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Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Review

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:00 am
by Weekend_Warrior
CRTGAMER wrote:Is this the PS2 FPS Master you own?

Yes it is. I use it on all my third and first-person shooters on PS1, PS2, *Soon to be PS3*, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube, and Wii 8)

Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Rev

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:53 am
Dead Space Extraction


As a PS2 owner, I have always wanted to play the PS3 game. When I watched the Wii video previews on the Nintendo Channel, I knew this is one I had to get. The resemblance to the movie Alien is what really draws me to this game. The PS3 version had high ratings and is played in 3rd person perspective. The Wii is different, played in first person view as a Rail Shooter. But there are times you actually have more control interaction.

This game just screams the movie Alien, only in "Space No One Can Hear You Scream".

Image wrote:

As an on-rails shooter, you probably wouldn’t expect much control depth from Dead Space Extraction, but this here control map shows otherwise. In addition to pointing and shooting, you’ll be able to twist the Wii Remote for alternate fire options, shake the remote to recharge your glow worm, melee attack with left and right swipes of the Nunchuk and so on. Nothing too complex, but still quite a bit more in-depth than the simple pointing, shooting and reloading of most light gun-type games.


The Remote pulls off as a precise instant aim to shoot the Aliens. Twist the remote sideways for an alternate fire mode. This is better then fumbling with a DPad to switch between weapon functions. Speaking of switching weapons, the Nunchuck stick makes for easy without looking switch between four different primary weapons. The Stasis projectile is the best feature, acts as a freeze on the enemy. The Alien gets "Time Frozen" becoming an easy target. Some items such as large fan blades in air ducts can also be temporarily frozen.

Something I have not seen before is the camera shake video settings. The game has a "Horror Movie Camera Bump" that can easily be adjusted in the video setup screen. Adjust the stagger look to your vomit factor. :D


I mentioned earlier about more interaction compared to a regular on the rails shooter. Extraction is still a scripted run but along the way you can open doors and pick up objects. Sometimes you come to a room where the Remote can be used to look around and search for extra weapons, health and various objects. Repair a wiring connection by "soldering the trace" with the Remote. Using the rivet gun to pin a door shut a blast, gotta hurry before the Alien bursts thru. With the darkened rooms, there is the what is lurking around the corner feeling. To help light the way, the Remote acts as a glow stick, shake to light up. This is what really makes the movie Alien and Dead Space Extraction great, all the lighting effects, shadows and trapped in a corridor feeling.

Image Image

My favorite part is the dark air shafts, actually playing the nightmare from the Alien movie. Shake the Remote to recharge the light, then get surprised by an Alien waiting. I love using the flame thrower in the tunnels, burning up the path in front of you. 8)

Now where did I see this before? Just like the previous pic from the movie Alien!


A worthy mention is the outside the ship space suit walks. A real sense of helplessness as one takes the slow untethered leap to various sections of the wreckage. With the heartbeat going in the backgound, I feel like I'm in the movie 2001 Space Oddyssey. Imagine if Bowman had the telekinesis ability to move and capture objects like that. 8)

A second player can jump in anytime in the game by a simple press of a second Wii Remote. There are also graphic novels that can unlocked to view. In addition to the Story mode, there is a Challenge revisit levels without the in game intermissions. I would love to find a hidden unlock to play at least one air shaft level as a full fledged FPS.


If you have a Wii, take a look at the video clips from the Nintendo Channel. There is some great in game footage and insight from the developers. Is this worth the buy? An absolute YES! Deep Space Extraction should have been made as a FPS, sometimes its frustrating when I really want to look around and explore. But for a Rail Shooter its one of the better rides with some added control capability. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Review

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:44 pm
by ZenErik
I didn't like the Wii very much when I first had it, but now I am giving it another shot. Got one yesterday and soft modded it so I can try playing backups before I buy as well as play legitimate imports from Japan.

Also got the Tatsunoko vs Capcom arcade stick. The only game I really played much in my original Wii run.

I will be reading through this thread a bit more when I have time to see what I have been missing.

Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Rev

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:45 pm
Dead Space Extraction
I completed Dead Space Extraction the other day, really a great game. I am drooling for more "Alien" inspired from the movie type of game. I really wish it was a FPS, but maybe some of the atmosphere of the game may have been lost. The "Interactive Movie" really works well in this game. I played the Challenge levels and they don't seem as exciting as the Story mode. But still a lot of fun for the gun fix. Using the Stasis weapon, I can back the Aliens up, making them wait their turn in line to blow the limbs off. :D

Picture uploaded to include with Geometry Wars Galaxies review.

Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Review

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:59 pm
by swiftzx
Awesome CRTgamer, glad you're digging the DS version of Geometry Wars 8) It is one of my favorite DS games.

Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Review

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:45 pm
by Weekend_Warrior
I think CRT is becoming one of my favorite people on this forum. Good posts lately with interesting info. :)

Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Rev

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:37 pm
Golden Eye 007


A great game on the N64, now an updated version for the Wii with the current James Bond Actor Daniel Craig. An FPS, so you only see him during the cut scenes. What is nice is the cut scenes are done just like Dead Space with game graphics, so the scenes flow smoothly with the game play.


Any Wii Control Option
All the Wii Control options can be used. Wii Remote with Nunchuck, Classic Controller and even the Gamecube controller in the Gamecube port. Well maybe not a Wii Balance Board, probably won't work too well for a FPS. :lol:

Any PSX controller
Used with a Mayflash Adaptor I reviewed earlier. I first went right to a PS2 controller, worked well as any FPS on a traditional controled console. I next tried a couple of unusual ones to see if they would work on the Wii with the Mayflash adaptor.

Split Fish EdgeFX
First up was the Split Fish Edge FX Mouse with "Nunchuck". Strange how the the Wii Nunchuck looks like a copy of the earlier released Spitfish controller. This would have been idea, having work great on PS2 FPS games. Unfortunately it did not work.

SmartJoy Frag PS/2 Adaptor
I am very desperate to try a mouse on a Wii FPS, so checked to see if the SmartJoy Frag adaptor might work. It allows any PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard to work on a PS2. Again no dice, looks like the Mayflash will only work with traditional PSX controllers. Not an issue since there are tons of Dual Shock style controllers that work as well or better then the Wii Classic Controllers. On some games, a PSX Arcade stick really adds to intense gameplay. :D

Motion Control
Finally I tried the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. This turned out to be believe it or not, THE tightest precise control for FPS games. As in Lightgun games, an instant aim and shoot any enemy on the screen. No more bumping an analog stick around to keep the sight on target. I still think a mouse might be better, but the "House of the Dead" Lightgun is satisfying. :mrgreen:

DinnerX wrote:For N64 Goldeneye, there's a dual stick control option that uses two N64 controllers. Perfect Dark is the same way.

Wikia wrote:

Dual controller style are designed to be played with a hand on the center grip of each controller. They allow for analog movement, turning, looking, and strafing whereas only two of those can be available at a time on a single controller.

There are special button combinations that function regardless of which control style has been selected.

Reverse Weapon Selection: Press the fire button while the weapon button is held down. Bond will switch through weapons backwards.

Faster Firing: Press the weapon button while the fire button is held down. This is especially useful with pistols.

Automatic Detonator: Press the weapon and action buttons while remote mines are the active weapon. Any mines Bond has placed will be detonated immediately.

Gameplay comparison
A very good upgrade to the N64 version, while keeping the same flavor. Something about the way you take down the enemy. They don't get one shot killed as in War Combat FPS games. It takes a few shots to kill each enemy just like the Golden Eye N64. The Wii has upped the graphics and maintained the game play of the N64 original.


The Online Arena modes, for me very hard until I get a lot more practice. I tried what looked like a construction site level with a lot of hiding places. I just kept getting picked off by more experienced players.

There is also a Split Screen offline mode, this bring back gamers all sitting in the same couch slugging it out. The Remote might take a back seat to a Classic or PSX adapted controller for split screen multi player games. A smaller area of the screen for aiming, maybe easier with an analog stick. Great to have split screen to see a reaction from a real person.


The single story mode is very good. The nunchuck can be flicked for a close silent stealth knockout. The handgun can also be equiped with a silencer. Most of the time its a shootout with a room of enemies that hide behind stuff. To stay alive its best to use the same tactic, hit the zoom button to pop out and shoot. 8)

I just wrapped up the Night Club level, interesting music. 007 is known for gadgets, so naturally an up to date gadget is available. With an on screen Cell Phone "App" you can find your accomplice in a dark crowded room with facial recognition. The same cell phone can also remotely activate doors and place explosives.

All around great FPS with added interactive features. I am curious what other gadget "tools" are in later levels. There is an unlock code screen, may have to search online for additional weapons to unlock. Wii Golden Eye 007 Only ten bucks new at Gamestop, I guess in anticipation of the upcoming PS3 and 360 versions. This Wii game is an absolute must own, even if you plan on getting the newer ones later. :mrgreen:

Wii Classic Controller Game List

Image Image Image

It would be a kick to get the Buzz Controllers to work on the Wii. I converted PAL Who Wants to be a Millionaire on the PS2. Now if I can get the Wii games to work with these ..........


Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Review

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:15 pm
Removing the Plastic Cover off the Motion Plus
The Wrist Straps are easily removed by untying the slip knot. The Motion Plus Connector Cover has no knot visible. I removed the Cover without cutting the string by first disassembling the Motion Plus. Two triwing screws and then sliding out the internal PCB by squeezing the internal white tabs. Finally slipping the loop of the string off the internal peg without breaking. Now, no more paint can rattle when shaking the Remote! This way I can put the cap back, if I ever wanted to reverse the procedure.


Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Review

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:15 am
Metroid Prime 3 Corruption


$9.99 used at Gamestop: ... ption/3436

After playing Golden Eye on the Wii for a while I started thinking about Metroid Prime on the Gamecube. I didn't even finish Golden Eye and I am curious how the instant aim of the Wii remote would work on Metroid Prime.

First off, a quick look at the controls on Gamecube Metroid Prime:
Gamecube Metroid Prime Controls.jpg
Gamecube Metroid Prime Controls.jpg (160.11 KiB) Viewed 6332 times
My biggest disappointment in the Gamecube versions of Metroid prime is that the look control is not handled by the traditional Yellow C stick. :? Instead you have to hold the R Button while moving the left analog stick. The visor search should be the an easy to hit button as well, maybe the R Button? Unfortunately other then a reverse look, the controls are set. A learned routine with painful look to hit the direction pad for the visor search.

Sensor Control
I love the opening screen when operating the ship controls. So far there are only a few buttons. Aim with the Remote, press A and then operate the on screen ship controls with Samus's hand. Two buttons close metal shields around the ship, maybe used later on the game. Hopefully later levels will offer a more direct contol of the Spaceship, maybe a Starfox level?


A better look
The Wii has the look mode fixed! No more stopping movement and holding a button to look up or down. The visor button still a trick but not as hard to sequence as the Gamecube. Press the - button then aim to the visor select on the HUD. The motion control allows for instant aim and look, no more of Golden Eye's aimed off screen error prompt. You can strafe while manually aiming or simply press the Z button for a lock on aim. Strafe away while keeping your gun on target. :mrgreen:

Reconfigure the controls - set the B to fire and A to jump
The B trigger makes better sense as the gun trigger. Some may prefer the A button since the gun is not rapid fire, holding the button brings up a charge blast. Eventually I'll pick up an Auto fire Remote.

I notice unlocking doors work similar to Deep Space Extraction. Blast away the rivets, later ones have "Simon" colors that have to shot off in succession. So far I found a three step music sequence that has to be remembered and duplicated. It could be interesting if Simon is fully implemented with a progressive repeat the music and lights to unlock doors.


Accelerometer Motion Control
Both the Remote and Nunchuck motion controls are used. To open various generator locks pull, rotate and push the Remote. To Grapple hook a target press Z and twitch the Nunchuk forward. Press Z again then tug the Nunchuck back to grab the target such as yanking off an enemy's shield.


Morph Ball
My runs on a couple of other Wii games Geon Cube and Vertigo helped to hone my "Marble Madness" move skills. The Metroid Morph Ball is used to negotiate mazes and tunnels. Some mazes have to be worked, taking different paths to reach various locks. The A button places a bomb to kill enemies and also which helps the Morph Ball to jump up passages.


Metroid Trilogy
After discovering the much better controls in the Wii, I really should have bought the Trilogy when it was clearanced out at twenty bucks. Hopefully Retro Studios and Nintendo will release this again.


Metroid Trilogy should have been released this way, not the single dual layer disc.

I wish Trilogy was inside a Special Edition regular white case so it wouldn't be priced so high in the used market. The tin Trilogy Box is too easy to spot for the masses, any real collector should be rewarded for the hunt. While the single dual layer disc is more convenient, there have been some reports of the Wii having problems reading the discs. I think the only other dual layer Wii game is Super Smash Brothers. Was this the reason why Metroid Trilogy got a short run in the stores?

Gamer Limit wrote:Image ... rs-edition

After releasing less than five months ago, MetaCritic’s highest-rated Wii game of 2009, Metroid Prime Trilogy, has stopped being published and shipped.

“Unfortunately, Metroid Prime Trilogy is no longer being shipped. Having said that, you may be able to find what you seek through the secondhand video game market,” says Nintendo, in an email response to Coffee with Games inquiry as to why the game was no longer available on Amazon.

Did you pick up your copy of an actual Collector’s Edition game yet? Better get on that. They’re going, going… gone.

Eventually I'll get the Trilogy set. For now I am happy with the single layer disc. Since its not a dual layer disc, the Wii disc reader won't have to work as hard. :D

Come on Nintendo, release the Gamecube Metroids again as a Play Control single layer disc set!
Wiki wrote:!


The New Play Control! series, known in Japan as Wii de Asobu (Wiiであそぶ?, lit. Play on Wii) is a program by Nintendo to upgrade several GameCube games for release on the Wii. These re-releases incorporate graphical improvements, which include 16:9 widescreen support. They also feature reconfigured controls to fit the Wii Remote.

At least I have the uncensored version, a small victory. :?
Nintendo Everything wrote:

Nintendo censors Metroid Prime Trilogy over small curse word

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption featured the first heavy dialogue voice overs in a Metroid game. Actually, the first few minutes of the game sported more exchanges than what can be seen in all of the other Metroid titles put together.

In one particular scene, Admiral Dane says, “Damn! They’re targeting the planetary-defense system.” Yet Nintendo felt compelled to censor “damn” for the re-release of Corruption in Metroid Prime Trilogy. When playing through the game on the Trilogy disc, the sentence can now be seen/heard as “No! They’re targeting the planetary-defense system.”

It’s a bit odd that Nintendo changed one little word this time around. Most gamers probably wouldn’t even think twice about listening to the word “damn” while playing. Seeing as how Nintendo deemed it perfectly fine to leave it in there the first time, it makes one wonder what motivated the censorship of that one word.

A throwback to NES graphics? Why does Samus have big shoulders? :?

Re: CRTGAMER Wii Thread - Mayflash Ps2 to Wii Controller Review

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:03 am
by D.D.D.
CRTGAMER wrote:Golden Eye 007


Yeah~ C'mon and play. :D