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Simulation "God" Game Suggestions

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 5:51 pm
by SpikeSlania
I have ordered the last of my PC build, so will soon have a new pc, but Black Friday is coming up and I'm looking to add to my library. I really love Dungeon Keeper 2 and Majesty (Majesty 2 is still good), so I'm looking for some games to look out for. I already have Dungeons 2 & 3 on my ps4 and I bought War for the Overworld on my current PC. I know the obvious game that I haven't tried yet is Black & White, or the other Peter titles like Populous and Godus. I would love a Warhammer god game, but dunno if they tried mimicking one with that series yet or not, they're mimicking a lot of other games :P So looking for any other ideas for Simulation games that I might be interested in so I can keep an eye out for on Black Friday through Steam/GoG sales.