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Favorite Flash/Browser Games

by Markies Wed Sep 02, 2020 12:14 pm

A recent post by a random person talked about a Steam game that he used to play at Work. This got me thinking to the many hours I have spent playing small games that were either built on Flash or are Browser based games. And I was curious to hear of anybody else had fond memories or still play these types of games.

I know all of these have basically been replaced by ios/android phone games. I also know that Flash is basically dead in the water and will be killed off by Adobe rather soon. But, I still enjoy these games and play them to this day. I started playing them right around I started college (2000) as they are perfect time-wasters. - Kingdom of Loathing is my go-to Browser game. I've played this game for over 13 years and love it to this day. If you love Dragon Quest style combat with a bunch of humor, it's amazing! - Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a friend of mine's favorite Browser game. A small little 2-D Dungeon Crawler. - I was really big into O-Game for several months. It's a real-time Science Fiction/Space simulation. You build ships and planets along with other players. It's hard to get really good though as people who have played for years will destroy you once you get big enough. & - Travian is another real-time game, this time set in a Fantasy World. It reminds me of Catan in that you are gathering resources and building buildings. Once again, experienced players can attack and take all of your stuff pretty frequently. - Kongregate used to be my addiction for several years. My favorite Browser game of all time is Swords and Potions 2. It's a game where you build a shop and town to help local adventurers. Unfortunately, it got taken down and I think Kongregate might close soon as well. - With working from home, I have rediscovered MSN Games. Close to 150 small little Flash games that I will play for like 30 - 60 minutes.
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Re: Favorite Flash/Browser Games

by Anapan Wed Sep 02, 2020 9:32 pm

This is my short list:
dead drunk
Xiao Xiao
gravity hook
ikaruga (swf)
n (Ninja, prequel to N++)
portal flash
raiden x
ripple dot zero
super mario bros crossover
uchu force
winter bells
A couple are missing from the folder because they need an external loader. I'll add them shortly and write a bit about each of these when I'm at a computer.

Also gotta mention Flashpoint. It's an effort to archive and categorize every swf game with a frontend to play them outside of websites. It lets you play Rokko Chan and Super Mario Crossover without the parent website.
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