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Re: Wii Laser Replacement Guide - Wii Thread - Club Nintendo

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:10 pm

UPDATE: The pics are in the Eighth Reply Below


Older Notices, There is only a week to go:


I managed to squeeze in a few more games to login just over the minimum of 600 coins. Will the Pin Button Set be offered again? Maybe just maybe something better? I'll post here once I find out.

One can hope for a unique controller. :wink:


Of note there are also some Coin Changes!
James Newton wrote: ... n_1st_july

The number of Club Nintendo Coins you'll get for registering certain games will change on 1st July.

For some games, the number will decrease; for some, it'll increase. If you want to see whether you should register those games now or wait until 1st July, check out our handy charts, straight from Club Nintendo.




Wii Laser Replacement Guide - Wii Thread - Kirby Epic Yarn

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:46 pm
Kirby's Epic Yarn


I have held off on this game for quite a while, it had an impression of just a gimmicky kids game. Since I recently performed a NES Controller Mod Conversion, I have been on a hunt for any sideways control compatible games, even created a Wii Sideways NES Control Games List Thread.

This is the first thing that hits you. The screen is full of pastels with the background just popping out as if looking at a real quilt. The grab buttons really look like real buttons off a sweater.

Ball of Yarn
The second thing that hits is Kirby no longer sucks in enemies! The yarn approach offers a new style of gaming over just gobbling enemies. Kirby can lasso the yarn out as in Indiana Jone's Whip. Strike enemies, peel open panels and grab objects to hang from. There are even zippers that can be opened to drag part of the background over.


Quilty Square
As Kirby progresses thru the levels, collect prizes to decorate his house. This puts in a mini game of sorts, the hunt to unlock all the prizes. A simple Sims game, the walls can get new wall paper and even individual furniture collected can get new upholstery. Taken a step further, striped upholstery can get resized with fatter stripes or changed to diagonal stripes for example.


Special Vehicles
Kirby can change into a fast moving car by tapping twice in one direction. He can also change into other vehicles by grabbing the power up patch. Vehicles include a Submarine, Fire truck, Flying Saucer, Off Road Vehicle, and a Tank. The Flying Saucer is a blast in sucking up things with the traction beam. When operating as a Tank, rotate the turret up and down with a twist of the remote. This works fine combined with the modded NES Gamepad. I hold the Remote in the left hand to aim, shoot and drive with the NES Pad on the right. This puts a new form of TwinStick game play or in this case TwinPad. 8)

Rotate Turret with a tilt of the Remote.

Kirby's Epic Yarn is a relatively easy game. Intriguing for older gamers because of all the discoveries with the different vehicles. I have only gone thru a few levels and eagerly look forward to new vehicles which add new game play. The Dpad control is very tight reminiscent of the older 8 bit consoles. The sideways NES control is intuitive and perfect for this platformer game. :mrgreen:

NES Controller Mod: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30455&p=605853#p605853
UGO Review
IGN Review:
All the Vehicles:



Re: Club Nintendo Point Change July 1 - Kirby Epic Yarn Revi

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:47 pm

Confirmed any coins registered over 600 is also lost at the July 1st reset. This is separate of the "store" redemption which has two Nintendo years. I'm glad I held off registering the other games and answering the Post Plays for additional coins. I can start building up the Platinum again for next year. A pain considering some games dropped in value, however a few went up.

Club Nintendo took away the comparison chart, the site only shows the current coin value. The original charts that shows the before and after values are at the first Reply at the top of this page.

After seeing the Elite Status Reset, I had a concern if I will get the Platinum Gift. I confirmed that the Platinum Staus is in for 2012. Go to the Account & Coins section. It lists a history of all the points entered. At the very bottom is the Elite Status History. 8)

A very active Forum concerning Club Nintendo. Good read with current buzz.
Clipper wrote:

If you achieve Elite Status, you will get a choice of gifts to choose from in July that will be sent out at some time between October and December. You need to confirm your choice and address in July to ensure you will receive the free gift. The Gold Status has always been a set of desktop calenders featuring Nintendo art for the next year. The Platinum prize is usually a choice of the Gold prize or some other special collectible gift. Here is a summary of the Platinum prizes so far:

'08-'09: Choice between a plush Mario hat or the exclusive Doc Louis' Punch-Out!! game on Wiiware.
'09-'10: Mario and friends figurine.
'10-'11: Set of 25 Mario pin badges
'11-'12: ???

Your Elite Status resets each year and there's no carry over of extra coins from one year to the next, so some people keep their surveys for later years to ensure they won't miss out on the Platinum gift.

The timeline for each Club Nintendo year is typically as follows:
July 1 - June 30: Earn coins
July 1: Discover prizes (usually around midday PDT)
Remainder of July: Fill in choice of gift survey
October-December: Gifts are sent out and received

The following table summarises the coins you can earn for each type of eligible product you can register. Note that older games and some other selected titles may not apply.


Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus with the Balance Board went up to a 100 coins!
No announcement yet on this years gift, I'm still hoping for a controller.


This is strange, why would the 2013 Elite Staus show up and as not qualified?

2013 Elite Status: Did Not Qualify (0 coins)
2012 Elite Status: Platinum (630 coins)

Anyone else have 2013 pop up in their History Status?

Club Nintendo Point Change July 1 - The Munchables Review

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:58 pm
The Munchables - Bandai/Namco

While I wait for the Club Nintendo award to be announced, I tried my luck at playing another unusual game. At first glance it looks like just another cutesy shovelware title for which the Wii system is over saturated with. A surprise, The Munchables is developed by Bandai/Namco, the same team that brought the Katamari series for the PS2. The music is quirky just like Katamari.

Game Play
Choose a game character either Chomper or Munchy who resembles Kirby. Both could pass for Pokemon characters. Use the Nunchuck stick to move around the screen eating enemies who are not bigger then you. Larger enemies can be knocked down to smaller clones by crashing into them with a charge attack. The smaller clones can be eaten if they are smaller then Munchy but be careful, the duplicates merge to become the larger enemy again. So its a charge, eat and dodge strategy.


Similar in Katamari, as enemies are eaten the game character grows larger. This allows Munchy to travel to new locations in the screen by either jumping a fence or eating a powerup on top of a cannon or fountain. The cannon can literally throw you off, sometimes getting shot to a far away section of the landscape.

Collecting Stuff
Everything you collect goes to a Tabemon Encyclopedia which gives a picture and description of what you ate. This puts a bit of Pokemon gotta catch them all into the mix. A reference trophy case of what still needs to be collected. 8)


Munch Button
I hate how the Munch command button has to be continually tapped to eat the enemies. This really puts a damper on the game, imagine playing Pacman and continually having to hit a fire button to eat the pellets. The Wii Remote or Nunchuck do not have Auto Fire built in. Not even third party Wii controllers, unless one imports from the UK. Fortunately there is an easy work around to gain the continual munch. :D

The Munchables game has a selection of controls to pick from. Unlike most Wii games that only support the Remote and Nunchuck, the Classic and now getting rare to see in a Wii game; the Gamecube controller can be selected. The additional control capability offer a couple huge advantages.

1. Some Third Party Gamecube controllers have Auto Fire.

2. With a Playstation controller adapter, certain PS1/PS2 Arcade Sticks can be used. Most Arcade Sticks have an Auto Fire mode, great for enabling the munch command. The trick is finding a combo adapter Arcade Stick setup that allows the arcade stick to emulate the analog stick. An older PS1 Blaze Twin Arcade Stick works but not a PS2 Thrustmaster Arcade Stick for example.

3. Certain PSX adapters such as the Mayflash Classic Controller have an Auto Fire button built right in the adapter. A Sony Dual Shock works perfect and gains with the auto fire.

Collect certain items to temporarily gain a powerup, I found two so far. A vacuum to suck in enemies similar to Kirby, but not just in front but all the way around Munchy. The other item is a Quake power which continually drops like a giant hammer knocking down the enemies. Perhaps one of the unlock characters later on the game might have an auto munch capability?

There are boss levels each requiring a different approach to beat. Some need to be hit from behind with a charge attack, the grape boss was confusing at first. Ricocheting the thrown grapes back was the key.


Adam Glasgow wrote:

Upon completing a level your character bends over and pushes out what looks to be those plastic capsules that cheap vending machine toys come inside of. Even worse, your mentor is covered in these anal projectiles as they fly from your rear-end. Even worse, the more he's covered, the more thrilled he seems to be. They look like, you guessed it, big steamy piles of crazy colored dookie. I can only imagine how they got away with an "E" rating.

Each game includes a bonus sticker inside the case. These are usually hard to come by when buying the game used. I was lucky to get two different stickers from two different gamestop locations. I have the Broccoli and Mushroom Bosses, not sure which one is more rare. A search of Google images only popped up these two, I wonder if there are others? This is as bad as trying to get the complete toy collection out of cereal boxes.


The original website is gone. A shame it had extras that could be downloaded.
If anyone can find an archive, please post!
Josh Thomas wrote:

Bandai Namco has opened up their official website for The Munchables. You can find all sorts of videos, wallpapers and info on the game here. You can even pop into the shop and order some Munchables merchandise.

The Munchables is aimed at the younger crowd. However, older gamers can enjoy it due to the unique quirkiness of the game. The munch button can be tiring, so be sure to find an auto fire method as described above. The game itself is a concoction mix of Pacman, Cubivore and Katamari. Its not as satisfying as Katamari but still a good bite of a game. :wink:

Artwork Images:
Review: ... ables-(Wii)-Review.htm
Review: ... hables.htm
Review: ... unchables/

Munchables PDF Manual: ... aditemid=8

Similar Games
Cubivore review: viewtopic.php?f=2&p=529160#p529160
Katamari Review: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=25806&p=326982#p326982

Re: Club Nintendo Point Change July 1 - The Munchables Revie

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:04 pm
by XxBroBuzzxX

Re: Club Nintendo Point Change July 1 - The Munchables Revie

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:44 pm
by Flake
My 2013 elite status is also 'not qualified'.

Club Nintendo Coin Value Change - The Munchables Review

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:59 pm
XxBroBuzzxX wrote: ...

Best I could get. :/
Just an Adobe Flash Download Prompt and the bottom Bandai Namco bar. Ah well thanks anyways, maybe the The Munchables Downloads are buried somewhere on some other site?

Flake wrote:My 2013 elite status is also 'not qualified'.
I did just one Post Play survey just to see what would happen with just ten points. The 2013 status changed to "Not Qualified Ten Coins". However on the Front Page the progress bar shows 290 Coins to go. Looks like once 300 coins is hit, the 2013 "Not Qualified" should change to "Qualified". Meh, I'll wait until the prize is announced before I enter any more coins.

Japan 2011 Awards
I hope the Mario Pillow is NOT offered. It is just a square foam cutout with an outer cloth, easily can be home made. I would jump on the sound tracks if a choice is allowed. Bring on the SNES to Wii Classic Controller! Its now July 6 and still no announcement. :?


Club Nintendo US 2012 Gold Platinum with Pictures Wii Thread

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:37 pm
Club Nintendo 2012 Gold and Platinum Awards
Okay this year is absolute crap! After all my teases of what Japan gets, Platinum gets stuck with Playing Cards or Posters. There are also the boring calender or various recycled game downloads. :roll:

SIGH. I'll just get the stupid cards I guess. At least they have a unique see thru clear edge.

Paper or Plastic for your six hundred dollar purchase
The average Nintendo Club member spends a dollar for each Gold Coin invested. This puts the money spent on Nintendo products at $300.00 to achieve Gold and $600.00 to reach Platinum. Next year could get worse and go to just all downloads. Just maybe it might be huge after Nintendo gets enough compaints. I think out of this years measly lot, the see thru plastic playing cards might be the most collectable.

Mario Playing Cards

Luigi - Zelda - Kid Icarus Poster Set

2012 Awards - Paper or Plastic or Digital Nothingness

Club Nintendo US 2012 Gold Platinum with Pictures Wii Thread

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:09 am
Ordered the Mario Playing Cards. Oh boy, I am so excited.

Club Nintendo wrote:Order Accepted
We will distribute the gifts before the end of December.

Your Elite Status Reward will be distributed before the end of December, 2012. You will receive a confirmation email when it has shipped. Click Reward Order Inquiry on your Club Nintendo home page to view your order status. Please allow 30 minutes for the order to appear in your Club Nintendo account.


Re: Club Nintendo US 2012 Gold Platinum with Pictures Wii Th

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:18 am
by xan_racketBOY_fan
really lame ... the year I finally get Platinum status, I get to choose between two rewards that are essentially already available. I should just opt for the stupid calendar again, just for shits and giggles.