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Re: Donkey Kong Country 3 fans UNITE

by ZeroAX Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:54 pm

I always saw the collecting aspect of these games as part of the main gameplay, so it never bothered me. At least till DK64...
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Re: Donkey Kong Country 3 fans UNITE

by Ziggy587 Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:18 am

Donkey Kong Country 3 - Underrated? - IMPLANTgames

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Re: Donkey Kong Country 3 fans UNITE

by pierrot Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:07 pm

Ziggy587 wrote:Donkey Kong Country 3 - Underrated? - IMPLANTgames

Oh, weird. I remember checking out some of that youtuber's XRGB mini videos a number of years ago. So this is what he was working toward with those videos.

DKC 3 is the only one of the original DKC trilogy that I have/will ever joyfully 100+%, so I'd say it's underrated. Yeah.
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