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Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:25 pm

Anyone get a defective Kirby patch thru the coin redemption? It is rare, but even better when you get the replacement along with the letter and bonus patch! :shock:

Justin Berube wrote:

One month ago RipTen reported that there was a grave error in the Kirby patches being sent out to Club Nintendo fans. The error on the original patch, which can be seen in the original report, was that Kirby’s eyes were colored incorrectly on the patch. Today I personally received a replacement patch set with a bonus patch that isn’t available from Club Nintendo.

Nintendo also sent out a kind letter apologizing for the entire situation. Nintendo has once again proven that their customer service is top notch and that they truly appreciate their dedicated fans!




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Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:02 pm
by retrosportsgamer
CRT - do you know if the Lamda Galaxy unlock still works for the DS/Wii since the online leaderboards have been shutdown? It sounds like it should work as long as both are on and using the same Wi-Fi.

Re: Wii and Gamecube Guide - Reviews / Mods / Repairs

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:56 pm
retrosportsgamer wrote:CRT - do you know if the Lamda Galaxy unlock still works for the DS/Wii since the online leaderboards have been shutdown? It sounds like it should work as long as both are on and using the same Wi-Fi.

You are right, all that is needed is a direct WiFi connection between the DS and the Wii. I did not have to go to any Wii site to unlock the Lamda Galaxy in BOTH the DS and Wii. What is really sweet is just a one time sync is needed.

Click the link in the quote for extra features of Geometry Wars such as a nice Twinstick option. :idea:

CRTGAMER wrote on May 18, 2011 wrote:

The DS and the Wii Lambda Galaxy Unlock is a simple WiFi connection. Just set both the DS and the Wii to communicate with each other. It is a one time unlock, I confirmed this by flipping the power off then back on the DS. For the Wii, I even unplugged the console for a cold start. Both the DS and Wii still have the Lambda Galaxy available for play. The unlock is stored in each game's save file, however the Wii save file cannot be transferred to another Wii.

There are three save slots available. When I created a new player in slot 2 and 3 the Lambda Galaxy is already unlocked without reconnecting the DS and the Wii. I named slot 2 save "Wii" and slot 3 save "WII" for backup in case I lose my game save. Both my Wii and DS Geometry Wars have the slots setup this way. The save names can be changed without losing any levels unlocked. The new name appears automatically when connecting to the online Leaderboard score list

Continue between DS and Wii
A continue option is available. Play a game on the Wii, Choose "Connect to the DS" and then continue where you left off on the DS. Choose "Connect to the Wii" on the DS, then continue the game back on the Wii again.


Wii Gamecube Guide - Review-Mods-Repairs - Rodea Sky Soldier

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:35 pm
Rodea The Sky Soldier


flojocabron wrote:Well, it looks like I spent $60+ bucks on a Wii game! I just bought Rodea the sky soldier just to play the Wii edition. I even flipped the cover to make it match the rest of my Wii collection.

Whether the game was good or bad, did you get more enjoyment out of the bonuses than the game itself? Maybe you bought the special edition and don't have the system yet? Did you buy the game just to get at the free soundtrack? Or maybe the statue in the collectors edition?
Michi wrote:
CRTGAMER wrote:Is Wii Rodea the Sky Soldier region locked to Japan only or can it be played on an unmodded U.S. Wii? Link of where the special edition can be bought?
No, it's the American release. You can pick it up on Amazon, but only the first print copies come with the bonus Wii game.

THANKYOU! Yeah I think this game will be rare/valuable! :shock:

Knowing that the same team released Nights Journey into Dreams for the Wii, I have been intrigued since first reading about this game some months back; Wii Rodea has been in limbo since 2012, with rumors of never being released for the Wii. I thought the bonus Wii disc would only be available in Japan! I made a mad dash to Wallymart today, they had two sealed copies, so I bought one of them. Both have a small red sticker stating "BONUS GAME INSIDE!" There is a rattle of a 2nd disc holder and not the hard bang of a dropped disc inside the case.


The Red Sticker "BONUS GAME INSIDE!" indicates a Wii game included along with the WiiU game. The shrink wrap is of very low quality almost hints of a retailer rewrap. No worries this came direct from the manufacturer.


TheMoon wrote:

Many still don't know so I think it's worth highlighting: the Wii version is actually a very different game from the Wii U and 3DS version. Yuji Naka and Prope's original vision is captured and realized in the Wii game. The Wii title is a straight up action game all about the sensation of flying around. This was actually completed in 2011 but publisher Kadokawa wanted a 3DS port, too and held off on releasing the Wii game. The 3DS port was developed not by the original developers at Prope but by Kadokawa themselves (without Yuji Naka's involvement) and, due to the very different control interface, ended up as a heavily redesigned game with a more Action Adventure style exploration focus that only resembles the original on a basic level.

Jin Hasegawa (The director of Rodea the Sky Soldier. Previous titles include World Heroes Perfect, Project Zero and Lollipop Chainsaw)

The key point about the Wii version is the direct flying action experience that players can enjoy with one Wii Remote. With the sense of speed where players can’t even take a breather, it’s almost as if players can experience something similar to an arcade game. The Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions are an adventure flying action game that players can take their time with and enjoy. With keeping the refreshing feeling of flying through the skies, similar to the Wii version, we have incorporated the fun of exploring the world and elements that allow the player to enhance Rodea and make him more powerful.

Yuji Naka (Producer of Rodea the Sky Soldier. Previous titles include Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star Online and Burning Rangers among many others)

The Wii version’s biggest element is the fact that players can freely fly through the skies directly with the Wii Remote. Since it’s a control that nobody has ever experienced before, some may hesitate at first, but once they get the hang of it, players will be able to feel the freedom of flying through the skies and experiencing unity with Rodea to the fullest. The loading time is also short so players will be able to play the game at a brisk tempo. Also, in the Wii version, there is a bonus element where up to four players can race each other. Definitely try playing with your friends and family.

The Wii version is only available with first print physical copies of the Wii U game. No other way of getting your hands on it. It's not on the eShop. You won't get it with a digital Wii U eShop purchase of the Wii U version. Also, if you buy the retail Wii U version, you can't even buy it without the Wii game included at all (until they make a second print run - if that ever happens). So no need to panic.

I still don't get it. So the Wii U game is not just the Wii game in HD?

- The Wii game is the original, how Yuji Naka envisioned it, played with the IR pointer of the Wii Remote (no Nunchuk, you play with JUST the Wii Remote). A more straightforward, arcade-y action game. There are even 2D bonus rooms. And, more importantly, the Wii version is the only one that includes a multiplayer mode for up to four players!

- The Wii U and 3DS game are different from the Wii version, played with sticks and buttons, more leaning towards action adventure-y exploratory gameplay. They both lack the multiplayer mode from the Wii original.

- The Wii U version is a port of the 3DS version. They're the same game.

- Story, characters and setting are the same across all versions.


Yuji Naka
In the Wii U version, you start in a state where Rodea himself has low abilities. So by patiently powering Rodea up little by little, please help Rodea to grow. In the Wii version, you will need to shake the Wii Remote, however there’s no need to move it intensely. The key is to have the pointer always set in the inside of the screen and shake lightly.

Jin Hasegawa
For everyone including those of you who have decided to purchase the game, and for those who are still on the fence, please close your eyes and picture this: When you’re a child, did you ever want to try flying in the great, blue sky? I’m sure you probably thought that idea was impossible somewhere along the line and gave up as you became an adult. Rodea will grant that wish that you had during your childhood.


<Oooh, a 2D level! :shock:>


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Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:10 am
by flojocabron
Hey CRT gamer!

We bought the basic edition! Some of my buddies acutally bought this one!


This is the version thats going to get expensive. See it and weep! :evil:

I got the same packaging as you. All I had to tell it apart was that same red sticker.

I guess you should weigh it or something. We can only guess that in the future the only way to find out if its a single disc or double disc is holding it and sensing its heft.

But here's a tid-bit just in case any of you guys/gals haven't opened your copy yet.

Obviously, Rodea has a reversible "wii' cover. But the back of the bonus cover is quite different from the Wii U cover. It still has that same anime girl looking up at the sky, but the pictures and the blurbs that describe the game content is different!


I like how the third one states:

Experience Creator Yuji Naka's Original Vision

I'm sure soon someone will be able to reprint this special inside cover and find a white wii box and return this game to its true original state!

See it separate from its Wii U sibling! Blue box and white side by side! :cry:

Someone get to it! I'd like to see that!

Re: Wii Gamecube Guide - Review-Mods-Repairs - Rodea Sky Sol

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:16 am
by flojocabron
Oh! And let me add one more thing!

The manuals inside, yes two manuals! Are pretty skimpy

Aside from them both looking exactly like their covers, The wii Rodea manual has more content, while the Wii U Rodea manual is barebones! Just four pages of generic warnings in mulitiple languages.

Clearly they put more thought into the wii instructions!

Or does the Wii U Rodea have built in explanations on disc?

That my friends, is the question for you guys!

Re: Wii Gamecube Guide - Review-Mods-Repairs - Rodea Sky Sol

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:37 am
by Cronozilla
3DS and Wii U games have digital manuals accessible through the system menu while in game.

Re: Wii Gamecube Guide - Review-Mods-Repairs - Rodea Sky Sol

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:03 am
by darsparx
@flojo that is kinda funny though...though I wonder if the whole reason they did it this way is because they thought the game would sell better if it was a wii u game instead of wii since wii is kinda tapering off from the looks of it....

Wii Gamecube Guide - WiiU and Wii Selects vs Original

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:03 pm
WiiU and Wii Selects vs Original


Given a choice off the store shelf, I usually buy the Selects or Greatest Hits versions of games. With very few exceptions such as PS2 Grand Theft Auto IV, the later release sometimes have additional levels and features (PS2 Silent Hill for example) as well as bug fixes.

I can never understand why some collectors prefer the original. Sure it initially costs more, but in total inventory the Selects and Greatest Hits only come out after a given title has sold in huge quantities. The newer Selects and Greatest Hits overall inventory are usually less total numbers making it more rare; depending how many more sales it has by the end of a console cycle.

However around a year or so ago, Nintendo no longer includes game manuals for the WiiU games. Recently some WiiU and Wii games were released as Selects at a much cheaper price. However, none will include a game manual! :?

New Nintendo Selects officially announced for North America

Nintendo has officially confirmed the newest wave of Nintendo Selects for North America. Several Wii U, 3DS, and Wii games will be joining the lineup next month.

Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, NES Remix Pack, Yoshi’s New Island, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Mario Party: Island Tour, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Super Mario All-Stars will be dropped to $19.99. This starts on March 11.

Disregarding the overly light blue WiiU color, here are all of the Nintendo Select box art:

Nintendo Selects 02-11-2016.jpg
Nintendo Selects 02-11-2016.jpg (200.22 KiB) Viewed 4889 times

WiiU Pikmin 3
The Selects version has no manual, just a flyer pointing to an online manual at Nintendo. The online game manual of course will eventually go away as Nintendo moves on to their next console. Finding the original game with manual at Gamestop is a very long shot. There are sellers online that sometimes sell game manuals separately.

Here is an Ebay link for Pikmin Case and Manual initially showing all 225 sold. It appears now as the last copy sells, another is placed. Maybe a few buyers did not come thru; the Seller (99.89% Positive Feedback) is now only adding just one unit at a time until all transactions are closed. :?:

Pikmin 3 Wiiu Wii u - REPLACEMENT CASE & INSTRUCTIONS - NO GAME <$8.98 Shipped>

Oh and I found a Gamestop that did have a USED copy of WiiU Pikmin 3 for $18.99; the original release with game manual! The game was just traded in two days before, hoo yeah I got it! The cover is faded, but the game disc, manual and flyer inside are all pristine. Fortunately I have a replacement case and manual ordered from Ebay; the cover for one game and the manual for the Selects version. After purchasing the two games and order the replacement docs online, still cheaper then the original price of $59.99. :mrgreen:

The Pikmin series has always been a pricey rare item since first released on the Gamecube

No worries on the faded cover original; a replacement Case, Cover, and Manual on the way! :D
WiiU Pikmin 3 Original And Selects.JPG
WiiU Pikmin 3 Original And Selects.JPG (106.44 KiB) Viewed 4907 times

Wii Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition
Once again, the additional content is not included in the newer Selects release. The Game Manual, CD in Red Case and History Booklet are only in the original Limited Edition.


:idea: Some weeks back, in anticipation for the U.S. release of Wii Selects Super Mario All Stars, I went online and ordered the CD with Red Case and History Book. Not a bad price, Ebay listings averaging around ten bucks shipped CIB. I was so tempted to buy it sealed for a crisp book inside, but went with a seller that displayed the CD opened advertising NEW condition with multiple closeup pictures of CD, Case and History Booklet.

To think I passed up the red cased CD a year ago at a local Thrift Store! Ah, well this one is CIB with the booklet. :mrgreen:


Discovered a CIB with outer box - Just missing the Soundtrack replaced above
To CIB your Wii Super Mario All Stars search Gamestop local stores. A very very slim chance one location just might have the extra Soundtrack CD Red Case and History Book. The rarest item would be the outer cardboard box to hold both game case and soundtrack case.

Currently on EBay the price for a CIB Soundtrack with History Book is only ten dollars! As the word gets out on the bare bones Wii Selects Super Mario All Stars, the bonus material will definitely go up in price!


WiiU Pikmin 3 - Gamestop Used $18.99 / Download $59.99 :lol:

Wii Super Mario All Stars - Gamestop Used $18.99

Wii Super Mario All Stars Soundtrack - Ebay $9.99 ... d&_sacat=0

NTSC English Pikmin 3 PDF Manual

PAL English Pikmin 3 PDF Manual ... in3_EN.pdf

Other WiiU and Wii PDF Manuals

Mario Mahem Replacement PDF Manuals

CRTGAMER wrote:1. Buy WiiU Pikmin 3 while you can, the disc version will definitely shoot up in price!

2. Buy the original Wii Super Mario All Stars if you want at least the Game Manual. Search ALL the Gamestop locations, just maybe on a slim chance might find the Outer Cardboard Box, History Book and Sound Track CD.
- OR -
3. Wii Mario All Stars Bonus Sound Track with History Book is currently averaging for only ten dollars online. Buy the newer Selects or Original locally and order the bonus material online from Ebay IMMEDIATELY. That bonus CD Red DVD Case with History Book will also shoot up in price as other buyers scramble to "CIB" the newer Selects incomplete release. As mentioned earlier, the rarest item of this game would be the original release Outer Cardboard Box for holding both cases!

All my Movie cardboard sleeves and game cardboard boxes get the "BookOff Comic Bag" treatment to keep the cardboard crisp clean. I have surplus standard DVD bags from BookOff and for larger boxes a plastic bag cut to size with sides sealed with clear tape. The top flap just folds over so game can easily be removed and played. :idea:

Note the red tabs on the top right that were trimmed off the inside of the red case. The History Book (thicker then game manual) can be damaged by the clips which are standard design for a second disc holder. Since there is no second disc inside the red case, best to remove the clips.

Wii Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition.JPG
Wii Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition.JPG (92.74 KiB) Viewed 4907 times

Re: Wii Gamecube Guide - WiiU and Wii Selects vs Original

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:37 pm
by jmbarnes101
I found the CD, case, and book for $8 shipped. While I would prefer the original bundle with the outer box I'm ok with the cheaper version and the extra case.