the audio in the first episode is atrocious and we're still learning how to do... well, everything. Despite the fact that we can obviously spot a lot of issues ourselves, ANY and ALL feedback is insanely appreciated (so long as it's not mean ;))

Again, we appreciate ANY feedback!

Note to mods: I read through the posting guidelines and this didn't seem to break any rules, but if self promotion is against the rules or this is just in the wrong forum, please let me know. We're just looking for feedback on the show.

Re: New gaming podcast, WXY Show- Feedback GREATLY appreciat

Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 12:49 am
by Yancakes
Sorry for the double post, but we've just set up a tumblr and twitter:

And by the end of the night, a minicast will be up! It'll be a ~6 minute feature on Call to Power.