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Re: Donkey Kong Country 2! appreciation thread

by kelsoanim Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:43 pm

Uh oh, a pre-rendered vs hand drawn discussion. I'll get some popcorn. :P

Seriously though, I can see why some wouldn't like the art style. It was a huge departure in general from most other 16 bit games. If you set DKC next to, say, Yoshi's Island there is really no comparison. Both are pretty games IMO but they are so different in art direction. I thought DKC was amazing looking at the time but I also loved the way Yoshi's Island looked. However, it is completely understandable why you wouldn't like the pre rendered look and would prefer hand drawn all the way on 16 bit systems. It's just apples to oranges.

I think DKC is also contested because it's physics and control feel are also a big departure from what we are used to in other platformers, especially Mario. Compared to Mario games it is floaty, slidey and a bit more unpredictable. Somehow it works, but it might be unacceptable to some.

Back on topic though, I thing DKC 2 is the better game overall but the original has much better mood and sense of place. I also have super fond memories of the first snow level in the first game. The way the snow starts falling in the beginning of the level then builds to a snow storm is fantastic. The factory levels were also great with great music.
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Re: Donkey Kong Country 2! appreciation thread

by casterofdreams Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:55 pm

I didn't have too much experience with DKC2 compared to the first and third but I remember the game was more difficult for me. A lot of the collectibles were also difficult to get to. Still liked it with the time I had with it.
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