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Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:05 pm
noiseredux wrote:today I turned 31.

Nice Morrigan poster, Congrats! Welcome to the "Never trust anyone over thirty" club. No worries, I think I'm approaching the "Get Off My Lawn" membership. :lol:

Monthly Electronic Themed Swap Meet Picks


Get some coffee, the rantings and ravings of an OCD collector turned loose in shopping paradise.

On the first Saturday of the month, one of my local Swap Meets has an Electronics Themed event. Tons of weird stuff comes out, I end up buying a lot of unusual items that I really do not need. At least I have not bought an Oscilloscope yet, but one day I just might. So much fun to discover stuff and collect! :mrgreen:

Robot Arm OWI MOVIT ELEKIT MR-999-A2 - $10.00


This reminds me of the Armitron by Radio Shack. An ingenious design with just one motor with multiple ring gears manipulated by levers to operate the different joints of the robot arm. The Movit is quieter and has individual motors for every joint, a total of five motors. The Robot Arm originally retailed as a "Science Build Kit" and is no longer manufactured. Considering all of the parts from the kit, the owner did a great job assembling this. There is also an add on kit that uses a PC to program the moves, but I like the instant touch better. I always wanted a decent robot arm to play around with, just like the robotic arms in the Wildfire Lab from the original Andromeda Strain movie. This is as close as I can afford to the real thing, a kick to manipulate the machine around.

I now have three Robots and a Command Force helicopter with Interactive Control. See my modded NES ROB Robot and Radioshack Armitron in the Guides section. Just a big kid here. :D

NES R.O.B Interactive Mod Guide: viewtopic.php?f=52&p=330494#p330494

Old Robots Web Site:
Detailed Building Instructions: ... ils-01.htm


Apple Airport Extreme A1034 - $5.00
Another unusual gadget, the UFO Spaceship look is just so cool for a WiFi extender. A nice feature is a built in USB jack to turn any USB printer into a wireless. The indicator lights work, but having trouble getting the wireless recognized with it in my PC laptop. At least the Ethernet direct cable connection works, tracking down a PC driver. :?


PS3 Saitek Aviator Stick SN-PS40 - $5.00
I saw one at Bookoff for ten bucks and missed not buying it. Seller at the Swap Meet also wanted ten, talked him down to five. Son tested PS3 Warhawk with it, works just fine. What is the deal with PS3 Warhawk, no internal Pilot view? What a crap game for flying. I need to try a real decent Flight Sim such as Falcon 4.0 with this stick on the PC.


Apple Pro Harmon Kardon Speakers M6531 - $5.00
Yet another strange gadget. The speakers are very robust, nice solid shiny metal centers with very heavy duty rubber diaphrams for the speaker flex. A short proprietary apple mini jack on the end. If I can't find an inexpensive adapter, I'll lop it off and solder in a standard 1/8 mini stereo jack. Sealed inside heavy clear plastic domes, these little speakers look like they can play loud. :mrgreen:


Soul Caliber II Gamecube - $5.00
Already have the Dreamcast version, bought for the Zelda character exclusive to the Gamecube.

Soul Caliber III (Missing game, has Namco Transmission 3.2 - $1.00
Missing the game disc, but everything else is there including the manual and extra disc tray with the Namco demo disc. Now I won't mind buying a yellow envelope copy from Gamestop. Thanks to noise for pointing out that Soul Caliber II and III each have a different Namco Demo Disc. I have another Namco game that includes a bonus Demo Disc, have to look thru the shelf.

PS2 Special Editions Guide: viewtopic.php?f=52&p=398591#p398591

Alps Interactive PS2 Blue Controller - $3.00
Holy Batwing! I passed up on this a couple of times on previous runs to the Swap Meet. Unusual PS2 controller with no Analog or any Special Programming Buttons so why buy it? Reminds me of the prototype PS3 wing controller, maybe was inspired by the Alps controller?


There is a red one out there, maybe I should snag it too? How is this for justification? Blue and Red to match my N64 Blue and Red controllers with matching Blue and Red Force Packs and Blue and Red Pokemon Game Boy carts. I keep all the color matched Nintendo stuff together for N64 Pokemon stadium. Okay I think I really need some help throttling back my OCD collector habit.


Radica Gamester FPS Master PS2 Controller - $5.00 $2.50
As in Frank from American Pickers, I pull the bundle Master to get discounts. Instead of Five dollars, I combined with the next item below. Interesting FPS controller for the PS2. There is an LCD screen akin the the Dreamcast VMU that displays programming features. I'll have to give PS2 Black a go with this.


Wayforward Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PlugnPlay $5.00 $2.50
"Any controller in the box, five dollars." I got a discount by bundle purchase with the controller above. Another item I passed up on last month, due to it missing the battery cover. Buried in the bottom of a controller filled box, this time I had to snag it, the green turtle shell finish a perfect compliment to my Ninja Turtles DVD Player.
Wikia wrote:

WayForward Technologies is a semi-prominent video game developer best known for the games Shantae, Contra 4, Godzilla Domination, and the Wii version of A Boy and his Blob. WayForward Technologies programmed the dedicated console game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Battle for the City.

:shock: A very nice discovery! I have yet to find Shantae on the cheap, did not know the Ninja Turtle PlugnPlay connection. At first I was disappointed that its not the Arcade game, but it does have a decent exclusive scroller built in with open title "comic style" screens. I like the way the turtle can go up a long tunnel jump like Metroid Other M, maybe a taste of how Shantae plays? As for the missing battery cover, an easy fix by cutting plastic from a black DVD case, the screw is the same as a hard drive mounting screw.

TMNT: Battle for the City is a Ninja Turtles controller which comes with an original sidescroller starring the four green machines. Over the course of four stages throughout NYC, the turtles needs to track down a number of keys before continuing on to the next stage. The ultimate task is to rescue Splinter from a mysterious perpetrator. Each stage is filled with bad guys, and the turtles can be hotswapped at whatever point. If a turtle gets knocked out, they are captured, though they can be rescued by picking up turtle shaped tokens. At the end of each stage, there's a boss characters.


Barracuda 2 SV-1133 - $2.00
I now own three of these and two of the older Barracuda controller because of a unique feature that is only on a select few controllers. BOTH Analog sticks can emulate the DPad! A perfect controller for pre-duel shock and any tank control games such as Resident Evil. No more move, stop to turn, then move agan. Push up on the DPad and change direction AT THE SAME TIME with either stick. 8)

Sealed 6 Foot Component Cable - 0.50ยข
"Any item on the mat fifty cents." Okay twist my arm, can always use extra cables.

GBA Codebreaker - $2.00 $1.63
The gentlemen selling this had a whole pile of stuff on the table at two dollars each. This was near the entrance, which I usually visit last since I always hit the old stuff in the back rows. When I saw the cart I was down to just one dollar bill and a few coins.

CRTGAMER "I'm tapped out, all I have is a dollar bill and some change."
Old Gentlemen Seller "I dunno, it looks like it goes to some important electronic device."
CRTGAMER "Just part of a portable game called Gameboy. Really this is all the money I have left." Shows open wallet and empty coin holder.
Old Gentlemen Seller "Okay, you seem to want it, here you go."

Very nice of the seller, I already have two GBA Gamesharks that are temperamental at times. The Codebreaker was easy to take apart and pencil eraser clean of the contacts. Works great, boots up every time! 8)

EPYX Fastload - $1.00
One of the best utility carts for the Commodore 64. I already have this, nice to have a spare.

Space Invaders PlugnPlay - $5.00
I am collecting PlugnPlays like candy. I had to get this for an obscure game to play on the big screen. QIX! I already have a it on the 5200 and which plays Arcade Perfect. The PlugnPlay release is a little slower due to the emulation, but not bad. Anyone who has not tried Qix, should load up Mame and give it a go. Fast draw branches to isolate the sparkling Qix, after trapping, slow draw the empty areas to rack up the points.

For a PlugnPlay, the buttons and stick are very nice. It can be placed on the table as a mini Arcade Control Panel that stays in place, the microswitches have a nice click. I gave Space Invaders a go and it really put me to shame. This is harder then a lot of FPS games with no rest when behind cover. The Jaws dum dum dum buildup march of the aliens really sounds great hooked up the the HDTV. This brings back the feel of the original arcade, so much better then Mame on the computer. A constant shoot and duck behind the shields, I barely make it thru a level unscathed. :oops:

Gameboy Color Lemmings - $2.00
For a mouse controlled PC game, not too bad for the portable game play with a DPad. The B button instant switches the cursor over to the Lemming control icons. I forgot to include this in the picture below, it was in my pants pocket after buying.

Buyers Remorse
Actually a non purchase. One of the stalls had a very dusty wood grained stickered steel TV Cable Box set. I knew it was vintage because instead of an old Rotary Dial, the box seemed to be older with a tuning knob just like a radio. To change stations the wheel is turned just like the UHF ring of old TVs. I really should have snagged it for the Historical significance behind it, it must be one of the very first TV Cable set top boxes. :?

Right Click for a larger pic
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Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:14 pm
by GameMasterGuy
noiseredux wrote:
GameMasterGuy wrote:Not to be a noob, but who is that in your avatar/ wall scroll?

I expect better of you n00b!

That's miss Morrigan Aensland. Star of Darkstalkers. Resident of Marvel Vs Capcom series, Capcom Vs SNK series, etc.

Ah, knew I recognized her. Never played DS, but I've seen her once or twice in MVC.

Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:15 pm
by noiseredux
GameMasterGuy wrote:Ah, knew I recognized her. Never played DS, but I've seen her once or twice in MVC.

oh please rectify this. Darkstalkers is one of my favorite fighting series. I'd suggest 3 if you have PS1.

Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:16 pm
by GameMasterGuy
I have a PS2... somewhere...

Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:16 pm
by garrett123
thats a large article, How long have you been typing? anyway, I would quote you, but you know it would take up some room. :D

Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:39 pm
by Hobie-wan
I found me a thing!


Sealed too. :mrgreen:

Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:43 pm
by garrett123
are you going to put it on a shelf for 40 years, and sell it to a video game museum?

Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:47 pm
by Hobie-wan
Might sell it, might keep it as a spare. I don't know yet. Was just surprised to come across a sealed one in the wild.

Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:48 pm
by GameMasterGuy
Seeing how high the broadband adapter for the DC goes for, I'd hold onto it and watch as the value rises.

Re: Video Game "Look what I found"

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 9:24 pm
by garrett123
OPEN IT. OPEN IT do you hear the voice in your head WHAT IF ITS BROKEN.
mabye you could visit racketboy on your ps2.