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Grand Theft Auto Double Pack

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 11:08 am
by BillyKidd
Anyone remember this gem? It had Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 3 in a sleeve that looked like one you would see with Star Wars. I have been trying to find it for while, and I finally found a copy in amazing condition for under $20 online! Woot Woot! Its the xbox version and my 360 is currently on the fritz, but maybe I will go get an actual Xbox original to play this on!

Vice City was the first GTA game that I really played, and the only was I was able to was buy bringing over the double pack from a friends and pretending it was something else. I loved playing that game, although I was never able to master it. I would always have to use the Weapon Set 3 cheat and just run around with a minigun, then no one would stop me(except Lance).

Edit- I didn't want to actually pick the game up without a working console to play it on as I would get to sad seeing it sit there, so I got myself an original Xbox and then went to where I found not only the double pack, but every other Grand Theft Auto game available!