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Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable Import Mod Guide

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:19 am
taizou wrote:
CRTGAMER wrote:To confirm the Mod works, turn on the NES without a game cart. The red light should stay on and no longer reset blinks. Next, test a regular NES game cart. Finally try a Famicom cart with an Import adaptor. In the pic below I have an adaptor inside a Gyromite NES cart. I have a strange 60 pin bootleg cart made by Power Joy Navigator.

In testing I had no luck with the bootleg cart, I suspect it is not compatible as a real Famicom game cart. Perhaps the bootleg cart could also be defective, purchased at the Swap Meet. This mod works since the NES light now stays on, even with no game cart inserted.

Hey, I discovered this thread via google while looking for a Power Joy Navigator (although it's only the cart I'm after really - I don't suppose you're willing to sell yours, are you? :D )

anyway I know a little bit about these consoles if it's useful to anyone - the Navigator is a VT02 OneBus-based system, which is a type of NES on a chip with the ability to use a single bus instead of separate PRG + CHR buses. OneBus consoles do usually maintain compatibility with normal Famicom or NES carts - that is if they have a cart slot, many just have games built in - but OneBus carts won't work with either an original NES/FC or a non-OneBus clone. (as I discovered when I came across a OneBus cart once and tried it every which way in every Famiclone I could get my hands on for about two years until I found out what it really was)

There are other OneBus Famiclones with cart slots, if you want to try that cart and fancy tracking one down - I know of Power Joy Supermax, Generation NEX (apparently), EZi/WiWi (87-game version only), Mega Arcade Action, a bunch of recent Subor consoles, Factor 5 & FC3plus, there are probably way more out there. The latter two have NES style 72-pin slots so you'd have to use an adapter (but honestly i'm not sure if conventional adapters work with OneBus carts), all the rest are 60-pin.

incidentally, every console I listed apart from the Power Joys and the Mega Arcade Action is VT03-based, not VT02 - the VT03 adds support for 16 colours per tile instead of 4, among other enhancements.

Welcome to the board!
Sorry not for sell, an interesting cart to keep.

Great info, now I know why the Power Navigator cart did not work. I didn't know about some Famiclone pirate systems using a different color palette. Who knows, maybe come across the Power Joy System one day.

It sounds like you might own some interesting systems to share info about.

Here is a site with some Famiclones:

I also found this site with info on the Powerjoy, note this one is the Max not the Navigator cart.

I finally tracked down a Power Joy Supermax with both carts (60 + 30 games) today, so i'm selling my old one with only the 60 in 1 cart.

Power Joy Super Max 01.jpg
Power Joy Super Max 01.jpg (75.09 KiB) Viewed 13950 times

Game list:
Catcher (War of Strike Mouse), Dragon Run, Three Country (Shisen Mahjong 2/Sanguo Sichuan Sheng), Panda "Advanture" & Space Shuttle are all (ex-)Hummer Team games. The rest are mostly Nice Code with a few hacks scattered throughout. There are no built-in games, everything is on the cart.

Power Joy Super Max 02.jpg
Power Joy Super Max 02.jpg (75.32 KiB) Viewed 14203 times

The console is PAL, OneBus-based famiclone (so its cart won't work on non-OneBus clones, but it will play normal Famicom carts no problem). it's only VT02 though, no 4bpp graphics mode. It can run off 4 x AAA batteries or an AC adapter (not included, but it should work with other famiclones' 9v adapters, or the 10v ones from the original Famicom & Model 1 Mega Drive/Genesis. definitely *not* the one from the NES). The end of the lightgun bit has a small piece broken off but it still works fine.

Also comes with a second player controller which uses a proprietary 7-pin connector, you could probably mod it to take a standard famiclone controller if you wanted though. Box is included albeit fairly scruffy looking. No manual.

Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable Import Mod Guide

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:57 am
by taizou
CRTGAMER wrote:Welcome to the board!
Sorry not for sell, an interesting cart to keep.

thanks! :D And that's fair enough, I'm sure I'll find another eventually (they seem to have a habit of turning up on UK eBay)

CRTGAMER wrote:It sounds like you might own some interesting systems to share info about.

oh I've got a ton of weird famiclones and Chinese plug & play systems like that - I've been meaning to document them all on my site somewhere but the only one i've covered in any detail so far is the Samuri (which is VT03 based). i've also got some videos of all its games on my youtube channel.

CRTGAMER wrote:I also found this site with info on the Powerjoy, note this one is the Max not the Navigator cart.

Yeah, I posted that when I was trying to sell it :) (because I found the same thing with an extra cart)

Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable Import Mod Guide

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:46 pm
taizou wrote:
CRTGAMER wrote:Welcome to the board!
Sorry not for sell, an interesting cart to keep.

thanks! :D And that's fair enough, I'm sure I'll find another eventually (they seem to have a habit of turning up on UK eBay)
I didn't know that was your Powerjoy Max, should have spotted the name in the blog. :oops:

Now I'm curious if the Powerjoy Navigator cart I own is also for a PAL Powerjoy system and if there is a NTSC version. Looking over the games, looks like new homebrew games with similar NES style graphics. A NES controller can be modded to work with the PowerJoy system. But ideally it would be great to play the NES style games on a real NES. Maybe one day discover an unknown adapter that will allow these 60 pin carts to work on a FC or NES console. :?


taizou wrote:
CRTGAMER wrote:It sounds like you might own some interesting systems to share info about.
Oh I've got a ton of weird famiclones and Chinese plug & play systems like that - I've been meaning to document them all on my site somewhere but the only one i've covered in any detail so far is the Samuri (which is VT03 based). i've also got some videos of all its games on my youtube channel.

Interesting video, looks like a very good Homebrew NES style game collection. I even see a Sonic inspired game in the mix. Perhaps you can make a new post right here on Racketboy. An extended review of your systems? I hate slugging thru videos, pics and text are easier to study and refer back to.

The new homebrew games that I thought were just bootleg FC games are an undiscovered find! 8)

A Database of Bootleg Consoles and Carts:

Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable - TENGEN TETRIS FC CART

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:23 pm
SuperJoy III Famicom Clone - $1.00

I picked this up at the swap meet for $1.00. A strange Famicom clone, that looks like a N64 controller. I bought a Powerjoy Navigator 50 Game Cart and a Famicom 66 game Bootleg cart a few weeks ago, so I'm intrigued by any Famicom clone. Unfortunately the Superjoy is just the primary controller, the second controller and lightgun were missing. But for a lousy Buck not a bad price! 8)

Has anyone tried this
The second controller is a standard 9 pin connector like the 2600 and Genesis. There is a 9 pin matching port in the Superjoy III, looks just like a 2600 controller port. I wonder if a 2600 or a Genesis controller might work. The 2600 is just switches, but I think the Genesis controller has a PCB inside it. I would hate to fry either the controller or this Famicom clone. I think Hobie mentioned of owning a clone, curious if he tried?

Pretty Blue Clone
The Superjoy III analog stick is fake, just a piece of plastic. Looks like the previous owner tried to push it and broke off the plastic non functioning stick. It has a nine volt power supply. The cheap looking power brick is as light as a feather, but hey it does work.

Super Joy III - Power Joy Navigator 01.jpg
Super Joy III - Power Joy Navigator 01.jpg (213.88 KiB) Viewed 16584 times

There is also a battery pack, a plastic case that takes four AAA batteries. It pops in where a memory pack normally goes in a real N64 controller. Strange the four 1.5 volt AAA batteries of 6 Volts is the same as the 9 Volt AC power supply. The way its wired internally the batteries could be chargeable, though its a dumb charger arrangement. A precaution of removing the regular batteries before plugging in the AC is in order.

Look, a Famicom Port! :shock:
Super Joy III - Power Joy Navigator 02.jpg
Super Joy III - Power Joy Navigator 02.jpg (165.14 KiB) Viewed 15870 times

Oh crap its broken
I had a problem with the video not working and the audio cutting out. Took it apart and discovered both RCA connectors had loose solder joints. This was probably caused by the very tight fitting RCA cables. Resoldered the RCA plug connections on the PCB, a little model glue on top of the solder joint PCB for better support. I also opened up the prongs of the RCA cables so they now plug in easier. Any insulation around the prongs would also make too tight a fit.

Super Joy III - Power Joy Navigator 03.jpg
Super Joy III - Power Joy Navigator 03.jpg (208.91 KiB) Viewed 15862 times

Just a Cheap Clone but good features
The buttons are actually decent for this bootleg clone. The Superjoy now works! The real jewel is the Famicom connector underneath! I confirmed my Gyromyte Famicom PCB out of the NES cart works. The A and B buttons work in test mode, but only the direction buttons work in the game since I don't have second controller attached. Oh well, its better to play in a Real NES with ROB controlling the doors. Even better, a Modded Direct Control ROB. :wink:

Okay why all this excitement over a clone? Just like my earlier Bootleg Famicom converted to NES cart, it has a bunch of NES games and the recalled game TENGEN TETRIS! The bottom Famicom port works great, though the plastic housing will have to be shaved open a little. What I really hoped to try is my Powerjoy Navigator 50 game cart. Its reputated to be all new home brew games, unfortunately did not work. I'll have to keep an eye out for a Powerjoy Console Controller.

Some Powerjoys have a dedicated Famicom bootleg multi game cart connector PCB in them. These can work in a real Famicom or NES with the Gyromyte import adaptor.

Vintage Gamers wrote:

The slot around the 60 pin connector on the bottom of mine is way to small for me to properly insert Famicom cartridges, but I did take the unit apart and they do work! Like wise, after I built my first Famicom to NES converter, I took the ROM board out of my Super Joy and played it on the NES, that works too! Some Super Joys have a bigger cartridge slot than mine, I believe mine was built strictly to be run off the ROM board in the hopes it would never be removed, they sure didn’t see me ever getting my hands on this thing!


Meanwhile there are 76,000 games listed in the Superjoy Menu. :shock:

Yes that is correct, the worse case scenario of pages and pages of repeats. :lol:

Destructoid wrote: ... 7562.phtml

But, enough about the controllers, let's get to the games. As you just read, the system comes with Hogan's Alley and Duck Hunt. Actually, most of the 76,000 games are NES games tweaked for the system. Oh, by the way, the 76,000 games is a lie; there's 125 games, repeated 608 times throughout the beautifully rendered menus.


Da Games
At least the Select and B buttons allow jumping between pages, the select button can be held for continual jumping to the next pages. Definitely needed for a 76,000 menu listing. I think there are actually only 76 or 83 unique games. I also discovered a few hacks such as a Duck Hunt remake and different starting levels of some of the game repeats. Math Donkey Kong Jr is different. With all the games, I am tempted to do a mod. Either get the Superjoy PCB to work in a real NES or adapt a spare real NES controller to the Superjoy III. Actually the Superjoy controller is decent, just not as "Real" as a classic NES controller. :?

Wiki info:

Built-in games include

10-Yard Fight (as "10YF")
Magic carpet 1001 (listed as "ALADDIN III"), taken directly from the "Caltron/Myriad 6-in-1" cartridge)
Antarctic Adventure (as "ANTARCTIC")
Arkanoid (as "ARKONOID")
Balloon Fight
Battle City (In the ROM, the title screen says Tank A 1990, Tank M 1990, and Tank N 1990, and in the game selection menu, it is listed manifold times, as "DESERT TANK", "SPEED TANK", and "ABRAMS TANK".)
Binary Land (as "BINARY", "BINARY LAND", or "BINARY & LAND")
Bird Week
Brush Roller (as "BRUSH ROLL" and "PAINTER")
Circus Charlie (as "TOY STORY" and "CIRCUS CHABLIE" or "CURCUS CHARLIE")
Clay Shoot (as "CLAY SHOOTING") was actually part of Duck Hunt.
Clu Clu Land
Defender (as "DEFENDER II")
Devil World
Dig Dug (as "DIG DUG I")
Door Door
Donkey Kong, Jr. (as "DONKEY KONG 2" and "MONKEY")
Donkey Kong, Jr. Math (as "CALCULATOR")
Donkey Kong 3 (as "DONKEY KONG" or "KEYKONG 3")
Duck Hunt (as "SNOWFIELD SHOOT" and "DUCK HUNT")
Elevator Action (as "ELEVATOR")
F-1 Race (as "F1 RACE" or "F-1 RACE")
Field Combat (as "COMBAT")
Formation Z
Front Line
Galaga (as "GALAGA" or "GALAZA")
Gomoku Narabe (as "CHESS", "FIVE CHESS", or "CHINESE CHESS")
Raid on Bungeling Bay (as "HELICOPTER" or "RAID ON BAY")
Hogan's Alley
Ice Climber
Ikki (as "KNIGHT")
Karateka (wrongly as "TEKKEN")
Life Force
Lode Runner (as "LODE RUNNER 2")
Lunar Pool (as "LUNAR BALL")
M.U.S.C.L.E. (as "WWF")
Magic Jewelry
Mahjong Taikai (as "MAJUN2")
Mario Bros. (as "MARIO BROS")
Mappy (as "MICE LOVE CAT", "MAPPY", and "PACMAN")
Mighty Bomb Jack (as "BOMB JACK")
MotoRace USA (as "ZIPPY RACE")
Ninja Kun (as "NINJA I")
Nuts & Milk (as "MILK & NUTS")
Pinball (as "PINBALL" or "PIN BALL")
Road Fighter
Slalom (as "SLACOM" or "SLALOM")
Sky Destroyer
Space Invaders (as "SPACE ET")
Spartan X (as "SPARTANX"), more commonly known as Kung-Fu Master
Soccer (as "FIFA SOCCER")
Star Force
Stargate (as "STAE GATE" or "STAR GATE")
Super Arabian (as "ARABIAN")
Super Contra
Super Dimension Fortress Macross (as "MAXCROSS" or "MACROSS")
Super Dyna'mix Badminton (as "SUPER DYNAMIX")
Super Mario Bros. (as "SUPER MARIO")
Super Soccer (as "SOCCER HEROES")
Tetris: The Soviet Mind Game (Tengen) (as "TETRIS 2")
Twinbee (as "TWIN BEE")
Urban Champion
Warpman (as "WARPMAN", wrongly as "BURGERTIME")
Wild Gunman
World Soccer
Yie-Ar Kung Fu (as "KING OF FIGHTER")

Bootleg carts are great way to discover a rare hidden Gem or an obscure Import. In play testing the Famicom Mobile II with a bootleg console cart, I discovered another great import game. Ever hear of Quarth? On the Supervision bootleg cart its called Shoting Bloc. A reverse Tetris using a Spaceship SHMUP style to fill in the Tetris blocks. Released in multiple platforms in Japan as well as in the Arcades, the U.S only got portable versions on the Gameboy and DS.


Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable - Bootleg Carts - TENGEN TETRIS

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:29 pm
Supervision 110 in 1 NES Cart

Big deal, a bootleg cart. However, not too many NES cart bootlegs out there, most are Famicom carts. This one has a great selection of games including some speedup hacks and finally a complete version of the recalled Tengen Tetris game. No emulation here, all playable with a real NES controller in a Toaster NES.

My Find:

I am on a roll, I found another Bootleg cart at a Retro store. Cost me thirty bucks, a little on the pricey side for a Pirate Cart. But it is unique because it is not a common bootleg Famicom cart, but a dedicated bootleg designed for the NES. But are there really 110 games inside this Bootleg Game Cart? Or did I get stuck with a lot of repeats? :?
Supervision NES Pirate Cart 01.jpg
Supervision NES Pirate Cart 01.jpg (201.31 KiB) Viewed 16008 times

Tengen Tetris
Naturally the first game I had to look for is the recalled Tetris game, most bootleg carts have this. But also most only have the 40k version, this one includes the missing animated title screen! I now have three backups of Tengen Tetris, including though a bootleg, a complete version! :mrgreen:

Wikia wrote:"

The copyright notice and sometimes title screen are usually removed from the games. When larger games are included, these are usually MMC3 games or converted to that format. Tengen Tetris, TwinBee and Arkanoid are typically 40KB big instead of 48KB like they should be, causing graphical glitches in the latter two. In Tetris' case the title screen is removed. A 40KB version of BPS Tetris exists as well, although the original version is much more common.

A bootleg cart allows for game play with a real NES Controller
I mentioned earlier about most bootleg carts are not NES, but Famicom carts. Pirate carts are very common in countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, the reason most bootlegs are made for the Famicom. Not too many bootleg carts were made for the direct U.S market. A Taiwan company called Supervision shipped bootleg NES carts under the radar to be sold directly in the U.S. Not very clear where these were originally sold new, most likely at Swap Meets or small business booths at the mall. I doubt any appeared at ToysrUs or any other major retailer. I remember seeing NES bootleg multi game consoles being sold in small booths at the mall every Christmas years ago before being shut down.

No Emulation, play games with a real NES controller in a Toaster NES! 8)

Note the MADE IN JAPAN label, this is unlikely. :lol:
Supervision NES Pirate Cart 02.jpg
Supervision NES Pirate Cart 02.jpg (145.83 KiB) Viewed 15678 times

Color Coded Menu
The first 89 games are originals, although Super Mario Bros has a Graphic Hack. The clouds and ground rocks look pretty good. On the last two Menu screens, the color of the text changes. White represents the Lightgun games, Blue and Purple are game hacks, some of which are speedups. A very nice bonus playing Galaxian, Pacman and Super Mario Bros in a Speedup mode. In the Super Mario Bro Speedup Hack, I can finally hit the 5000 point mark at the top of the flag. 8)


Works in a Unmodded NES
There is not a Nintendo 10NES Chip inside, but a reverse engineered boot chip. I think it is the one with the Goldstar label. Note that this is a dedicated NES PCB, no Famicom adapter inside. The extra chips add to the carts heavy weight. 8)
Supervision NES Pirate Cart 03.jpg
Supervision NES Pirate Cart 03.jpg (143.03 KiB) Viewed 15674 times

Da games
Wikia wrote:

634 Sword (Musashi no Ken)
A S O (ASO: Armored Scrum Object, known as Alpha Mission outside of Japan)
Antarctic Adventure
Arabian (Super Arabian)
Arithmetic (Donkey Kong Jr. Math)
ASCII (Penguin-Kun Wars)
B Wings
Balloon Fight
Battle City
Black White Chess (Othello?)
Bomber Man
Chackn Pop
Circus (Circus Charlie)
City Connection
Clu Clu Land
Combat (Field Combat)
Devil World
Din Dun (Dig Dug)
Duck Hunt
Elevator (Elevator Action)
Execite Bike (Excitebike)
F1 Race
Five Pieces Chess (Gomoku Narabe Renju)
Flappy 240 (Flappy)
Formation Z
Front Line
The Goonies (Logo is missing)
Gotcha (Gotcha! The Sport!)
Grading (Gradius with the logo removed)
Helicopter (Raid on Bungeling Bay)
Hogan's Alley
Ice Climber
Islander (Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima, known as Adventure Island outside of Japan)
King Kong 1 (Donkey Kong)
King Kong 2 (Donkey Kong Jr.)
King Kong 3 (Donkey Kong 3, says Gorilla 3 on the title screen)
Kung Fu
Legendry (The Legend of Kage)
Lunar Ball
Mach Rider
Mahjong 2 (Mahjong)
Mahjong 4 (4-Nin uchi Mahjong)
Mario Bors II (Super Mario Bros. with different graphics and a missing logo)
Maze Song (Meikyuu Kumikyoku, known as Milon's Secret Castle outside of Japan)
Mighty Bomb Jack
The New Human (Shin Jinrui: The New Type, known as Adventures of Dino Riki in the US)
Ninja (Likely Ninja Jajamaru Kun)
Ninja 1 (Ninja-Kun)
Ninja Fight (Ikki)
Ninja III (Ninja Hattori-Kun)
Nuts and Milk
Pipeline (Mario Bros., says Mr Mary on the title screen)
Road Fighter
Runner I (Lode Runner)
Runner II (Championship Lode Runner, says Lode Runner on the title screen)
Thunder Bike (Seicross)
Shoting Block (Quarth)
Sky Destroyer
Space Frog (Warpman)
Spartan (Spartan X, known as Kung Fu outside of Japan)
Spider Andpenguin (Binary Land)
Star Force
Star Soldier
Tetris (BPS version)
Tetris II (Tengen version)
Twin Bee
Urban Champ (Urban Champion)
Wild Gunman
Wrecking Crew
Wrestle (Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match, known as M.U.S.C.L.E. in the US)
Zippy Race

+ 17 games repeated as graphic and speedup hacks

Additional Info

Image Supervision 110 Game Cart - Videos of all the Games


Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable - Bootleg Carts - TENGEN TETRIS

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:07 pm
by retrosportsgamer
Mario Bors II!

Great post as always CRT

Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable - Bootleg Carts - TENGEN TETRIS

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:44 pm
retrosportsgamer wrote:Mario Bros II!

Great post as always CRT

Thanks! :D

Not that I would ever sell, I am curious of the value of this cart. Even though it is just an uncommon bootleg, maybe sought after due to the hacked games all playable with a real NES controller.

I wish it was Mario Bros 2 but its just Super Mario Bros with different graphics. Starts out the same way, maybe later levels are new? The graphics look like they are out of the Mario Seasons hack. Identical rocks and smiley clouds. :?

Vintage Computing wrote:


Mario Seasons is a colorful, impressive overhaul of the original Super Mario Bros for the NES. Notable changes to Super Mario Bros in this hack include a new power-up, new levels, a new enemy ("Dry Bones" from SMB3, which even comes back to life when you stomp him), completely new graphics (most of which were taken from Super Mario Bros 3), "slightly different physics" (according to DahrkDaiz), and the ability to save your stage progress between games. DahrkDaiz did such a good job with the graphics and animations that it's often hard to remember that you're not playing a Super Mario Bros 3 based hack. Try to remember that you can't pick up a stomped Koopa in this game like in SMB3!

Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable - TENGEN TETRIS FC CART

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:50 am
by TVGSamuel
CRTGAMER wrote:SuperJoy III Famicom Clone - $1.00

I'm glad my Super Joy review we worthy of you quoting it CRT! If you're interested, I've recently posted a short review of the Power Joy as well.

Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable - TENGEN TETRIS FC CART

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:27 pm
TVGSamuel wrote:
CRTGAMER wrote:SuperJoy III Famicom Clone - $1.00
I'm glad my Super Joy review was worthy of you quoting it CRT! If you're interested, I've recently posted a short review of the Power Joy as well.

Welcome to Racketboy and nice review!

The PowerJoy and SuperJoy clones often are overlooked due to just being a collection of pirated NES games. But it is a great way to play hard to find Famicom games, Hacked versions of games and a nice bonus of a Famicom slot. The best feature is the included bootleg carts can sometimes plug into a Famicom or NES with adaptor and using a real NES controller. 8)

Interesting, the PowerJoy you reviewed has cables hard wired in. This resolves the RCA connector problems of the SuperJoy III. The connectors are an easy fix, unfortunately some owners toss theirs rather then doing the repair with a solder gun. :?

I'm still not clear what is on the Navigator Cart I own, I quoted your game list for the PowerJoy.
TVGSamuel wrote: ... he-clones/

Games in the Power Joy
Power Joy Title - Extra Info

Shoot Copter - Hacked Duck Hunt
Falling Bricks - Fairly decent Tengen Tetris Hack
Shoot Copters - Hacked Duck Hunt
Panzer Fly Car - Road Fighter Hack
Debar Bomb 1 - Hogan’s Alley Hack
Shooting - Hacked Hogan’s Alley – Can shoot
Debar Bomb 2 - Hogan’s Alley Hack
Future Tank - Battle City Hack
Space War - Exerion Hack
Shoot Glass - Hacked Duck Hunt – Clay Shooting

Games in the Cartridge
Power Joy Title -Extra Info

80 Days - Puss ‘n Boots: Around the World in 80 Days
1942 - 1942
Arkanoid - Arkanoid
Aladdin III - Magic Carpet 1001 (Infamous Pirate)
Argus - Famicom Argus
Adisland - Famicom Adventure Island
ASCII - Famicom Penguin-Kun Wars
Arabian - Famicom Super Arabian
Badminton - Famicom Super Dynamix Badminton
Baltron - Famicom Baltron
B-Wings - Battle Wings/Famicom B-Wings
Bird Week - Famicom Bird Week
Boat Race - Seizure inducing F1 Race Hack
Boom Man - Bomber Man
Brush Roller - Hack of a Pirate called Bookyman
Clay Shoot - Hacked Duck Hunt
Chack and Pop - Famicom Chack’n Pop
Circus Chablie - Circus Charlie – Menu is spelled wrong
City Connection - City Connection
Challenger - Famicom Challenger
Dig Dug - Dig Dug
Dough Boy - Famicom Dough Boy
Druaga - Famicom Tower of Druaga
Devil World - Famicom Devil World
Ding Dong - Famicom Binary Land
Door Door - Famicom Door Door
Dynamite Bowl - Famicom Dynamite Bowl
Elevator Action - Elevator Action
Exerion - Famicom Exerion
Formation Z - Famicom Formation Z
Front Line - Famicom Front Line
Fire Dragon - Interesting clone of the Atari game Surround
Flappy - Famicom Flappy
Flipull - Famicom Flipull
Filed Combat - Field Combat – Menu is spelled wrong
Galaga - Galaga
Galg - Famicom Zunou Senkan Galg
Geimos - Famicom Geimos
Gyrodine - Famicom Gyrodine
Goonies - Famicom Goonies
Gotcha - LJN’s Gotcha! I like this one, since the Power Joy is also the light zapper!
Galaxians - Galaxian
Gradius - Gradius
Hyper Olympic - Track and Field
Joust - Joust
Karateka - Famicom Karateka
Kage - The Legend of Kage
Lode Runner 1 - Lode Runner
Lode Runner 2 - Championship Lode Runner
Lunar Ball - Lunar Pool
Macross - Choujikuu Yousai Macross
Magic Jewellery - Pirate of Magic Jewelry
MagMax - MagMax
Mappy - Mappy
Millipede - Millipede
Othello - Pirate of HES’s Othello
Pooyan - Famicom Pooyan
Pac Land - Famicom Pac-Land
Paper Boy - Paperboy
Pandamar - Hacked Super Mario with a Panda
Penguin - Famicom Obake no Q Tarou: Wan Wan Panic/ NES Chubby Cherub (w/ drastic changes!)
Route 16 - Famicom Route 16 Turbo
Raid on Bay - Raid on Bungeling Bay
Road Fighter - Famicom Road Fighter
Sky Destroyer - Sky Destroyer
Space ET - Space Invaders
Star Gate - Famicom Stargate/Defender II
Star Force - Star Force
Son Son - Famicom Son Son
Spartan - Famicom Spartan X/NES Kung Fu
Spelunkerc - Spelunker
Spy vs Spy - Spy vs Spy
Squoon - Famicom Squoon
Starslider - Star Soldier
Star Luster - Famicom Star Luster
Tag Team - Tag Team [Pro] Wrestling
Tank - Battle City
Twin Bee - Famicom Twin Bee
Wrestling - M.U.S.C.L.E.
Wisdom - Wisdom Boy – Puzzle game of unknown Origins
Warp Man - Famicom Warpman
World Cup - World Cup 2002 Chinese hack of Soccer
Xevious - Xevious
Zippy Race - MotoRace USA/Zippy Race


Re: NES Lockout Chip Disable - Bootleg Carts - TENGEN TETRIS

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:37 pm
by TVGSamuel
Legality issues aside, the Super Joy and Power Joy are awesome units to own. I love the PJ-008 cartridge that came with my Power Joy! Although they removed a lot of information from the title screens, for obvious reasons, the games are mostly the same titles as their Famicom versions. Since it fits on my 60 to 72 adapter and works in my NES, I prefer playing it that way, rather than the Power Joy. Also, since the Super Joy's Genesis clone controllers are so cheap, I tossed them and found a vsMaxx Maxxplay player 2 controller. It borrows heavily from the Power Joy design, but I like the light gun much better with the Maxxplay.