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Re: Best versions of Rayman 1 and 2?

by BoringSupreez Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:55 pm

Ima restate what others already said and say that Rayman 1 is best on Saturn, and Rayman 2 is best on Dreamcast.
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Re: Best versions of Rayman 1 and 2?

by swiftzx Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:06 pm

Handheld wise, for Rayman 1 go with the Dsi version.
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Re: Best versions of Rayman 1 and 2?

by scarper Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:00 pm

I'm gonna side with the Saturn version for Rayman 1. The visual quality and framerate are the best among the ports, and sound is fantastic. I would highly recommend playing any of the home console versions instead of the handhelds, since they took a lot of the sound direction away. The sound and music was one of the games strongest points, as well as incredible platforming.

I haven't played Rayman 2, but I hear the Dremcast version is the best. A lot of people bashed on the 3DS version simply for being a remake, but it should work pretty well.

If you own a 3DS at all, then you'll be able to play both the first and the second. The first one was released as a DSi download (not as good as home console veriosns, in temrs of sound and screen size), and the second was a full 3DS release. PSP has them both too, via the PSOne Classics section on PSN.
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