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Team Fortress 2: The Love and War Update

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:06 am
by SamuraiMegas
Is everyone bready?

New Items:
The Classic - Sniper Rifle
The Tide Turner - Demo Shield
The Bread Bite - Heavy GRU
The B.A.S.E. Jumper - Soldier Secondary and Demo Primary (replaces Pipes)
The Snack Attack - Spy Sapper
The Back Scatter - Scout Scattergun
The Air Strike - Soldier Rocket Launcher
The Self-Aware Beauty Mark - Sniper Jarate
Mutated Milk - Scout Milk

Square Dance Taunt (All)
Flippin' Awesome Taunt (All)
Buy A Life Taunt (Spy)
Results Are In Taunt (medic)
RPS Taun (All)
Skullcracker Taunt (all) Party Trick Taunt (Pyro)
Fresh Brewed Victory Taunt (Soldier)
Spent Well Spirits Taunt (Demo)
Rancho Relaxo Taunt (Engineer)
I See You Taunt (Sniper)
Battin' a Thousand Taunt (Scout)
Conga Taunt (all)
Deep Fried Desire Taunt (Scout)
Oblooterated Taunt (Demo)

Towering Pillar of Summer Shades - All Class Misc
The Classified Coif - Soldier Coat Misc
The Rogue's Robe - Spy Shirt misc
The Spook Specs - Soldier hair Misc
The Senguko Scorcher - Pyro Grenades
The Man in Slack - Soldier Legs misc
The Razor Cut - Demo Mohawk
The Southie Shinobi - Scout Vest Misc
The Red Socks - Scout Shoes Misc
The Bruiser's Bandanna - All Class Mask
The Gas Guzzler - Pyro Back Misc
The Smoking Skid Lid - Pyro Misc
The Lunatic's Leathers - Pyro Misc
Yuri's Revenge - Heavy Goatee
The Tools of the Trade - Engi Misc
The Joe-on-the-Go - Engineer (Poopyjoe) backpack
The Aviator Assassin - Spy 'Deadhead' Misc
The Sky Captain - Spy Shirt Misc
The Peacenik's Ponytail - Engineerr 'Nerd Hair' Misc
The Level Three Chin - Engineer 'Nerd Chin' Misc
The Egghead's Overalls - Engineer 'Nerd' Shirt
The Lonesome Loafers - Engineer 'Nerd' Feet
Ze Ubermensch - Medic Facial Hair
The Au Courant Assassin - Spy Vest Misc
The Endothermic Exowear - Engineer Misc
The Merc's Mohawk - All Class hat
The Eye-Catche - All Class Eyepatch
The Medicine Manpurse - Medic Messenger Bag Misc
Employee of the Mmmph - Pyro Hat
The Frymaster - Pyro Back Misc
The Combustible Kabuto - Pyro Hat
The Chronoscarf - Medic Scarf Misc
The Danger - Engineer Hat
The Frontier Djustice - Demo Hat
Vive La France - All Class Hat
The Scoper's Smoke - Sniper Beard Misc
The Triggerman's Tacticals - Sniper Pants Misc
Tipped Lid - All Class "Tip of the Hats'" Misc
The Paisley Pro - Scout "Fancy Dress" Shirt misc
The Argyle Ace - Scout Shoes
The Pomade Prince - Scout hair
The Allbrero - Dem Sombrero
Seeing Double - Demo Glasses Misc
Six Pack Abs - Demo Grenades Misc

Short 2014 Community Crate A
Short 2014 Community Crate B
Short 2014 Taunt Crate
Self Gift - Mutated Bread Box (No key Required)

Possible New Unusual Effects (I'll get pics soon). They may just be taunt effects:

Re: Team Fortress 2: The Love and War Update

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:09 am
by Erik_Twice
Like usual, all the new items are worse than the stock weapons. Oh well. :lol:

Re: Team Fortress 2: The Love and War Update

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:28 am
by SamuraiMegas
Well i made 50~ $ today trading new items.