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Amiga Fans -- any ideas on how to enhance Beginner's Guide?

by racketboy Thu May 28, 2020 3:05 pm

I’m looking at some potential articles to freshen up and re-promote and the Amiga 101 guide was one that I thought would be fund to update a bit. ... ners-guide

I wanted to check with the Amiga enthusiasts here to see if there was any further input and if you could think of any new developments in the scene over the last 8 years

I just sent Ivo an email to see how he was doing (haven't talked to him in quite a while) and see if he had any thoughts.

Anyway, thanks in advance!
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Re: Amiga Fans -- any ideas on how to enhance Beginner's Gui

by PresidentLeever Thu May 28, 2020 3:29 pm

"Typical Console Graphics of the Era (left) vs. Amiga’s Graphical Capabilities (right)"

I'd change the non-Amiga pics here to something more fitting for consoles such as painting tool/edutainment games, if there are any for NES and SMS that is. And for DOS I guess.

I also think the audio comparison is a bit skewed in that those games are seen as sounding as good as or better on the other systems. Something like Turrican 1-3, Cannon Fodder, Lotus 2, Utopia, Lemmings 2, Zool, Chuck Rock 1-2 and Shadow of the Beast 1-2 might be better.

The recommended games list is good besides Xenon 2, and perhaps Alien Breed since Chaos Engine is better. - Mini-reviews, retro vgm tribute, rom hacks, chip music, mockups, misc. lists
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