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Re: Wii and Gamecube Thread - Tatsunoko Stick - Rayman Orig

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:20 pm
Rayman Origins - 2D Gameplay on the Wii


A return of the 2D platformer Rayman. Thanks to the popularity of cell phone "Flash" 2D gaming, games with Retro roots are available on the current consoles. Instead of the latest 3D maneuver with camera control, Rayman Origins takes the simpler 2D approach and throws in surprises at every level. There are elements in the game that play homage to older games, renewed for a newer audience.

What I really like is the way the game reels you in just like the original NES Super Mario Bros. Even when there is a spot where you miss a jump, I can really see the addiction trying again, learning the obstacle. In failing, a pleasant anticipation to take and win that roller coaster ride again. Think of gameplay of a great platformer and throw in every weird cartoon from Ren and Stimpy or other strange Adult Swim cartoons and you get the idea.

The key to a great game is how tight the controls are. Wii Rayman Origins offers multiple ways to play. An Arcade stick can also be used.

Wii Remote Turned Sideways
DPad - Movement
B Button - Hold to Sprint
1 Button - Punch, Hold for Power Attack
2 Button - Jump, Hold to Fly

Nunchuck Attached
Control Stick - Movement
Z Button - Hold to Sprint
B Button - Punch, Hold for Power Attack
A Button - Jump, Hold to Fly

Classic Controller
Left Analog Stick - Movement
ZR Button - Hold to Sprint
Y Button - Punch, Hold for Power Attack
B Button - Jump, Hold to Fly

Tatsunko Capcom Fight Stick
Arcade Stick - Movement
R or ZR Button - Hold to Sprint
A Button - Punch, Hold for Power Attack
B Button - Jump, Hold to Fly

The Wii Remote turned sideways gives a great rendition of playing the game as the NES GamePad just like the original Super Mario Bros. I prefer the Arcade stick, hitting the buttons to make the jumps and punching. Just like playing an Arcade Cab, I'm finding myself slapping the button one more time after missing a jump. :D

Jibberish Jungle
Jungle themed levels, here is where you obtain the attack skill. Get you feet wet literally learning the platformer skills, riding water falls and jumping at vines, cliffs and the helping hands of Swingmen.


Desert of Dijiridoos
Musical themed levels, learn how to glide in this set of levels. A fun level, bounce off Drums, climb Didgeridoo and jump on birds balancing on musical scales. Stay too long on the bird beak and they drop down the note scale. Subtle elements such as the piano key sounds as Rayman runs on the ivory really add to the game. The musical wind instruments provide the air to help Rayman glide over the enemies.


In some levels you ride a segmented Didgeridoo. Now where did I see riding a snake in an old Arcade? It is the dragon in the SHMUP Syvalion! I am loving how Rayman Origins brings back obscure forms of game play to rediscover!


Gourmand Land
Food themed levels, gain the ability to shrink to go thru narrow passages. On one level, there are ice blocks to break thru. Very satisfying crashing thru a whole row of ice blocks Mr Driller style. Be careful when digging under large food cans. Reminiscent of Dig Dug or Rockford, a large can might drop and crush Rayman. When dispatching an enemy, they inflated and slowly float harmlessly away. Very satisfying to jump up and popping the bubble. Be sure to rescue Betilla and her sisters in each set of levels. They will grant a power up when freed.


Sea of Serendipity
Gain swimming skills and dive into the deep blue sea. I see inspiration from Sega Genesis Ecco the Dolphin in the water levels. Swim in the ocean around sea life and caverns. Avoid any sea creatures with spikes, a gentle touch is needed at times to get pass the glowing "Jellyfish" eels. In deeper caverns, stay with lighted sea creatures to avoid getting grabbed by giant claws.


Mystical Pique
Mountain levels, learn running up the side of a hill power. Think of Hot Wheels or Sonic running the loops. The opening level Moseying the Mountain is very difficult, a chase to rescue the Nymph.

Beat the Mountain
This is a very fast paced level, you have to keep up with the caged nymph running away while scaling a mountain. The run button must be held at times while simultaneously hitting the Jump Button to clear obstacles.

CRTGAMER wrote:Green and brown vines are safe to land on, black vines will instantly kill Rayman. STAY AWAY FROM BLACK VINES!

I found the Arcade Stick the best option for the tightest control and holding of the run button. The stick is operated by the left hand used for movement, offering a quick change of direction. The layout of the buttons are perfect, the bottom row of buttons are utilized for easy access.


The bottom left two buttons are Jump and Punch, idea for the primary index finger of the right hand. Either bottom two right buttons are for running and can be held with either the pinky or third finger. 8)

Start out be holding the Run button, run to the right. A caged nymph will plead for your help to free her, let the race begin! Keep holding the run button and chase after her. Leap for the first vine, keep holding the stick to the right, then push the jump button when the vine swings all the way to the right.

Mystical Pique The Mountain.JPG
Mystical Pique The Mountain.JPG (139.18 KiB) Viewed 5286 times

Note that as you frantically try to keep up, vines appear and grow platforms. Black vines intertwine which must be avoided. When you get too close on a jump between black vines temporarily let go of the Run Button. Hold it down again when you have a clear path, even if a short run. Jump pass the first set of black vines, scale the green vine and then the short cliff to the right.

Jump and grab the two swinging vines, be sure to hold the stick to the left and leap only after the vine swings all the way to the left. Bounce off the cliff and small platform to the right and immediately punch thru the wooden wall. Jump to the right again to the large green "bounce melon" and leap up.

This is the tricky part, the narrow vertical shaft. The black vines grow rapidly below you, quicky tap the Jump Button while moving the stick sideways. The idea is a rapid back and forth jump up the shaft. Clear the shaft and leap up into the rising air.

Hold the Jump button to ride the wind upwards, let go to drop a little when a black vine grows above you. Push to the right, fly up and then push to the right. The flight is a slower pace, but care must be taken not to hit any black vines. Land on the cliff to the right and follow the Nymph.

Take a breather while the caged Nymph above hovers in the circle of one of the black vines above. There is a bounce melon in the middle, but DO NOT JUMP UP AND TRY TO HOVER INSIDE THE VINE. You came this far and don't want to get killed this close to the end. Walk under the black vine where the Nymph is floating. She then hovers over to the other black vine. This is the trick, bait her to move, run to the bounce melon in the middle then leap up and knock the cage loose. To leap higher, hold down on the stick, then tap the jump button to fly up and shatter the cage.

Okay finally, you rescued the Nymph! Go to the exit on the right to save the level, greet Betilla and all the Bodacious Nymphs of the Glade. Hey I didn't make that up, its quoted right out of the game manual. :lol:


As you progress thru the inner mountain, run upside down at times to avoid spikes. Sometimes you run on a large wheel like a lumberjack on a floating log, leaping at the last minute. Other times after running the loop, leap out and catch a monkeys tail.

SHMUP Levels
The final Boss Battle of each world are side scrolling Flying Moskito Shootem Up levels. Ride a mosquito and shoot spitballs bullets at the enemy. The mosquito has an inspired Kirby capability of sucking in an enemy or missile which in turn can be used as a missile spitball to kill a row of targets. This works great in killing bosses such as the Angry Bird look alike Mocking Bird Boss. Oh, this is so much fun making the fat yellow bird squawk! :lol:


Replay Value
YES! The levels are so much fun, addicting and such a wide variety. I have not completed the game and already replaying levels. Going back to the first SHMUP Moskito level, the large Bird Boss is a blast to kill. :mrgreen:

A level is over when won and the fat lady sings. Now go back in and beat your score.


Up to four players on the screen at once slapping enemies or each other silly. I really need to drag some friends over and try this out. I can see this being the most addicting part of the game. :D


Collectors Edition
There is a Collectors Edition, but only for the 360 and PS3 in the Europe market. Includes a 50 page Hardcover Art Book, Soundtrack, Cardboard Foldout and Collectors Edition packaging.


Editorial Comment
Rayman Origins is normally the type of game that would be a Download purchase. Ubisoft took a chance and packaged the game as a retail disc which has not sold as well as expected. Both ToysRUs and Gamestop have reduced the price of the once priced at $69.99 game to $19.99 to reduce inventory. This is fortunate for anyone buying the game now, but unfortunate this type of game Genre may be destined to remain just a download. :?

MATTHEW STEWART of Gameranx wrote:As many of you probably already know from first-hand experience, Rayman Origins will be passed over by most, which is understandable. So, if you haven't followed Rayman Origins closely, allow me the pleasure of informing you – this game is no less inspired, relevant, and downright fun than Super Mario World was during its heyday. However, unlike Mario, Origins is the antithesis of what sells in its era. It's a light, cute and endearing 2D platformer, standing in sharp contrast to the violent, gritty, realistic games comprising the majority of any retailer's shelves.

But don't mistake this game for a dinosaur. In every way possible, Rayman Origins carries the torch of its ancestors into the modern era, reminding those of us in our 20s and 30s why we fell in love with series like Super Mario Brothers, Sonic, and Earthworm Jim.

Rayman Origins is a brilliant statement at the end of a long-lost, all but dead genre. Its prose, constructed by Michel Ancel and Ubisoft, tells its audience about a type of game that was to the 16-bit era as the FPS is to today's consoles.

Why Rayman does not have Arms or Legs
Rayman PC wrote:Appearance
Rayman was originally designed to simply be an athletic character and to have a full body, but because it could not be fully rendered even on games consoles in the mid-90s, he was left without arms, legs and a neck – his hands, feet and head float around his body. The Manual of Rayman Origins gives out a new explanation for Rayman's limblessness: the lack of Lums had the consequence of preventing the creation of his limbs.


References ... nx-review/ ... n-origins/

Like platformers? Another gem, Kim Possible on the PS2


Re: Wii and Gamecube Thread - Tatsunoko Stick - Rayman Orig

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:19 am
by Michi
I've really been meaning to get Rayman Origins. Perhaps I'll see if they have a sealed copy when I'm out tomorrow. I did just get paid so.....

Re: Wii and Gamecube Thread - Tatsunoko Stick - Rayman Orig

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:29 am
by jmbarnes101
I just wanted to let you know that this is one of my favorite threads on the site. Please keep the posts coming.

Re: Wii and Gamecube Thread - Tatsunoko Stick - Rayman Orig

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:04 pm
Rayman Origins Review Updated
Thanks for the Replies and positive feedback. :D

I updated my review at the top, I'll continue to add to my review of Rayman Origins there as I progress thru the levels and discover new things in the game. It certainly is addicting, anyone who has not bought it yet, should snag it from Gamestop while still on sale.

Re: Wii and Gamecube Thread - Tatsunoko Stick - Rayman Orig

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:34 pm
by valgalder
bought Rayman a few weeks ago at Toys R Us online for 20 bucks.. what a steal.. this game absolutely is awesome. Loved the original Rayman when it came out on the Jaguar.. still a great platform game and the new one is so vast and beautiful, and plays fantastic. Only bad part is I only currently have a smallish and old CRT tv so it definitely doesn't do the game justice - not to mention this game zooms itself out very far frequently so it makes it very hard to play on a small tv. Not the games fault though! Can't wait to finish it.

Wii and Gamecube Thread - Rayman Origin - Sega Nights Dream

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:15 pm
Nights Journey of Dreams
A good game becomes a great game with the right control.


A respite from Rayman Origins, while I try another game. I added a walkthru to beat the first mountain in Mystical Pique, its behind the SHOW Button in the Reply at the top. I'll continue to add to my review of Rayman Origins as I progress thru the levels. Meanwhile, my thoughts on a great classic Sega game.

Sega Saturn - Nights Into Dreams
First released on the Sega Saturn as Nights Into Dreams, a unique game that gave the perception of flying. Sega also sold a holiday theme version titled Christmas Nights.



Ahead of its time, Sega Saturn Nights Into Dreams included a 3D Controller, an Analog stick which was retailed before the N64 console and Playstation Dual Shock in the U.S. market. Prior to this, the only game consoles that had Analog sticks were the Vectrex and Atari 5200. The Sega Saturn 3D Analog Controller is really needed for Nights, it adds to the illusion of free flight, spinning the stick for Nights to do tight loops in the air.

The perfect Nights Controller, Sega Saturn 3D Analog Controller


Imagine if the Dreamcast had a version of Nights Into Dreams with its controller!

Sony PS2 - Nights Into Dreams
Yes there is a PS2 version, but only as an Import from Japan. It can be installed to a fat PS2 hard drive, so no Mod Chip is needed. Improved graphics, it is a faithful remake to the Saturn version. To see how the Saturn version looks, there is a Saturn Graphic option available in the game. I really like using the PS2 Dual Shock, it feels just right rolling in flight. :mrgreen:

Racketboy wrote:


It has been seven years since Sega left the hardware business to publish their games for other platforms. We’ve seen countless Sonic games on the Gamecube, XBox, and PS2, so you think that, by now, bringing NiGHTS to the PS2 would be no big deal. But there are still a handful of Sega fans that feel that the world has turned upside down now that the original NiGHTS into Dreams is running on the PS2. Not only does it sting a bit to see it on the nemesis Sony hardware, but it decreases some of the magical allure that the Saturn had in this former exclusive.

I don’t care if you are the most hardcore of Sega fanboys or not, seeing the fresh PS2 port of NiGHTS is enough to get your saliva glands cranking. As great as the Saturn original was, it was still a little rough around the edges in some parts of the graphics. The PS2 version looks true to the original only with every little inch polished to a smooth and shiny finish.


Crazy Regular wrote: ... s2-remake/

Recently, I got my hands on a copy of PS2 Nights Into Dreams remake and played all the way through it. After giving it a lot of thought, I feel I'm ready to give it a review.

First off, I have to say the biggest thing that gets noticed first by anyone who played the original is the graphics. They're gorgeous. In that department, Sonic Team did a wonderful job. Everything looks up to date and beautiful. I can't praise them enough for that. The dreams, characters, etc just feel like they have new life brought into them. Then again, the graphical update was one of the main points of the remake in the first place. To a gamer that hasn't played NiD before or even heard of it at all, they might not make the game all that special, but still nice anyway. If you never played the Saturn version, you can play the game under the original graphics and everything. It even keeps your same scores, which is nice too.

One of the things I noticed early on while playing, was that the physics and the controls are different from that of the Saturn. Granted, things work basically the way they did before, but the problem is that if you're used to the way the Saturn version played, the PS2 version is so easy that its hard. I know that sounds weird, but its true. Someone completely new to NiD probably wouldn't have a problem with this, but the veteran players will need time to adjust. One of the things I did like about the easier controls though was that its now easier to pull off acrobatics while you have a ribbon, therefore allowing you to boost your score more and making it easier to get a "Dreamy !!!".

On a more positive note, they left the soundtrack completely as it was. Everything about that was as it was in the Saturn game, which pleased me as a veteran fan of the game. Some of the sound effects were changed, but it wasn't that big of a deal to me.

What was nice was that once you beat the whole game and got A's on all 7 dreams, you unlock the Christmas NiGHTS dream. :shock:

You can choose to play as Elliot or Claris, of course. Once you get A's with both characters, you unlock alternate costumes for them. Unfortunately, you can't play the Saturn version of the dream. What really broke my heart with this though was that a good chunk of the game was taken out by taking out the whole memory game present unlocking system. Apparently, you unlock all the kinds of things that you would have on CNiD by playing through and doing certain things in NiD itself. Sonic into Dreams was also not in the game, so that seriously disappointed me. My feeling is that the presents were one of the major points of playing CNiD in the first place.

Something I did like was being able to exit a dream partway through, skip cutscenes, and the credits without having to reset. Granted I love the credits and cutscenes, but some times when I wanna play all the dreams all the way through, I don't feel like sitting through both endings and the credits twice. Also, you have the option of having it automatically save your data or doing it manually, which I also like. The only Japanese menus in the game for the most part are the save menus. You don't really need to know any Japanese to figure it out though. The left option is yes, which is what you want.

Another issue that upset me was the lack of 2 player VS mode, where one player plays as NiGHTS and the other as Reala. The battle goes the same way it would in normal one player mode in the Reala battle. The objective is to paraloop the other player 3 times before they do it to you. The lack of this in the remake saddened me a lot.

I liked the additional seasonal events added to the game. It of course had the CNiD option of playing as Reala on April Fool's Day in Spring Valley. However, now on July 20, you can play as Claris in a swim suit in Splash Garden. You can also play as Elliot in a swim suit in Splash Garden on August 31. Also, for the month of October, you can play as NiGHTS in a gray Halloween costume and Claris dressed up as a witch in Mystic Forest. On October 31, you can play as Elliot in mystic forest with a Dracula costume and NiGHTS in a gray Halloween costume.

All in all, its a good attempt at a remake. There are some things that could have been better, but Sonic Team did a good job overall. It is definitely worth getting, especially the full Nightopia Dreampack version because that has the NiGHTS story book. However, I wouldn't get rid of your Sega Saturns if you have them. People who haven't played the original versions of NiD and CNiD wouldn't notice a lot of the issues I mentioned. What I liked was that they mentioned Yuji Naka under special thanks in the credits as well as thanking all the people who played the original games.

My rating for this game would be 8/10. There was nothing wrong with the game itself, but my feeling is that it left too much out from the original CNiD. I would still recommend you buy this game, though. You'll have to have your PS2 modded or get a Swap Magic, but its well worth it. After all, the game is region locked.

Nintendo Wii - Nights Journey Of Dreams
The latest incarnation, an exclusive to the Wii. Take the Saturn upped Graphics of the PS2 version and kick up the graphics another notch for the Wii very dreamy version. This game has mixed reviews, I think the disappointing reviews because of two reasons.

1. The non skippable story mode before each level begins. Some parts can be skipped, but too much on how to play, just let me play already!

2. The Controls, Motion Controls just do not do the game justice.

Once both of these are overcome, the game itself is very good. Not a 3D game and not 2D either, more of a 2.5D in a sense. Some of the muddled dialog has to be sat thru so patience is required here. There different methods of control, some really bad, some okay and a couple undocumented very good controls.

The Controls - Barrel Roll Test
Innovative at the time, the Saturn Analog controls were perfect for this game. The PS2 release also made great use of the Analog stick. The Wii version followed thru with Motion Controls, so I gave it a go. The Remote is used to point the icon on the screen and direct Nights to fly here or there. It does not convey the controlled sense of flight as in the older Nights of Saturn and PS2 consoles. I feel like I am just pointing where Nights must fly as an observer.

Next I hooked up the Nunchuck which offers a more direct control. its better but not there yet. The Nunchuck has Nintendo's trademark segmented stops that were introduced in the N64 controller, the dreaded Analog Stick Octagon stops. Great for diagonal moves, utter crap for circular motion needed in this game.

Come Fly With Me
I then tried the Classic Control route using various controllers. I do not have a Classic Controller but have a few other choices. I really want to sink into actually flying nights and not just an observer pointing where to go.


Tatsunko Capcom Arcade Stick
Any Classic Control Game definitely gets a test run with the Arcade stick. It works and very well, but just has eight directions on the stick. Doing the barrel roll is okay, just doesn't seem to translate very smoothly as I spin the stick.

Mayflash PSX Adaptor and EagleMax Flightstick
A flying game deserves a tryout with a Flight Stick. The Sony PS1 Flightstick does not work so I tried out my Eagle Max. It is a lot smoother translation "curving" the flight vs the Nunchuck or Arcade Stick. The Flightstick is best used when going into the forward view segments of the game.

The EagleMax Flightstick has a unique feature of swapping control of the right and left Analog sticks. Nights can be moved forward and backwards with the P1 P2 Strafe Lever. Up and down is controlled by the Throttle Wheel. This puts a "Spinner" style control, a new way to fly thru the rings! :shock:

EagleMax Act Labs PS48P.jpg
EagleMax Act Labs PS48P.jpg (250.49 KiB) Viewed 5266 times

Mayflash PSX Adapter and PS2 Dual Shock
As in the PS2 and Saturn, the Dual Shock is the perfect controller for Nights Dreams. This really emphasizes how smooth the barrel rolls can be controlled vs the octagon stops of the Nunchuck or a Classic Controller.

CRTGAMER wrote:The Dual Shock is so much smoother anytime a circular motion must be done with the Analog stick. My advice is get a Mayflash PSX adapter or file off the octagon stops in the Wii Classic Controller.


EDIT - A Proper Nunchuck
I recently picked up a wired Nyko Karma. This is preferred over wireless to save on batteries. The biggest improvement over the original Nunchuck is No Octagon Stops. A complete 360 degree spin of the analog stick in silk smooth turns! This allows a very easy fix for not only Nights, but other games the has been plagued by the dreaded ratchet stops.


This worked so well, I'm tempted to ream out my 1st party Wii Nunchucks. :?

Fly to the Moon
In comparison to the PS2 and Saturn versions you do a lot more flying. No more getting killed and walking around aimlessly trying to get back to a bird cage.

Start the game by flying thru Rings to gain "Speedup" power. Tap any Face Button to speedup. Capture a flying bird then smash the bird cage. Three birds to capture and three cages to smash then its on to the first boss.


The Clown Level
No not Night's jester outfit, but a bouncing clown boss. The game turns into 3d in this level. The idea is to grab the clown and hit him towards the exit. A little tricky, Nights has to be in back of the clown before kicking him forward like a soccer ball. The mesmerizing crazy graphics makes me want to stay, shame it is a time event. Once the clown is beat, fly back down the room and enjoy the sites more leisurely, weird stuff everywhere. :mrgreen:

Nights Journey Clown Boss.jpg
Nights Journey Clown Boss.jpg (83.98 KiB) Viewed 5266 times

I beat the first boss, the clown level is a treat for the eyes. Later levels offer great possibilities with new character powerups such as underwater as a fish for example. The fixed narrative one has to sit thru at the start of every level should have an option to bypass. But you know about waiting for good things, its worth it. Forget using the Remote to point, the Nunchuck or Classic Controller options are not that great either. This is due to the ridged octagon stops of the Nintendo Analog sticks. Only a smooth circular rotation of the Analog stick works in this game, either mod a Classic Controller or get a PSX Mayflash Adapter with a PS1 or PS2 Duel Shock. Only then does the 2.5D flight really pull you in as you spin the stick around and follow the rings up, down and doing barrel rolls. 8)

I prefer the Wii version over the import PS2 Nights which also includes an emulated Saturn version in the disc. No more getting knocked out of the sky, you stay flying as Nights until you die and the graphics are just pure art! I am hoping one of these releases has an unlock for Christmas Nights, not the date stamp but the full levels.



Saturn-PS2 -
Saturn -
PS2 -
Wii -
Wii -

Re: Wii and Gamecube Thread - Rayman Origin - Sega Nights D

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:56 pm
by Forlorn Drifter
Would Nights work with a Gamecube controller? I have one or two modded not to have the hexagon.

Re: Wii and Gamecube Thread - Rayman Origin - Sega Nights D

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:50 pm
Forlorn Drifter wrote:Would Nights work with a Gamecube controller? I have one or two modded not to have the hexagon.

Unfortunately, no. The Mayflash PSX Adaptor and a DUAL Shock works very well though. A shame the Gamecube controller is not supported, there are third party Gamecube controllers that do not have the octagon stops.

I'm curious about your Mod, can you post a couple of pics?

Re: Wii and Gamecube Thread - Rayman Origin - Sega Nights D

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:50 pm
by Forlorn Drifter
Forlorn Drifter wrote:Would Nights work with a Gamecube controller? I have one or two modded not to have the hexagon.

Unfortunately, no. The Mayflash PSX Adaptor and a DUAL Shock works very well though. A shame the Gamecube controller is not supported, there are third party Gamecube controllers that do not have the hexagon stops.

I'm curious about your Mod, can you post a couple of pics?

I don't have a camera or phone with access to internet currently, so I can't put them up. It's just a little slicing done with a small saw. Some kind of blank a guy at school used. It works well, but done incorrectly will allow the stick to fall out. So, you just got figure out how to cut it just right...

Is there a Mayflash for Gamecube to PS2? I'd love that sooo much better...

Re: Wii and Gamecube Thread - Rayman Origin - Sega Nights D

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:35 am
by alienjesus
Just for the record, the gamecube and wii control sticks have OCTAGONS around the outside, not hexagons. (/pedantic mode). Personally, I've never had any problems with the hexagon stopping precise smooth movements. If anything I find that Nintendo's control sticks are the most precise.