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Wii Balance Board - Not a Dance Pad

by CRTGAMER Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:47 am

Wii Balance Board


Image Image

A continual updated list, I will be adding all the Balance Board games here: :idea:
CRTGAMER wrote:Wii Balance Board Game List
All Star Cheer Squad
All Star Cheer Squad 2
Academy Of Champions: Soccer
Babysitting Party
Daisy Fuentes Pilates
Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3
Diva Girls- Divas On Ice
Doctor Fizzwhizzle's Animal Rescue
Don King Boxing
EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer
EA Sports Active: More Workouts
Equilibrio (WiiWare game)
G1 Jockey Wii 2008
Go Play Circus Star
Go Play City Sports
Go Play Lumberjacks
Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
Gold's Gym Dance Workout
Hula Wii
Imagine Fashion Party
Imagine Party Babyz
James Cameron's Avatar
Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009
Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2010
Marble Saga Kororinpa
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Mountain Sports
My Fitness Coach
My Personal Golf Trainer
NewU Fitness First Mind Body, Yoga & Pilates Workout
NewU: Fitness First Personal Trainer
OverTurn (WiiWare game)
Playmobil: Circus
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
Rock 'N Roll Climber
RTL Biathlon 2009
Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip
Shaun White Snowboarding : World Stage
Skate City Heroes
Skate It
Ski And Shoot
Snowboard Riot (WiiWare game)
Super Monkey Ball: Step And Roll
Tetris Party (WiiWare game)
Tetris Party Deluxe
The Biggest Loser
The Incredible Maze (WiiWare game)
Vacation Isle: Beach Party
Walk It Out
Water Sports
We Ski
We Ski and Snowboard
Wii Fit
Wii Fit Plus
Wii Music
Winter Sports 2: The Next Challenge
Yoga Wii

Wii U Balance Board Game List
Wii Fit U

I'm always one to try out a different way to play a game, but have held off on this controller for quite some time. The price and the indoor exercise versus just doing outdoor activities have put me off. Besides, I already have Dance Pads for the ridiculous indoor rainy day workout, saw no need for another pad. I found a Balance Board used for under fifteen bucks at a Thrift Store so decided to finally take the plunge.

White Plastic Raised Floor Mat
The Balance Board does not look like much to it. It takes four AA batteries and communicates to the Wii via Wireless Bluetooth. No need for a direct line of site for the wireless, important since the board is on the floor. A single power button is at the base that can be pressed with your toe. There are four feet underneath, these are the weight sensors. Note that there are four corners for detecting the weight. By shifting position on the board movement can be detected.


Wiki wrote:

The balance board's development was tightly coupled with the development of the Wii Fit game. Nintendo initially contacted manufacturers of normal bathroom scales, but ended up building the board without their help in an effort to keep down costs. In early development models, the balance board was a simple scale with one load cell. However, the developers realized that a simple scale was not useful as a game accessory and expanded the number of load cells to two, then four. The idea to use multiple sensors was partly inspired by how sumo wrestlers weigh themselves (using two scales). The shape of the balance board was initially a square, but it was decided that it was too hard to use for the exercises.

For a large part of the development process, the board was an extension controller to a normal Wii remote. The effects of this are seen in the released balance board, which acts as a Wii remote with the front button mapped to "A" and all load cells on an "extension controller".

The Atari 2600 had an early tilt board, anyone ever step on an Amiga Joyboard? It used switches instead of sensors, but the idea is the same. Four Corner movement detection, the Wii Balance Board improves on this with a weight sensor capability. The simple digital switch of the Joyboard is now Balance Board analog detecting how far to tilt or move depending on the weight shift of a player.


Even the Balance Board cannot escape add on Wii Plastic. Different accessories to try a variance on the different exercise routines.

Push Up Bar
Raised Steps
The CTA Real Balance Board
A remote can be inserted in the base. Any tilt motion game can played with the Balance Board.

Step Up Platform
I picked up a pair of heavy plastic frames to build a Stepper Platform from a Thrift store for a couple of dollars that were part of an IKEA shelf. Connected both to a varnished piece of wood with bolts and nuts. This adds a higher step up for cardio step routines. Compact and easy to install, just place under each side supporting all four feet of the board sensors.

The IKEA Plastic legs are perfect for the Balance Board. Each has an adjustable foot to level off the Balance Board. It is comes with a base pictured in page two of the PDF. The part is $49.99 new so not very cost affective purchased direct from ther IKEA store. However, this gives an idea of what can be improvised when found in a Thrift Store.

IKEA Shelf EFFEKTIV - IKEA # 700.440.10 PDF Manual ... _Guide.pdf

Two Wii Balance Boards, one has a non slip gel skin attached. Ikea parts used to make the step platform.

Wii Fit Balance Board - Skin - Ikea Riser.jpg
Wii Fit Balance Board - Skin - Ikea Riser.jpg (101.21 KiB) Viewed 9811 times

Mod Possibilities
The Balance Board can be electrically modified to work with other games. Imagine other games that can be played with a tilt instead of moving an analog stick. Taken a step further it can be used outside of just game control. The board has already been hacked to control servos and motors in manipulating various devices.

Servos to Control a wooden tilt game

Nike Shoes held a contest. One entry placed Balance Board sensors directly in the shoes

:shock: This is amazing. A tool for handicapped with a simple shift of weight. Catch that kid!
ImageTots on Bots

Balance Tryouts
Designed for convenient indoor exercise, with the right software this does not have to be a mundane workout routine. Step in certain games, it becomes a fun activity with the exercise as an afterthought. :D

Wii Fit


The original game that comes with the Balance Board. Choose your Mii, stand on board for the initial weight and age assessment. Depending how well you do with the balance the "Wii Age" can be higher or lower then your actual age. The age drops as you progress thru the exercises and games.


Wii Fit is broken into different categories.
1. Yoga - Balance Steady Stretch Routines
2. Strength Training - Exercise Balance
3. Aerobics - Cardio style games
4. Balance Games - Balance Style Games
5. Favorites - Sections you played

Each section offer a different tryout and start up. As you progress new routines are opened up in each category. The Yoga and Strength Training has a Virtua Trainer for a more "mature" style of workout. The other two sections are Aerobics and Balance which are various games. Controlling things on the screen makes one forget that it is an exercise routine. There are running games that do not use the board, just the Remote to detect jogging in place. It seems silly, but the character on the screen runs a course as you jog. No cheating by shaking the remote faster!


The Hula Hoop game is a lot of fun, the Balance Board really detects the hip sway as you keep the hoop spinning. As another hoop is thrown to catch, tilt your body in its direction. Just be sure to have the window blinds closed. :lol:

This is a good set of games, but it tends to be a little slow due to all the information prompts between each game and short workout. It takes time to unlock the advanced workouts which is needed up front to prevent the monotony.

Wii Fit Plus


A huge improvement over the original Wii Fit. All exercise and games are available up front. Anything entered and saved in Wii Fit automatically carries over to Wii Fit Plus. In addition there are some exercises such as step routine that can keep running without a break. The levels have been expanded with new games. Ride a bike, throw snowballs, perform Kung Fu "Dance Revolution" Moves, and even drive a Segway.


So many members including CRTGAMER wrote:I hate Motion Controls flapping the arms.

There is one game that you fly as a bird that looks like a chicken. Stand on the board and flap your arms to fly. Oh you have got to be kidding me, this is beyond ridiculous! Interesting technological achievment, the Balance Board can detect the slight weight changes just from flapping arms. To glide towards a target on the screen, lean left and right. In my denial hate of motion controls, I actually like this game. God, I hope no one can see me doing the Chicken Dance Flight thru the closed blinds. :oops:


Built in SnowBoard/Skateboard
Remember the four corner sensor capability I wrote earlier? There games that work with the Balance Board spun around 90 degrees, stand on it as if on a Skateboard. Lean into the sides of the board to change direction. To perform a jump, crouch and stand up fast almost to point of jumping off the board. Interesting how to start a skateboard going. Stand on the board with one foot and drag your other foot on the floor. Just stepping on the floor is not enough, you really have to do the push kick. The Balance Board can detect your weight bounce as you drag the other foot.


Just like a real Segway scooter, tip the board to go forwards or backwards. Twist the Wii Remote as a virtual set of handlebars to steer left and right. Drive thru the course popping balloons. Hardly a workout, just standing, leaning and a lot of fun!

ecoustics wrote:

The thrill of riding a Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) just became a whole lot more accessible. Segway today announced at the E3 Expo that it has been collaborating with Nintendo on a module within the Wii™ Fit Plus video game. Segway worked with Nintendo to take advantage of its Wii Balance Board™ accessory and Wii Remote™ controller to simulate what it's like to ride a Segway x2 in a virtual environment. In the game, the players' Mii™ character zips around the levels trying to pop balloons and then ultimately tag a run-away mole-like creature that comes up out of the ground.


"It's been a lot of fun working with Nintendo on this game," said Eric Fleming, Segway's Director of Creative Services. "There are so many people who are curious about what it's like to ride a Segway PT. This game is the closest you can get to that smile-inducing experience without actually riding one. In addition, it's a great way for the entire family to have a positive experience with our brand," he said.

Obstacle Course
This is a very addicting level. The first Wii Fit has a tight wire act, here the concept is expanded on by walking, running and jumping moving platforms. Dodge objects and leap over rolling logs. Really, its an interactive platformer game!


Overall some very addicting games that keeps you coming back and forgetting that there is an exercise being performed. Great disc, any Balance Board owner should get this.



I reviewed this game some time ago in right in This Thread, discovered it also can be played with the Balance Board. The concept is to move a ball by tipping the Wii Remote or Tipping yourself on the balance board. As you shift your weight, the ball will change direction accordingly. The game is difficult due to a timer and the levels are designed for either a Wii Remote or Balance Board. A compromise of challenging enough for a Remote which makes it very hard with the board.

Marble Saga Kororinpa


Another ball rolling game but a different perspective. The entire maze pivots, giving an instant reference how far a tilt. Kororinpa has specific levels just for the Balance Board. The levels would be too easy for a Wii Remote, but perfect for trying to manipulate levels by tipping while standing on the board. There is a timer but no time up, so you can keep going for a careful steady try. Harder mazes have continue buttons that can be run over. If a ball drops off the entire maze does not have to be started over again. Kororinpa is definitely a great addition for the Balance Board.


The Balance Board will not replace a real workout. It is a blast getting into games with a new control method. The exercise is hidden under the excitement to beat the different courses. I enjoy jumping on a DDR Dance Pad and also like the Balance Board. Sure, both are embarrassingly silly but a fun diversion as an interactive and healthy entertainment. In this case, playing a video game is actually good for your health. :idea:

Balance Board Prehistory: ... tory.shtml
Labyrinth Mod:
Balance Nike Shoes: ... rols-nike/
Baby Wheelchair: ... by-mobile/
Balance Board Dissemble: ... ard/6474/1
Wii Fit Plus Review: ... 2318.phtml
Wii Fit Plus Guide: ... -and-tips/
Balance Board Game List: ... id=3254812
Balance Board Game List: ... ance_Board
Vertigo Review: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30455&p=437160#p437160

Right Click the Picture for a larger view
Guess which Wii Fit Registration Flyer is worth 100 Club Nintendo Coins. (Answer below)

Wii Balance Board - Wii Fit - Marble Saga Kororinpa - Wii Fit Plus - Vertigo.jpg
Wii Balance Board - Wii Fit - Marble Saga Kororinpa - Wii Fit Plus - Vertigo.jpg (243.75 KiB) Viewed 12698 times
Answer to Club Nintendo Coin question:
Brochures laying on the Balance Board, from left to right

1. Wii Fit Plus (Software Only) - 20 coins
2. Wii Fit with Balance Board - 100 coins
3. Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board - 100 Coins
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Re: Club Nintendo US 2012 Gold Platinum with Pictures Wii Th

by Konacha Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:20 pm

At least last year when I got Platinum we got Pins which weren't that bad because it was somewhat different but this year just makes me wonder next year what we will get? A sticker for your laptop. Still, got the poster because I'm a big Zelda fan.
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Wii Induction Charger 100 years after Telsa - Wii Thread

by CRTGAMER Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:37 am

Wii Induction Charger - Rocketfish RF-GWII052


The Wii Remote uses regular Alkaline AA batteries or Rechargeable AA batteries. However, rechargeables tend to have a shorter run time. Continually swapping batteries to a charger is inconvenient. The Rocketfish charging kit offers an easy way to recharge batteries by using an induction technology. A wireless magnetic field that sends the "charge" to an induction receiver, in this case induction batteries. When you think about it, the magnetic induction system is intriguing. Not just wireless signals, but actually sending electrical power thru the air. :shock:

An electric toothbrush and its charger use a transformer just like a cellphone or an MP3 player, but it's cleverly split into two pieces, with half the transformer in the bottom of the toothbrush and the rest of it in the charger base it stands on:


The primary coil is in the charger base and it has an iron peg on top of it covered in plastic. The secondary coil is in the base of the toothbrush, which you stand on the iron peg. What's the peg for? It's not just to stop the toothbrush wobbling about: it's the core that links the primary and secondary coils together electromagnetically. When the toothbrush is standing on the peg, you've got a complete transformer that works by electromagnetic induction: energy flows from the coil in the base to the coil in the toothbrush via the iron peg that links them. The two ends of the coil in the toothbrush are simply hooked up to the rechargeable battery inside.


A charger that works like this is called an induction charger. Safety is the main reason for using an induction charger in the bathroom: you don't need a power cable or exposed leads coming out of the base of your toothbrush, which typically gets wet. Electric shavers often use induction chargers for the same reason.

As mentioned earlier, rechargeable batteries have a shorter run time then regular one time use alkaline batteries. In testing I am averaging six to eight hours on a single charge which is two to four sessions of gaming. Not great, but not too bad either. Run time will depend how often the Remote signal is actuated. If the vibration motor and speaker are used, the run time will be less. I never use the motor and kick the speaker on for only games that use Remote speaker only sounds.

The induction charger can charge the induction batteries in a few hours. The batteries can be left installed in the Remote while charging. There are two charging locations on the pad. A battery being charged is indicated by a Red light on the charger pad. A fully charged battery has a green light displayed. If the charger displays a flashing red light, the battery might be damaged or is not set in the magnetic field properly. I bought this set used so it was sitting on the shelf for a while. I had to "wake up" one of the batteries by swapping charge locations and cycling the battery power with the Wii Remote buttons a couple of times.

Battery Replacement
All batteries wear out, even rechargeables. The Cathode to Anode electrical process causes corrosion on the plates to the point where it will no longer hold a charge. Obviously regular chargeable batteries will not work, they need some sort of induction receiver. My long term concern is when the batteries do die, how to find replacements when no longer available? Each battery has its own built in mini charger. Only the cells itself wears out, the charger coil will last as long as it is not damaged upon disassembly.

Right Click for a larger picture
Rocketfish RF-GWII052 2.4v 550mAH.jpg
Rocketfish RF-GWII052 2.4v 550mAH.jpg (203.33 KiB) Viewed 12666 times

The battery housing has two phillips screws, one behind the sticker. The cell, coil and PCB assembly slides straight up. The pair of cells are buried under the Coil/PCB and can be replaced with two new cells equaling a total of 2.4v 550 mAh. The cells are approximately the size of AAA batteries which also explains the shorter run time versus AA batteries. An inexpensive replacement in the form of a phone battery. A little soldering is needed and a snug fit, an option to keep an eventual out of production charging system. :wink:


100 Year Old Technology
I love History, interesting that a concept Nikola Tesla proposed over a Century ago finally came to light. Imagine if wireless electrical stations came out in the 1900s. Would wireless induction powered personal electric cars have been the norm versus gasoline engines? :?:

Wiki wrote:

Wardenclyffe Tower (1901–1917) also known as the Tesla Tower, was an early wireless transmission tower designed by Nikola Tesla in Shoreham, New York and intended for commercial trans-Atlantic wireless telephony, broadcasting, and proof-of-concept demonstrations of wireless power transmission. It was never fully operational, and the tower was demolished in 1917.


Telsa Universe:
Wiki Nikola Tesla:
Wiki Wireless Electricity: ... ion_method
How Induction Chargers Work:
Rocketfish Induction Charger Review:
Rocketfish Induction Charger Manual: ... II052.html
Amazon Rockfish Charger Set: ... 003E20SYO/
Amazon Rockfish Induction Battery: ... 003DW6PME/


Right Click for a larger picture
Rocketfish RF-GWII052.jpg
Rocketfish RF-GWII052.jpg (173.48 KiB) Viewed 12666 times
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Re: Wii Induction Charger 100 years after Telsa - Wii Thread

by retrosportsgamer Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:43 pm

I just signed up for Club Nintendo (no excuse for not doing it before - thankfully I have a huge amount of points sitting around for both Wii and 3DS stuff).

Is it accurate that coins don't decrease towards your gold or platinum ranking as you cash them in, but they obviously do as you get prizes?
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Re: Wii Induction Charger 100 years after Telsa - Wii Thread

by Valkyrie-Favor Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:07 pm

That's exactly right.
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Club Nintendo Gaming Lounge Wii U Invite - Wii Thread

by CRTGAMER Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:32 am

Club Nintendo Gaming Lounge Wii U Invite
A heads up. I got invited to attend a Wii Session yesterday here in San Dog. It turns out ANYONE can go to the front Nintendo Lounge which has 3DSXLs to play and free give aways including posters, bookmarks and cards. To get a free TShirt you have to try out the new Mario 2 game on one of the 3DSXL stations. :D

Only the back room with the Wii U displays behind a curtain needs the official invite. Happy to report there is a good mix of Wii U games that use the original Wii Remote SIDEWAYS MODE. The reps there were pretty nice, invited me to go back today. They were curious about my NES to Wii Remote mod, I'm taking it down there and spending the day playing Wii U games including Ubisoft's Wii U Rayman Legends with a NES controller. :mrgreen:

:idea: Nintendo Lounge Information, no letter needed for the front room.
Nintendo Gaming Lounge Wii U Invite.jpg
Nintendo Gaming Lounge Wii U Invite.jpg (221.09 KiB) Viewed 12632 times
Take a close look at the bottom picture, can you identify the games?
Nintendo Lounge Wii U Entrance.jpg
Nintendo Lounge Wii U Entrance.jpg (147.1 KiB) Viewed 12632 times
Nintendo Lounge Wii U Room.jpg
Nintendo Lounge Wii U Room.jpg (152.03 KiB) Viewed 12632 times
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Re: Club Nintendo Wii U Invite (Scroll down page 24)

by gtmtnbiker Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:46 pm

So what was your reaction to the WiiU? How were the graphics? The new controller? Etc.
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Wii U Gaming Tryout FREE STUFF! (Scroll down page 24)

by CRTGAMER Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:50 pm

gtmtnbiker wrote:So what was your reaction to the WiiU? How were the graphics? The new controller? Etc.
I went in thinking the Wii U Tablet would be too cumbersome and heavy for gaming. The Tablet is actually very light and looks to be a winner. Some games really expand on it, other games seem to be a desperate lets make something work with the Touch Screen. I'm piecing together a more in depth review to post later on. Here are a couple of first impressions.

Wii U Tablet
The two Analog sticks are now real sticks, not the Flat discs as in the earlier model. They are also moved out a little, a great placement. I am loving the Analog sticks, smooth circle movement and no more Octagon stops! 8)

There was a demo showing the capabilities of the Tablet Screen virtual mode. Visit various countries and view any angle while in complete motion such as riding a boat or walking around in real time. The Wii U Tablet becomes a window as if you are actually standing on the bus in London or walking in Japan. Spin around to see up, down and a complete circle. All the video is pre-encoded but it shows potential of what can be done. I can see a Rail Shooter would work beautiful with this, imagine REZ in all the way around you view! Or go another route with an FPS, a look and strafe virtual mode for Golden Eye! :shock:
Nintendo Lounge Wii U Panorama View.jpg
Nintendo Lounge Wii U Panorama View.jpg (135.16 KiB) Viewed 12587 times

The larger screen is beautiful, but I still don't like the 3D prism affect. I ended up turning it off to cut the distortion. Now this is interesting, the 3DSXL is scanning a Kid Ikarus collector card. It uses a form of EReader via the two camera lenses to show the characters pop out of the card and add to the game. Reminds me of a Pokedex. Look closely, thats a paper card on the table with a character created by the 3DSXL morphing out of it.
Nintendo Lounge 3DS Kid Icarus.jpg
Nintendo Lounge 3DS Kid Icarus.jpg (141.34 KiB) Viewed 12587 times

:shock: FREE Super Mario 2 TShirt, Kid Icarus Cards, Pokemon Bookmarks, Kirby 20th Anniversary Poster and Pokemon Posters. Sunday is the last day. Anyone in Southern CA should take a look. AN INVITE IS NOT NEEDED FOR THE FRONT ROOM!

My FREE haul over two days from Nintendo and Comic Con parking lot
Lego City Set (Promo for Wii U Lego game)
DC Universe Badge holder
Kirby 20th Anniversary Poster
Press Site Password (Under the Yellow Star)
Kid Icarus 3DS "EReader" Card set
History Channel Mankind Comic Issue #0
Pokemon Conquest Poster
Pokemon Black & White 2 Poster
Super Mario Bros 2 Nintendo Gamer Lounge 2012 T Shirts :mrgreen:
Two cards for additional free T Shirts (Maybe more collectable?)
Nintendo Lounge Wristbands (They went to plain wraps on the second day)
Pokemon Conquest Bookmarks
Nintendo Lounge Wii U Freebies 02.jpg
Nintendo Lounge Wii U Freebies 02.jpg (245.18 KiB) Viewed 12525 times
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Wii U / 3DSXL Tryout Nintendo Freebies (Scroll down page 24)

by CRTGAMER Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:08 pm

Last day to get free Nintendo stuff!
Today is the last day of the Comic Con and Nintendo Gaming Lounge. The lounge is free to anyone and you do not need a Comic Con Pass. Weird how the 3DSXL Display tables remind me of the RocketFish Induction Charger.
Nintendo Lounge Wii U 3DSXL Room Empty.jpg
Nintendo Lounge Wii U 3DSXL Room Empty.jpg (138.55 KiB) Viewed 12571 times
Nintendo Lounge Wii U 3DSXL Room Party.jpg
Nintendo Lounge Wii U 3DSXL Room Party.jpg (140.25 KiB) Viewed 12571 times
Nintendo Lounge Wii U 3DSXL Bean Bags.jpg
Nintendo Lounge Wii U 3DSXL Bean Bags.jpg (233.41 KiB) Viewed 12571 times
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Re: Club Nintendo Gaming Lounge Wii U Invite - Wii Thread

by sevin0seven Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:11 pm

CRTGAMER wrote:Take a close look at the bottom picture, can you identify the games?

i can identify all the Nintendo girls employees. :mrgreen:

looks like an awesome trip.
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