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Quake - Gamepad + Mouse - You Can Too!

by optmusprimenumber Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:24 pm

I originally made this thread to troubleshoot some of this stuff, but I figured it out and I thought it would be good to make this thread useful so those interested can learn how to play Quake 1, 2, and 3 with "Halo style" movement plus mouse looking/shooting and some other stuff.

What you'll need, or at least, what I have...
1) oXBox controller rigged up with a USB plug
2) the XBox Controller Driver
this thread will get you up to speed on 1) and 2) viewtopic.php?f=25&t=129
3) Your favorite mouse
4) Quake games

First get the controller working and then read on...

You're probably familiar with the Quake "Console". It's the screen that drops down when you hit the tilde (~) key during a Quake session. It's where you can enter cheats, jump to different maps, and customize many aspects of the game. Some of that is probably old hat to most of you, but maybe you never considered playing the game without AWSD, and lemme tell ya, it's great.

For Quake 1 and 2 the ideal thing to do is create "autoexec.cfg" files so you don't have to manually enter these handfuls of commands every time you play. It's easy. I'll make it even easier by providing the commands necessary (and a couple extras) and you can just copy and paste them onto notepad and then Save As - literally - "autoexec.cfg" If you don't include the quotes you end up with a text document called "autoexec.cfg.txt" which won't do it.

Making an "Autoexec" configuration file...

Quake 1

joyadvanced 1
joyadvaxisx 3
joyadvaxisy 1
bind aux7 "pause;play misc/menu2.wav"
bind aux8 "menu_load;play misc/menu3.wav"
bind aux9 "save quick;bf"
bind aux29 "impulse 3;play weapons/lock4.wav"
bind aux30 "impulse 10;play weapons/lock4.wav"
bind aux31 "impulse 6;play weapons/lock4.wav"
bind aux32 "impulse 12;play weapons/lock4.wav"

Those commands assign forward/back/strafing to the left stick, mouse looking, quick saves on the L3 button, open the load game screen with the Back button, Pause with the Start button, cycle weapons with Left and Right on the DPad, and hotkeys the double barrel shotgun to Up on the DPad and the grenade launcher to Down on the DPad. And there's weapony sound effects for the DPad too. I play with Jump assigned to the Left trigger but you can set that in the options menu.

Now, for some reason, when assigning the x axis to strafing Quake 1 is dyslexic, meaning that pressing left on the joystick strafes right and vice/versa. This can be fixed in the gamepad's properties window by swapping the polarity of the x axis. No big deal, just make sure you save the layout profile and open it before playing Quake. Also, make sure you place the autoexec file in Quake's "Id1" folder (I have Steam, but I'm guessing that folder exists for all versions.. if it doesn't I'm sure you can find the proper folder) that way Quake knows where it is and executes all the commands upon booting up.

Reassigning the x axis...

Quake II

joy_advanced 1
joy_advaxisx 3
joy_advaxisy 1
bind aux7 "pause"
bind aux8 "menu_loadgame;play misc/menu2.wav"
bind aux9 "save quick;play misc/menu3.wav"
bind aux29 "use super shotgun;play weapons/sshotr1b.wav"
bind aux30 "weapnext;play weapons/noammo.wav"
bind aux31 "use grenade launcher;play weapons/grenlr1b.wav"
bind aux32 "weapprev;play weapons/noammo.wav"

Same setup as Quake 1. Same deal with the options menu for Jump and for Crouch (Left Trigger - Jump, Right Mouse - Crouch). Use the same controller layout profile as Quake 1. The Autoexec config file goes in Quake II's "baseq2" folder.

*For the Quake 1 and 2 Mission Packs, just copy the autoexec.cfg's and paste them in the Mission Pack Folders - Hipnotic and Rogue for the Q1 MP's/Rogue and Xatrix for the Q2 MP's

Quake III

You don't need to mess with the console for Quake III, all the button/dpad assigning can be handled in the control options menu (just make sure you check "Joystick ON"). But to strafe with the left stick you'll have to go into the gamepad's properties and reassign x axis left and x axis right as two different buttons - it doesn't matter which two, just know that you will end up creating doubles of two buttons. Then in the control options menu assign those two buttons to strafe left and strafe right respectively. You'll want to save that layout profile too.

*You may want to disable the Right stick for Quake III as it moves the cursor and if you bump it it will throw your aim way off, or if the stick is worn the cursor could float around on you.

I hope some folks find this useful, I know it made these games way more enjoyable for me.

Here's my original post, if anyone cares to get a laugh out of my manic R&D:
I'm having trouble getting Quake III to properly work with my oXbox controller. With the homemade XBox Controller Driver (and a Jerry rigged USB dongle) Quake 1 & 2 see it merely as a joystick and I figured out how, through the console (and by making an "autoexec.cfg"), to make it work to my liking: forward/back/strafe on the left stick and some bindings for the buttons. While still using the mouse to aim and shoot. And I then figured out how to run those settings in the expansion packs. Q 1 & 2 - no problem, Quake 3 - problem...

I can get Quake 3 to recognize the joystick, but then it stops recognizing the mouse. "Joystick" shows up in the control settings and when I map actions to buttons on the controller the buttons name shows up. However the game doesn't seem to care either way. I assign the left trigger to jump, AUX 11 shows up in the settings, and it doesn't work in game.

So naturally, this is bugging me... through some research and trial and error I was able to customize Quake 1 and 2, but not 3... there seems to be less information around about the Quake III console, its commands and variables and I'm hoping that maybe someone here knows all about it. My guess is that I have to tell the game to accept input from the joystick in one command and the mouse in another (such as in Quake 1 & 2 when I reassigned the joystick's x-axis I also had to redefine the y-axis' duty; the y-axis wouldn't do anything once i entered the "joy_advaxisx 3" command if I didn't also include "joy_advaxisy 1") but I'm not sure yet. I'll be sifting through the available lists of commands (which don't seem to have changed much since Q2, no more than between Q 1 to 2) in the meantime. As of now I think I'm stumped. Any insight would be much appreciated.

I know that I can make use of JoyToKey as a workaround for some of this, but ultimately I'm looking to straighten this out through console commands and an autoexec configuration file. Thanks!

Edit/Update: Ok, I just had to add the command "+mlook" to keep the mouse in the mix, and jump works just fine. However, entering "joy_advaxisx 3" is supposed to make it so I strafe ("Halo style") but it just turns my guy no matter what variable I enter. I tried 2 thinking maybe they switched it, but that didn't fix it either (1 and 4 just reverse the direction of turning, 2 and 3 are just regular left and right turns). And I did enter "joy_advancedupdate" to initialize the advanced settings.. but no dice. Hm. I'm starting to think that the game doesn't actually support those commands - actually I just noticed, when the game boots up a DOSy looking window titled "Quake 3 Console" pops up for a second and all the commands about "joy_adv..." are preceded by "unknown command"... eff.

Arg, this is getting frustrating - I decided to bypass the joy setting issues by reassigning the axis as buttons in the gamepad's properties. However, "joystick on/off" keeps toggling itself when I go between menus and the mouse wont stay functional. I might have to try a series of Binds... I dunno.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before? And ideas?

edit: ok guys... i'll leave the top of this post alone for laughs...
after learning about the console and customizing the first 2 quakes I was convinced that I next had to tackle the Quake 3 console... well, all I had to do was select "joystick on" in the OPTIONS menu and reassign the x axis to buttons in the gamepad properties. derp. thanks for reading :lol:
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Re: Quake - Gamepad Joystick Strafing with Mouse Look - How

by optmusprimenumber Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:34 pm

I just JoyToKey'ed my way to having this on the first 2 Deus Ex games.. needless to say: lol. Obviously the tutorial fell flat. I can see why most people would just go "why?". I tried it cuz my wrist wasn't pleased with operating the keyboard like that. Though I have adapted. Keyboards do make swell many-buttoned controllers. The controller move really is a sweet way to play. I'm sorta surprised more folks haven't at least entertained the idea. There's enough buttons on the left and middle of the controller, most of them comfortably within reach. I have Enter on the right bumper so I switch over from the mouse when I need to. Left trigger is jump, quick save/quick load on the face buttons, yada.. It works well. Also, be sure to know how to needlessly (though optionally) make autoexecs in Quake.
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Re: Quake - Gamepad + Mouse - You Can Too!

by Xeogred Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:16 pm

But I just beat Quake 1-2! :lol:

I thought about doing this with Xpadder, but I just used a foldout tray and wireless keyboard/mouse for the easy route. I'm more of a console guy though and I can actually see both games playing pretty well with a controller probably. Things like Deus Ex and STALKER though probably not, since they're a lot more complex button/inventory wise.
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Re: Quake - Gamepad + Mouse - You Can Too!

by optmusprimenumber Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:12 am

I've never actually beaten Quake. It's tough as f. But it's also probably one of the most badass games ever. Oddly enough I've probably played it the most on keyboard and mouse.

I messed around setting it up for Deus Ex, didn't really play with it, but I think I touched enough bases. Time will tell. All the menus are accessible once any other menu is open. So I sorta shrugged and assigned one button to the actual Inventory. I assigned the hud's to four directions on the right stick. Objectives on the middle mouse button. Stuff and things.
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