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android - horror game

by Shagohod Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:24 pm

hello, I would like to introduce a horror game.

It’s called Merendam, a mobile game for Android phones.

Most mobile horror games are first person veiw with very inconvenient controls and short play time, which I felt were very disappointing at times.

This particular one is a side-scrolling game with simple playing mechanics and great frame rate performances.

The overall story involves a fragile girl who has survived a car crash trying to escape from a village by running away from ghosts and collecting items.

I guess that it all comes down to the element of horror in the horror game genre.

It has a very gloomy atmosphere and constantly pressures you psychologically by having ghosts attack you whether you are interacting or just staying still, which was quite satisfying for me as a horror game enthusiast.

There are other fresh elements in the game like when you are caught by a ghost, you can hit the screen repeatedly or slide it just like you would in a rhythm game.

Generally, it feels like the popular Fatal Frame series ported to the mobile from Playstation, XBOX and Wii.

I recommend it for those who are into horror games. And It supports 9 languages.

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