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UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by CRTGAMER Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:00 pm

UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

See the Replies below for additional information.


I recently bought a few UB Funkeys figurines at the Swap Meet. The Funkeys are usually displayed with other kids toys for around a dollar each. The Funkeys are different from the normal action figure with odd but intriguing looking characters. At first I thought the larger white statue with the USB cord was just a Memory Stick. But why the metal contacts behind its head? The similar looking smaller statues piggyback on top of the larger white figure with the built in magnet contacts. Okay, this answered the metal plates, but why are there five contact points? A couple of the circular pins are larger and maybe are switches, certainly look like small silver push buttons. After some research, turned out to be more then a memory stick or toy action figure.

ImageMattel Funkeys Ad

ImageMattel Funkeys Ad

UB Funkeys first appeared in August 2007, produced by Mattel in conjunction with Radica Games and the software coded by Arkadium. An explore quest theme to collect objects and search out flash driven games to play. Tied in with software via a USB connection, a base station with a huge variety of add on modules to open up new levels of a game. This Hub unlock concept was used again years later by Activision for Skylanders. So why is Skylanders successful compared to UB Funkeys which failed and today is unheard of by many? Perhaps due to the target age and the game is only available on the PC and not on game consoles? Or that Mattel though huge as a toy manufacturer, does not have the marketing reputation as Activision for video games?


Mattel wrote: ... odno=l7288

Important Information Regarding Online Support

As of January 2011 the online features of the U.B. Funkeys™ world are no longer being supported. We understand that U.B. Funkeys™ world has been enjoyed by many children and parents alike for the past several years. This is why we feel it’s important to explain to you exactly what will and what will not work in the U.B. Funkeys™ world.

The change in support only affects online features. Users will still be able to play with the main components of the software including character rooms, games, and shops. Players will also be able to access and decorate their cribs. However the following features will no longer be available.

Software Updates
Saving Progress Online
Funkey Trunk
Chat Figures & Rooms
Multi-Player Games
Crib Sharing
U.B. Funkeys™ website

Mattel no longer supports the online portion of the Funkeys game. This prevents just a few small features such as chatting and some additional online purchases. However, UB Funkeys can be played and progress saved offline. There is so much to do, a huge assortment of Flash games, multiple quest explore and even a bit of Sims in setting up your home.
UB Funkeys Tribes
Ingenious in the design of the Funkeys characters, just one mold is used for the action figures. The figurines vary simply by painting different colors, faces and even changing the ears to eyes for a different characters. Newer Funkeys have a couple of different castings, but most follow the same design as the Hub units.

Larger Blank Drawing - ... funkey.jpg

There are so many figurines to look for, some of which had a limited production run. Each character when placed on top of the Hub Unit unlocks a different building or area of the map. Most of the figurines have three different versions in a set including Normal, Rare and Very Rare.


7 UB Hub Units - Possibly different revisions for Windows 7 64 bit
127 Funkeys - Up to 3 styles of Normal, Rare, Very Rare

There are also additional promotional Funkeys only sold at certain outlets. Target, KMart and even Wendys pictured below had exclusive Funkeys along with unique software.



Expanding the market a little, a few plushes, couple flash drives and a set of speakers were manufactured. These Funkeys are not designed to work with the Hub units.

OTHER FUNKEYS (Not part of Hub Set)
2 Memory Flash Drives
6 Plushes
1 set Speakers

Image Image
As in Skylanders, collecting the Funkeys figurines to fully explore all the features of the game can get very expensive. As far as I can tell, any of the three stages of rarity in a character has the same affect in unlocking a given level in the Funkeys game. However, there must be a reason for the different stages of rarity to encourage a purchase, maybe hidden extras in the game? The figurines are also sectioned off in tribes, each group having access to an entirely different map. Best to first get all the maps unlocked by getting a one character of each tribe.

Right Click for a larger view
UB Funkeys Flurry - Scratch - Nibble - Snipe.jpg
UB Funkeys Flurry - Scratch - Nibble - Snipe.jpg (184.2 KiB) Viewed 47942 times

To unlock every single game in the Funkeys maps, depends on how much you are willing to collect and spend. Hit the kids toys sections at Swap Meets, the Funkey figurines can usually be found for around a buck. Although as an adult I do feel silly rummaging thru boxes of miniature action figures to get just one more Funkey. Ah well, I look at it as getting another permanent offline Flash game for only another dollar, some games are so so and some are very good.

I included links of various checklists to help in the search.


Tribes By Zone -
Orange Checklist -
Series Checklist -
1.0 Checklist PDF -
1.0 Checklist PNG -
2.0 Checklist PDF -
2.0 Checklist PNG -
3.0 Checklist PDF -
3.0 Checklist PNG -
3.1 Checklist PDF -


The starter packs come with an installation CD. A full installation is done so the CD does not have to remain in the hard drive. The software can also be downloaded legitimately as ZIP or EXE files linked at the bottom of this post. Get the latest which is Paradox Green 5.0, it has the most features and fixes.

For example, you can instantly save anywhere without any issues. The earlier versions save as well, but sometimes the save option is not available until a game is exited. 5.0 also gives an indicator screen confirming your save is being updated.


To start a game, plug in the Hub Unit into a USB port. You can play with just the Hub Unit or place one of the smaller Funkeys figurines on top. These can be hot swapped at any time during the game.

Image Image Image

Each time the figurine is swapped, the onscreen character matches it. Different tribes access different buildings and different portals. The portals work as a transporter to jump to new maps including Daydream Oasis, Funkiki Island, Hidden Realm, Kelpy Basin, Laputta Station, Magma Gorge, Nightmare Rift, Royalton Raceway, and the newest level; Paradox Green.

imgardien wrote: ... -ub-funkey

Funkeys Read Fix

If you place a funkey on the UB hub and you get a message saying "Something's wrong with the U.B. Funkey, can you check it for me?" try the following:

1) Unplug the UB hub from USB port and re-plug it in. You can also try plugging into a different USB port.

2) Make sure there is no dirt or dust on the contacts of the UB Hub - run your finger across or use canned air.

3) Check the contacts on the bottom of the funkey - be careful to not scratch the contacts as this may cause the funkey to not work at all. Use canned air or soft cloth to gently wipe contacts.

4) Press down on the head of the funkey sometimes works also and a little wiggle (but be careful not to scratch the contacts).

5) Take a Q-Tip, lightly dip it in rubbing alcohol and gently run it along the bottom of the funkey. Lay the funkey on its side. Give it about 2-3 minutes to dry. Then place it on the U.B Hub. This works better for me than jiggling the funkey.

Right Click for a larger view
UB Funkeys USB Hub N2931.jpg
UB Funkeys USB Hub N2931.jpg (227.16 KiB) Viewed 47942 times

Start out in a world called Funkeystown. Control movement of your character by clicking on a spot on the screen. A quick way to find out which Funkeys figurine is needed in a given area is to see which matching characters are standing nearby. Since I so far only have four add on characters, I'll concentrate the review on these sections. However, even with just a USB Hub Unit there is quite a bit to explore.

Large Funkeystown Description Map - ... %20Map.jpg


Funkeystown Crib - Any Funkeys
The home where your Funkey resides. The Hub Unit and any character can visit here. It is where you place items you have found, bought from various shops or won. Arrange furniture, paint the walls a new color, hang trophies and eventually collect all the games you come across, right in your crib. As you gain characters you can unlock various styles of Crib layouts to choose, some include two levels and even contain a garage.


PORTALS - Specific Funkeys required
Portals lead to other zones in the Funkeys world. A matching tribes of Funkeys are required a given portal. For example, the Basin Portal can only be entered by the Basin Tribe.



Museum - Any Funkeys (Museum Mahem)
Located in the museum, play a game very similar to Sega Swirl. Click any Funkeys faces that are connected together to score points.


Great Terrapina Library - Any Funkeys (Funkeys Codex)
Search the Funkeys Codex inside to learn of all the Funkeys characters. Picture and description of every Funkeys character.

The original inhabitants of Funkiki Island, Nibble have a deep love and respect for the ocean.
The Nibble have a natural affinity towards the ocean, preferring to spend more time at sea then on land.
In fact, they spend so much time in the water, they have permanent swimmers ear.
Their scary, chomping appearance is less about eating and more about clearing their ears.
They are always yawning and opening and closing their big mouths.
The yawning sounds like growling and the movement looks like biting so most visitors are first quite scared of the Nibble.
But once you get to know them, you'll dive right in.


Grand Funkey Station - Any Funkeys (Help Desk)
Mayor Sayso is located here at the help desk. Click for hints to the Funkeys world. There is also a tram to go to other Funkeys Cribs.

Pondering Park - Any Funkeys (Funkey Jong)
Play a Mahjong game removing tiles of Funkey faces. Remove matching faces to score points.


Angus Manor - Any Funkeys (Trunk Shop)
Here is where you first learn about a storage trunk and how to purchase items fron Angu's laboratory using virtual loot. Purchase the loot by going online and charging to your real credit card. An add on marketing strategy by mattel, get virtual loot to buy virtual items to fill your trunk. Angus is good for a look without buying anything. On older versions of the game, the Angus section can only be loaded by registering online. However, Angus can be viewed without registering online if running the newer game Paradox Green 5.0 version.


The purchase link still works to buy loot if one wants to take a chance, even though Mattel states the Trunk is not supported. This could be the reason why Paradox 5.0 is no longer offered by Mattel; 4.8 does not allow Angus to load offline. However, 5.0 does load Angus offline with no issues. Ah well, as long as no loot is purchased, it is safe to browse thru Angus's goodies and window shop. Maybe there might be an unlock cheat to obtain loot since officially the Trunk is no longer supported?


Da Scratch Club - Scratch (Mixmaster Scratch)
Match the falling notes similar to Dance Revolution by pressing the corresponding matching keys on the keyboard.

Funkiki Island
Only the Funkiki Island tribe can enter the island. These include NIBBLE, FLURRY, WEBLEY, SOL and REWIND.

Large Funkiki Description Map - ... %20Map.jpg

Chum Divers - Nibble (Pearl Diver game)
Swim around and scare fish into dropping pearls. Pick up the pearls while avoiding octopus, crab claws and water tornadoes. Swim over shells for temporary protection from the enemies.


Flurry Lodge - Flurry (Half-Pipe Havoc)
Snowboard on a half pipe and perform tricks while in mid air. Gain points for completed stunts, but do not wipe out since the score will go back to zero.

Nightmare Rift
Only the Nightmare tribe has access. These include SNIPE, PTEP, VLURP and SPROCKET.

Snipe HQ - Snipe (Pool)
The game really matches the Snipe character. I was envisioning a sniper shooting game, the pool game of aiming at just the right angles makes sense. Play a round of pool, the mouse control is well done. Aiming shows a line of sight and a short direction pointer line on the targeted ball. Not all the way to the pocket to make the game easy just a short direction indicator line. Pulling back further on the stick shoots the cue ball faster.

A lot of detail went into this Flash game, impressive for an overhead style Pool Game. Take a close look at the game screenshot below. The large cue ball icon can be clicked at any spot before setting up a shot. This applies "English" to spin the cue ball away from a pocket or in positioning the ball for a following shot. shock:


Transferring Save Files
I noticed that Funkeys does not allow backing up or deleting User Logins. Only eight User Logins are allowed. This can be a pain, especially if there are older logins from a downloaded Zip File such as the Paradox Green 5.0 version. A workaround to get rid of the older names is to install a full version first. Before creating a login, the "blank" users.rdf file can be backed up.

C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame\data\system has the user.rdf file.

1. Go to the folder C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame\data
2. Copy the entire subfolder that has your login name which includes the file profile.rdf
3. Go to the folder C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame\data]system
4. Copy the file user.rdf. This file will erase other logins on another installed game.

user.rdf = List of login names
profile.rdf = Progress in game

Unlock Codes
The Funkeys world itself has numerous items that can be found to uncover new features. There is also a way to quickly unlock various items and gain coins by entering an unlock code.. All these are entered at the Options Screen before logging in.

On the Main Menu, click Options. Type in the following passwords one at a time before logging in. Each unlock is only used once per account.


6786ALLLWORKANDNOPLAY - 50 Coins, Insane Flaming Hoop

BOGGLEDEN129 - 75 coins, Ghost Flame Toilet

BOGGLETHEMIND2256 - 50 Coins, Foul Smelling Chair

BONESCLUBHOUSE952 - 75 Coins, Velvet Coffin

DASCRATCHCLUB983 - 75 Coins, Platinum Record

DRIFT4SPEED5477 - 50 Coins, Invisible Engine

FALLOUTCOMPOUND358 - 75 Coins, Solid Gold Panel

FUNKEYSFOREVER456 25 Coins Mother Ship

FUNKEYSTOWN6767 - 25 Coins, Very Rare Living Gargoyle

FUNKEYSTOWNMUSEUM28 - 75 Coins, Chocolate Lava Lamp

GLUBGLUBGLUB9961 - 75 coins, Angelfish

ILOVEXENER2345 - 75 Coins, Invasion Chair

ILUVFUNKEYS345 - 50 Coins


KELPYBASIN4564 - 75 Coins, Chocolate Seaweed

LAPUTASTATION4433 - 50 Coins Black Hole Deflector

LOTUSTHEGIVER9968 - 75 Coins, Woodland Friend

MAYORSAYSOSAYSSO951 - 50 Coins Very Rare Crystal Ball

PONDERINGPARK453 - 75 Coins, Sonic Shield Generator

RADICARULES4565 - 500 Coins, Diamond Treasure Chest

ROCKETWITHSPROCKET6588 - 25 Coins, Robot

SCRATCHANDMIX3362 - 50 coins, Black Turntables

SOLISVERYHOT6589 - 75 Coins, Rejuvenating Spa

SPROUTARBORETUM852 - 75 Coins, 5 New Wall Art

TIKIHUT327 - 25 Coins, War Totem

TIKIWUBBA1154 - 75 Coins, Heart Beat Drums

TWINXBLINX1152 25 Coins, Seabed

WARNINGFALLOUT4458 - 50 Coins, Anti Matter Generator

WASABIPAGODA992 - 100 Coins, Box Exploding Whizbangs

WATCH4WASABI7748 - 25 coins, Jade Koi Pond

WHOISBANDIT8854 - 75 Coins, Very Rare Chiefs


XENERLANDING657 - oins, Disintegration Chamber


FUNKOPOTAMUS - Stitch's Password to begin quest at Magma Gorge.


Cheats - Play without a Funkeys Hub
In the installed game folders, I discovered numerous SWF files. A few of these can run independently of the Funkeys Hub Unit with a Flash Player installed such as SWF Player. I found a few games that can actually be played, a nice discovery since I do not have that many Funkeys figurines.

SWF Player Freeware -


I never cared for Activision's marketing strategy of Skylanders which would cost over 300 dollars to unlock all the features of the game. UB Funkeys is an earlier concept of utilizing a Hub and additional toy collection expense to see everything in just one game. Though the same idea with the collection Hub, Skylanders is more like Gauntlet while Funkeys is more like a flash game collection found by exploring various locations. The Flash games are done well, better then most online browser games. Though some of the Funkeys games have been played in other renditions before, others are addicting for repeat play such as the Pool game or the Mahjong tiles. In addition, the quest explore to discover the games and collect items adds to the fun. A good variety of games with so many more to discover and unlock later on. :D

Many of the Funkeys figures can now be bought cheaply in the right locations, but be careful some of the limited editions can get very expensive. Best to buy the "action figures" when discovering some on a toy table at the Swap Meet. I noticed that each of the Funkeys characters actually relate to the game it unlocks, this may help in deciding which to look for based on your gaming style preference. :idea:

Image Game Play Video Clip

Wiki -
Case Studies -
Funkeys Description -
How Do Funkeys Work -
RU Funkey Forum -
Funkeys Are Fun Forum -
Funkey Fan Forum -
Funkeys Speakeasy -
Funkeyz Mania Blog -
OneWa80 Blog Archives -
Funkey Obsessed -
Funkeys PT Site -
UB FunkNews Wendys - ... isk-2.html
Funkeys FAQ -
Funkeys Information (Maps) - ... fo&lang=EN
Funkeys Character Locations - ... /Home/maps
Location Maps -
Funkeys Codex Online -
Funkeys Cheat Codes -
Hub Patch Info -
Backing Up Game Saves
Paradox Install YouTube Video -

Video Reviews
Indexed Video Review -

PDF Files
Case Studies -
Game Manual (Scandinavian) ... _SE_FI.pdf
Install Instructions ... MGOUB4zkcA
Install FAQ -
64 Bit FAQ -

Mattel wrote: ... &catid=451

U.B Funkeys™ System Requirements

Windows® Vista or Windows® XP.
800 MHz Processor (1.3 GHz recommended)
512 MB Ram
1 GB of drive space
USB Port (cable included)\
32 MB video card (64 recommended)
8x CD or DVD Drive
Sound Card, Keyboard and Mouse
Adobe® Flash™ 9 (Included on disc.)
Broadband Internet Connection Recommended.

For 64-bit Systems download the 4.8 Software.
This Product is not Windows® 7 or Mac® compatible.

If you are just beginning to play with U.B. Funkeys™ and are unable to download updates for new characters, version 4.8 of the U.B. Funkeys™ software is still available for download. It can be found on the Technical Product Support page of Unfortunately, version 4.8 only includes updates for characters through Hidden Realm. The Paradox Green Realm is needed so characters Rastro, Tadd, Maul, Nectar, Ace, and Mulch will not be able to access portals in Funkeystown.

The Paradox Green File is no longer available at Mattel, but can be found at other sites. UB Funkeys runs fine in Windows XP or Vista. Mattel states that it will not run in Windows 7, which I confirmed that it does not on my Win 7 64 bit laptop. The software will not install fully due to having issues in trying to detect the Funkeys Hub. The unzipped version also tries to run but cannot pass the searching fo UB Hub screen. The issue is failure in detecting the Funkeys Hub Unit thru the USB port in the Win 7 64 bit environment. Even when running Virtual PC with Windows XP under Windows 7, it did not work in detecting the USB Hub Unit. :?

Image Image

There is a 64 bit patch for Windows Vista as well as a Hub patch. Funkeys works in Windows 7, but only in the 32 bit version. I'll post an update as I find a way for Win 7 64 bit, for now Funkeys works just fine in Windows XP and Windows 7 32 bit. :mrgreen:

CRTGAMER wrote:In order to get Paradox Green 5.0 to run, Adobe FlashPlayer ActiveX 10 or above must be installed. Paradox will bump over to the Adobe site, but to the Browser Plugin and not ActiveX. Search the Adobe site for the ActiveX IE edition. To verify if installed properly, go to Control Panel and open the Adobe Flashplayer icon. Open the Advance settings and note if the ActiveX 10 or above version is installed.


64 Bit Patch ZIP -
UB Funkeys 4.8 EXE -
UB Funkeys 4.8 ZIP -
UB Funkeys Paradox Green 5.0 ZIP -


Right Click for a larger view
UB Funkeys USB Hub and Character Figures.jpg
UB Funkeys USB Hub and Character Figures.jpg (228.07 KiB) Viewed 47943 times
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Re: UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by gtmtnbiker Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:35 pm

Yeah, I remember seeing them in the stores. I think the reason why they didn't take off is because they're ugly figurines. The Skylanders look neat and kids like that.
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johnny turbo
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Re: UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by johnny turbo Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:29 pm

What a stupid name for a toy.
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Re: UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by CRTGAMER Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:46 pm

Designer Toys - Urban Vinyl
Even though most of the Funkeys are just one mold, the off beat designs painted on them to me are appealing. Maybe the figurines were purposely built with one mold to entice collecting the whole series? This has been done in other product lines including Mighty Beanz, Mighty Muggs and Mimoco Flash Drives.Image
Wiki wrote:

Designer toys are toys and other collectibles produced in limited editions (as few as 10 or as many as 2000 pieces) and created by artists and designers. Designer toys are made of variety of materials; ABS plastic and vinyl are most common, although wood, metal, and resin are occasionally used.

Urban vinyl is a type of designer toy, featuring action figures in particular which are usually made of vinyl. Although the term is sometimes used interchangeably with the term designer toy, it is more accurately used as a modifier: not all designer toys can be considered urban vinyl, while urban vinyl figures are necessarily designer toys, by virtue of the way in which they are produced. Like designer toys in general, urban vinyl figures feature original designs, small production numbers, and are marketed to collectors, predominantly adults.

Some artists create their toys using synthetic resin material and resin casting. After casting the resin toy receives adjustments in its details, sometimes being superficially cast on some parts. The toy can be finished using automotive paint by aerosol and sometimes receives a varnished layer above the dry painting. The process of making resin toys is more labor intensive and time consuming than industrialized vinyl toy production, which in most of cases are made identical and in large quantities.
Image Image
gettingStarted2.jpg (15.3 KiB) Viewed 27808 times
gettingStarted3.jpg (18.63 KiB) Viewed 27808 times
gettingStarted4.jpg (27.67 KiB) Viewed 27808 times
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Re: UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by CRTGAMER Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:12 pm

UB Funkeys Remake
A remake of the UB Funkeys game in an early beta stage. So far, there is only the City Map without buildings and movement control of two of the Funkeys; Boggle and Bones. However, this Alpha build has promise!

1. Windows 7 64 Bit compatible
2. No UB Hub needed for the Beta.
3. Control with Arrow Keys instead of Mouse Pointer.
4. Press Q for Boggle / Press W for Bones.

I especially like the Arrow Key option! This allows a more direct control moving around the screen instead of click point telling a Funkey where to go.

Selecting a different Funkey is done with a press of the keyboard, not an actual toy connected by USB. Perhaps as the remake progresses, the Hub Unit might be included? This will allow the Funkey Action Figure unlock function which adds to the game with the toy collection reward feature. More importantly, a Windows 7 64 Bit driver for the Hub that also might update the commercial release?

Aaron wrote:ImageImage

My name is Aaron. I have been part of U.B. Funkeys since the release. I am on a mission- a big mission since the closing of the Speakeasy thread. I'm trying to re-create U.B. Funkeys! But the news is, it's going to take a lot of work, and fans, I'm re-creating this in HTML 5. It was going to be in flash, but came into a big problem and of course work.

I got curious today to see how many really had fun playing this game. I would like a new world with idea, same gadgets, background, furniture, music, & house building, but with the ability to add MORE. More guys, more furniture, more real chat, and more EVERYTHING!

Posted by talonstart on January 2, 2013 at 5:35 PM
- Extracting Paradox Green Maps, Funkeys and Games.
- Finishing up the City map today, and have full walk around the map.
- Core setup for the maps Buildings.
- Breaking down the Flash games.
- Finished Stepping sounds.
- Working on Music sound levels.
- Created Funkey Face H.U.D (which simulates right now, which funkey you are.
- Created Welcome screen.
- Created Client / Server Connections
- Able to See players in game
- Server / Client Communication Completed (still some bugs to work out).
- Chat server Works.
- Seeing players moving and walking and talking is now in effect.

Forum -
Download -

Downloaded and Tested. Alpha Build running in Windows 7 64 Bit! :mrgreen:

Alpha Build 1b.JPG
Alpha Build 1b.JPG (69.21 KiB) Viewed 47805 times
med_1196215584-253220.jpg (63.29 KiB) Viewed 27808 times
1196215584-253225.jpg (133.88 KiB) Viewed 27808 times
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Re: UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by CRTGAMER Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:21 pm

Funkeystown - Racer X (Boxing)
There is a race track located in the main town, a SPEED RACER Track! I did not know Mattel had the rights to the Speed Racer franchise, so this is a nice discovery!

Image Image

There is a fan entrance that any Funkey can enter but only to the grandstand seats. To get access to the main entrance that leads to the center field, one of the SpeedRacer Funkey figurines is needed.


The Racer X unlock is not a racing game, but a fighting game which I thought was strange. However, Racer X in the cartoon was always in the backgound battling the bad guys. Similar in the game play style of NES Punchout, dodge and punch at the opponent.

Nightmare Rift - Sprocket (Boxing)
I previously visited Night Rift with Snipe, a map that looks like a demented Team Burton level. Lots of glop and ooze with moving eyes poking out of the mounds.


Sprocket unlocks another Punchout boxing inspired game, plays almost identically to the Racer X game. The difference now is two robots going at it.


Laputta Station - Fallout (Fushion Volley)
Fallout wears a radiation suit, the game unlocked is a volleyball game of sorts. The game connection to the character here is keep the radioactive ball off your side as long as possible.


The Laputta Station world has a lot of ships docked thru out the level. Perhaps gaining entry to the rockets allow flying out to other maps, areas yet to be unlocked? There are rumors of a newer Paradox Blue 5.5 level as well as certain unreleased Marvel Comics Hero figurines. :?


Magma Gorge - Stitch (Stitch Stalker)
As the title alludes this map is world filled with bubbling a lava. Stitch unlocks a maze game inspired with a little bit of Pacman. Not just a one screen, more klike Pacman Jr with a ghost chasing you, it also includes a radar screen at the bottom. Most of Funkeys games use the Mouse, this game has a better control for directional movement with the Arrow keys of the keyboard. A Gamepad can easily be substituted with a keyboard emulator such as Joy2Key. :idea:

Image Image

The Stitch Stalker maze game is very addicting, this Funkeys figurine is worth seeking out! :mrgreen:

Funkeys is more then just unlocking games
I mentioned in the OP briefly on other things the Funkeys can do while exploring their world. One is taking on a Quest which sometimes can be very detailed, requiring multiple obstacles to complete. As in most quests certain things are needed. In this case certain Funkeys figurines are required to visit the different maps and rooms.

Alec wrote:

Stitch's Quest

Warning: Stitch's Quest is a big one and to find stitch you will need to visit magma gorge every day or so!

Requirements: Magma Gorge, Kelpy Basin, Lapputua Station and Funkeys Town Funkeys, Rom, Holler or Mayor Sayso.

1. Locate Stitch (with the quest sign over his head) somewhere, walking around magma gorge.


2. You will be asked for the password. Type in "Funkopotamus" (absolutely have no idea why it's this) and then see if you spelled it right, and then press "Check".


3. He will then tell you to go to the Rom Nexus (Rom's gameroom) and look for the rom with the quest sign over his head.


4. When you find the selected Rom go over to him, and he will ask you to collect 4 sparks from each zone inside the gamerooms (they don't need to be in a specific gameroom) and return them to the fallout compound.


5. When all 4 sparks are found go over to fallout's place, do not go inside look for a fallout with the quest sign over his head outside the gameroom.


6. You will then need to deliver the F-Chip that fallout made to Mayor Sayso in Funkeys Town.


7. Head over to Funkeys Town and find Mayor Sayso (with the Quest sign over his head)standing behind the water fall in the North West corner of Funkeys Town and click on him.


8. The last mission that he will give you is to follow him all the way to Hollers Place without going too far away from him.


9. Go inside UFunk Studios and BAM! 10.000 coins and a Gem!


You can only do this quest once per account.

Right Click for a larger view
UB Funkeys Stitch - Racer X - Sprocket - Fallout.jpg
UB Funkeys Stitch - Racer X - Sprocket - Fallout.jpg (247.36 KiB) Viewed 47752 times
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Re: UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by CRTGAMER Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:36 pm

Funkeys Dot 2008 SDCC Exclusive


The rarest officially released Funkey

Many of the Funkeys figurines have three levels of rarity; NORMAL, RARE and VERY RARE. I recently acquired the rarest official released Funkey of them all! Only cost a buck at the Swap Meet, the seller had no idea the value of this kids action figure.

The character is called DOT and was supposed to be released with three levels of rarity. Dot was designed early in the Funkeys series, even appeared on version 1.0 checklist linked in the OP. However, it never was produced until towards the end of the Funkeys cycle.


Dot (not Spot as misprinted on the early packaging)

It is said that each dot has the ability to grant a funkey a single wish. The gift of giving is so deeply imbedded in Dot, it is the single source of their happiness. But a Dot can use this power to grant a funkeys wildest wish only once in their entire lifetime. As soon as the Dot has granted this wish, they are filled with such joy, they fly away with the wind, never to be seen again.

This puts the Dot into a strange, somewhat ironic position in life. The closer they become to another funkey, the better friends they are, the more they want to them a wish. But as soon as they do, their friendship ends and they fly away. To a non Dot, this seems quite sad.

Because their gift is always in demand, the Dot are very shy in puplic, preferring not to call any attention to themselves. Dots tend to be quiet and reserved, but don't mistake quiet for sad. The Dot have an almost zen-like happiness that few other beings ever achieve. True embodiments of the phrase "It is better to give than receive."

No matter how quiet they are in puplic though, when they play their favorite game, Dot-Shot, an entire other side of the Dot comes out. The Dots reserved manner gives away to a fierce sense of competition, and their typically silent gesturing is replaced by loud, raucous behavior. Proving once and for all that is possible for some funkeys to change their spots.

It's really quite amazing to find a Dot, and if you do, you should consider yourself quite lucky!


Game description so true, Dot is hard to find to purchase
As it turned out, only the Normal version of Dot was put up for sale, the other two were never released. Even though the red Dot was supposed to be the common Normal version, Only 2000 Normal Dot figurines were put up for sale and exclusively only at the San Diego Comic Con. Unlike many of Mattel Comic Con exclusives that would later be available on their website, DOT was never put up for sale any where else. This was probably due to the series winding down and being canceled by Mattel.

Note the dates of the Quotes below. Imagine what DOT would cost now!? :?

Anonymous wrote:
Robyn on July 28, 2008 wrote:

The Comic Con exclusive version of Dot will NOT be sold on Mattel Collector's website.

But don't despair.......I talked to someone at Mattel's customer service line and they assured me that Mattel would not be that cruel to us! Since they did put out the 3.05 update for everyone, that is a good indication that Dot will be available more widely. It just won't be the exclusive version that was only available at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend.
I know for a fact that Dot wont be sold on But i think the only way to get her is at special Funkeys events, etc. i asked the manager for the line and he said that they dont intend to sell her anywhere else, but rather hand her out for FREE at various events this year. Next year, new figure.


Look at that price at the Comic Con! How many missed out on this? :shock:


loper205 wrote:
augiewan on July 28 2008 wrote:

Exclusive Dot Funkey Showing Up On eBay

For those who haven't noticed yet, there are exclusive Dot figures from the San Diego Comic-Con showing up on eBay now. From the look of it, they must have been limited to 2 per person because I haven't seen the same seller list more two of them. With only 2000 out there in total, these might become pretty tough to find soon...

Dot just sold for over $250.00 on e-bay. Wish they would make it easier to get a Dot.

Funkeys DOT Comic Con eBay 02-09-2009.jpg
Funkeys DOT Comic Con eBay 02-09-2009.jpg (43.71 KiB) Viewed 47618 times
Funkeys DOT Comic Con eBay 02-16-2013.jpg
Funkeys DOT Comic Con eBay 02-16-2013.jpg (149.29 KiB) Viewed 47618 times

I did find one site that currently has a Dot Figurine for sale, still a chunk of money. ... 82&lang=EN

Image Image

UB Funkeys Basic Dot, limited edition

This is a special UB Funkeys Dot. This one was only available during the Comic Con in San Diego, United States in 2008 and only 2000 pieces worldwide were produced. Dot has her home in Funkeys Town and there is only 1 version produced. This red one is the normal version and there are no rare or very rare versions available of Dot.

EUR 69.95

Image ImageImageImage
Ladybug House - Dot Shot
The Dot level was originally not part of the Funkeys world. When the 3.05 Funkeys update became available, Dot's location appeared right in Funkeystown. A tease that only a few could fully access but only if they bought a no longer available Portal Jammer or were fortunate enough to attend the comic con in 2008.


The Dot Shot game can only be unlocked by Dot, making it also a rarity in the Funkeys game. It plays like Air Hockey, control your Dot character as a Paddle against a computer controlled Dot Paddle on the opposite side. An added feature is flying your Dot Paddle hovering over the puck to latch on. This allows repositioning the puck for a better shot against the opposite goal. This really does a spin on a regular Air Hockey game, a nice extra that changes the game. :mrgreen:


Speakeasy Dot Info -
2008 Comic Con Lineup - ... e=241&nl=1

Dot is a little scratched and no box, but still a very nice and very rare find! :D
UB Funkeys DOT 1 of 2000 Comic Con 2008 Exclusive.jpg
UB Funkeys DOT 1 of 2000 Comic Con 2008 Exclusive.jpg (130.19 KiB) Viewed 47618 times
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Re: UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by mjmjr25 Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:56 pm

I don't know what to say. I really don't care for PC gaming, but these look pretty neat and i'm just astonished i've never seen a single ad or anything else related to these things.
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Re: UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by mastereffinyoda Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:09 am

Has there been any news on a new version? And if I don't have windows xp or 7 how can I download the game? I've had the figures for years but once certain windows become obsolete I was no longer able to play. I own at least one of every character made.
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Re: UB Funkeys Guide - The Original Skylanders?

by TSTR Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:12 am

moar liek IB dat Funkey mothaphukka
durham's what i'm reppin
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