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Re: Resident Evil series appreciation thread

by Xeogred Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:54 pm

Both B scenarios feel rather incomplete and weird but I don't mind, they get right to the action and it's cool to have a different starting point. The original game really isn't that different either between the characters, but it's just awesome going through both versions with any little remixed element and different routing to me. The canon timeline seems even more ambiguous in this to me, so yeah I wouldn't take it too seriously.

I actually did do a Claire A S+ run over the weekend. G2 was the worst part for me by far, my second save was next to the chess plug pieces... before getting them. So I had to run through the sewers several times after some deaths. My time was 1:45 something, so I unlocked the infinite assault rifle (S rank) and minigun (S+). I'd like to attempt Leon B Hardcore S+ now to unlock the infinite rocket launcher... I mainly just want to do this run to fill out the 8 profiles on the results page haha.

After that, my plan is to do the Assist Mode run for the "no healing" trophy. You apparently regenerate health in this mode... and it'll be fun to shred through everything with the infinite weapons.

For now, tonight I started my no item box trophy run of Leon A Standard and it's a lot of fun so far. I'm at the police station for the second time and about to party with X. For now I've left all the Mag rounds in the police station, so I think I'll grab those way late in the game when you can return to the station again for the two desks item hunt. And pickup any other item I might want. I'll probably pass on some attachments to save inventory space, like the Matilda's stock. I also don't think you can even discard attachments... so have to hesitate about those. And it'll be good to hoard grenades for some of the later bosses. But yeah it really isn't that bad with how many slots you get in Standard (three more pouches than Hardcore, 6 more slots total) and you already have three extra pouches by this point, so inventory management has gotten pretty easy where I'm at. But I imagine it'll be a little more tricky when I get the Magnum and Flamethrower.
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Re: Resident Evil series appreciation thread

by MrPopo Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:57 am

My understanding is the auto heal can't get you above yellow health, so be aware of that. I do think it's a bit jive that the "get all inventory slots" achievement can only be done on easier difficulties, as the game doesn't recognize the fact that you have all the ones available at your difficulty as "all".
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